NutriBullet Vs Food Processor: Deep Comparison [Reviewed 2021]

Any ardent bake will tell you that food processors are the perfect kitchen appliances for different foods. However, blenders are designed for a broader base like smoothies, soups, and other liquid foods. They are also perfect for cocktails. Today, we break the norm. We want to put a food processor and a blender head to head.

Lately, food processors and blenders have become mutually inclusive. Manufacturers are striving to create gadgets that perform both tasks of blending and food processing. However, there are some functions that are only perfectly done by a blender.

Similarly, there are those functions that only work perfectly with food processors. Technological advancement has seen the introduction of amazing blenders that act as hybrids. It is common for popular blender brands to come with additional attachments.

With the accessories, these blenders perform tasks previously assigned to food processors. For instance, blenders like Vitamix 5200 offer easy preparation of smoothies, bread dough, nut butter, and cocktails. Now you see my point, right?

With the advancement, it becomes hard to choose between a blender and a food processor. However, if you want to work with liquid foods, consider picking a blender. Blenders are also perfect for hot liquids. For instance, you should use them with soups and smoothies.

However, food processors are perfect for handling thicker foods like dough and butter. But, we still have blenders that handle both sides. We also have some food processors that handle liquid. In our article today, we are placing NutriBullet vs food processor.

In short, we are comparing a blender and a food processor. We want to know which of the two products works best in different environments. Let’s go!


NutriBullet Vs Food processor Comparison Table

Nutribullet vs Food ProcessorNutribullet vs Food Processor

Check On

Check On

Pulse Function

Stainless Steel Blades

Ease of Use
Recipe Book Included
Dishwasher Safe
ColorGrayStainless steel
MaterialStainless steel, plasticPlastic
Capacity24 oz10 cups
Weight5.92 Pounds4.7 Pounds
Bowl MaterialGlassPlastic
Making Ice DrinksBestGood
Making SoupBestFair


NutriBullet vs Food processor – In General

Looking at the NutriBullet blender, you notice some differences between it and the food processor. So, which one is better nutribullet or food processor? That’s a tricky question and I found many people asking these questions:

  • Can you use a nutribullet instead of a food processor?
  • Can a nutribullet be used as a food processor?
  • How to use nutribullet as a food processor?
  • Can my nutribullet be used as a food processor?

After all, it depends on what you are handling. Like earlier mentioned, there are some instances when a food processor will be appropriate.

There are other instances when a blender will be more effective. However, we can look at the differences. With advanced technology, some blenders are having features that make them hybrids. Therefore, they can function as blenders or food processors.

The NutriBullet is one of these advanced blenders that offer some food processing functions.NutriBullet and food processors look similar at the first glance. That’s why most people end up in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the best.

However, when it comes to their functions and performance, the roles differ. If you want to settle the debate on nutribullet versus food processor, we have all the answers for you. Here, we are going to keenly check the similarities and differences.

We shall make you familiar with both gadgets. In the end, you will make an informed purchase. Of course, choosing one over the other isn’t always such an easy task.

NutriBullet Blenders

You probably know a lot about NutriBullet blenders. However, in this article, we shall assume you know nothing. Blenders are electrical appliances that are designed for mixing liquids and ingredients. Like processors, blenders have four compartments.

We have a wide base that houses the motor. The blades come after the base. Then you get the body and the lid. Therefore, blenders are food processors that look structurally similar. The body features glass with sharp blades. The lid protects the ingredients and stops them from flying off.

With a similar appearance, many people often confuse blenders and food processors. Most blenders have amazing control buttons on the base. The buttons offer easy switching to different functions. In most NutriBullet blenders, the body is often conical in shape.

They often boast nice handles on the sides. The handles allow easy pouring of the mixture into a bowl. Then we have the blades that rest perfectly on the bottom of the pitcher. Most NutriBullet models come with fixed blades for convenience. Other models allow easy removal of the blades for quick cleaning.

The lid also snugly fits on the top thus preventing spilling. Other models also come with removable plugs for convenient and easy storage. The removable plug offers easy adding of ingredients while blending. Mostly, blenders make smoothies, soups, and juices. The conical body directs the ingredients towards the blades for easy blending.

When to use NutriBullet blender:

  • Crushing ice
  • Grinding nuts
  • Blending ingredients
  • Mixing liquid ingredients

Food Processors

Food processors are versatile kitchen appliances that process different foods. They offer easy mixing of foods in different ways.

For instance, processors offer easy mixing of dough and chopping of other ingredients. They are capable of shredding and chopping. Of course, you can choose to cut and shred manually. But you will waste a lot of time. Therefore, a blender saves your time. This device makes your work even quicker.

Typically, food processors have four major parts. We have a base that is mostly made using a tough plastic material. Then you will get tough stainless steel blades just above the base. The stainless steel blades deliver powerful slicing and shredding of different ingredients.

Then we have the food processor body that stops food from falling off. The clear plastic material allows for easy monitoring of the processing. Finally, we have the lid strategically positioned on the top of the container. The lid also stops foods from spilling over. It protects your ingredients and ensures they don’t fly off.

Most food processors offer excellent speed and operation adjustments. For instance, the Hamilton Beach food processor offers two-speed options. Therefore, you adjust the speed depending on the foods you are handling. The high-end food processors also feature an excellent pulse function for better and more reliable performances.

With the pulse function on the base, like is the case with the Hamilton Beach food processor, you enjoy more convenient services. Most food processors also boast a wide base. The base increases stability. With the wide lower section, the processors accommodate a large body.

Therefore, you can use the devices to mix different recipes. They are ideal for preparing different meals for parties and several family members. Of course, these processors also boast a large capacity. For instance, our selected processor boasts a 10-cup capacity making it better and more reliable.

Most o the time, the lid has feed chutes that offer easy feeding of ingredients into the container. They are generally tall and enable easy adding of mixtures.

When to use a food processor:

  • For kneading dough
  • Slicing, grating, shredding, and chopping.
  • Mixing ingredients
  • Mixing spices


NutriBullet vs Food processor – Specific Brands

NutriBullet NBR-0601

nutribullet vs food processor

This NutriBullet NBR-0601 boasts a top-quality construction. The product offers the easiest way to create amazing smoothies. For nutrient-packed drinks, this is the best gadget to use.

It works on different ingredients like berries, nuts, spinach, and many more. The gadget also boasts a simple design for quick operations. You just push a button and everything is ready.


Powerful 600W Motor

This blender is loaded with a powerful 600-watt motor that delivers impressive and incredible performances. The powerful motor delivers a uniform breakdown of different ingredients. And yes, it also offers complete grinding and slicing. All the functions happen within the shortest time possible. For that reason, the product guarantees great performances with less time.

Powerful Blades

Blades affect the efficiency of a blender. Looking at this amazing unit, there is no doubt that it delivers great performances. The unit features powerful stainless steel blades that slice and crush all ingredients to create amazing smoothies and drinks. The blades never rust thanks to the stainless steel material. With the extractor blades, you enjoy convenient performances.

24-oz cup

The set includes a nice 24 oz cup that holds your fresh juice as you drink. The cup also offers an easy serving of your juice. You don’t need additional cups. This is a self-sufficient unit that serves the users.

To-go lid

The set also includes a nice to-go lid that allows one to carry their fresh juice and smoothie when traveling. The lid eliminates the possibility of spillage. Therefore, you can always carry your drink as you travel to different places.

Recipe Book

The set also includes a nice and clear recipe book for easy preparation of different fresh drinks and foods. Therefore, you don’t struggle to get something ready to eat.

Excellent Cyclonic Action

The powerful blades deliver a powerful cyclonic function that delivers quick and perfect performances. With the cyclonic function, you enjoy easy crushing of the toughest ingredients.

Lip Ring

The cup features a nice lip ring that prevents spillage. For that reason, you enjoy safer and more flexible movements with your drink.

Durable and Safe

The product boasts safe and high-quality construction. It features a top-grade BPA-free material making it perfect for your home uses. The durable and long-lasting material makes it ideal for tough ingredients. With the food-grade material, you enjoy more convenient services.

Easy Cleaning

This blender offers easy and hassle-free cleaning. You just twist the blade off and do the cleaning. After that, you rinse it with soap and water. The dishwasher cups make it even better. For instance, you don’t struggle with hand washing.

One-year Warranty

Although this isn’t the longest warranty, it is still worth noting. This blender comes with a one-year warranty. For that reason, it offers peace of mind for the users. Of course, it is a limited warranty.

Meets All Safety Standards

This is a fully-tested and certified blender. It meets Canadian and North American electrical standards. At the same time, the high-quality construction makes it ideal for different foods.


This is a versatile blender equipped with different functions for the easy blending of various foods. It delivers easy operations with different ingredients.

Different Speed Settings

The blender offers various speed options. That way, you can customize your operations to suit different needs. It also offers a complete breakdown of ingredients for excellent performances.

User Manual Included

The set also includes a user manual. For that reason, you enjoy an easy setup and uses. Chances of mistakes are minimal.


Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor

nutribullet vs food processor

This is a 10-cup food processor designed to create amazing meals. The product boasts a large capacity making it ideal for your different needs. It is powerful and durable. The product works with different ingredients. And yes, it is also efficient and powerful.

The Hamilton Beach food processor boasts excellent functions and features. It offers easy operations without the need to stop and remove the lid. It also features a built-in scraper that offers easy operations. The scrapper pushes ingredients closer to the blades for quick and efficient operations. Additionally, this is a perfect blender for uniform consistency.

When using this food blender, you should use start with ingredients that look alike. It is ideal for continuous processing as well. It is advisable that you cut foods into small pieces when using this processor. Of course, the pulse feature makes this food processor more effective.

It is advisable that you try an on/off pulse feature while chopping foods to get the best results. The operating time depends on a number of factors. For instance, the quality of the food affects the duration. Most soft foods offer easy shredding.

When shredding cheese, you should use firm ones. For cold cheese, place them in a freezer for a while to harden. One good thing about this food processor is the fact that it is dishwasher safe. All removable parts can be washed using the dishwasher. That spares you the headache of hand washing.


Bowl Scraper Attachment

Looking at this set, you will notice the amazing scrapper attachment. This special attachment easily scrapes the bowl keeping ingredients closer to the blades. That way, you get uniform processing of the meals. Additionally, the feature also saves your time. You don’t wait for long to have the ingredients crushed and ready. It doesn’t require regular stopping and starting like some normal blenders and food processors.

10 Cup Capacity

Only a few blenders offer such a large capacity. This food processor offers a 10-cup capacity. It handles large volumes of food. For that reason, it is ideal for families. The processor is also perfect for many friends. You don’t have to empty the container all the time. Therefore, you save time. The large capacity also guarantees uniform results since all the ingredients fit at the same time.

Large Feed Chute

Sometimes feeding the food processor becomes a challenge. However, that isn’t always the case with this amazing food processor. It features a large feed chute that offers quick feeding without spills. It can fit large chunks and blocks of cheese at once. For that reason, you don’t struggle when adding ingredients into the container. Therefore, you save the processing and prep time.

Versatile Food Processor

This food processor is designed to handle different foods. It undertakes different tasks with ease. For instance, it is an ideal vegetable chopper, an amazing food chopper, and a great processor. The advanced stainless steel disc blades slice and shred the ingredients to fine particles. The S-blades also offer easy pureeing and mixing.

Two Speed Options

This is an impressive food processor equipped with great two-speed functions. With the two speeds, you are able to process different ingredients. The two speeds allow for easy customization of the functions. For that reason, you choose the speed that works best with the ingredients you are using.

450W Operation

Unlike the blender that boasts a whopping 600W power, this amazing processor operates at 450W. However, less power should mislead you. The product delivers excellent performances. It is perfect for use with many ingredients. And yes, it is proven to offer the best results. With this power, you enjoy excellent and quick services. Therefore, the results are impressive.


NutriBullet vs Food processor – Differences


In the NutriBullet blender, the bowl is made of glass. Other NutriBullet blenders boast a plastic bowl with a square or round shape. The shape and material you choose depend on the ease of cleaning in and handling. Mostly, glass bowls require more care.

They easily break. On the other hand, glass is heavier and does not absorb odor. For that reason, your different foods retain their natural smell taste. Blender jars often create a vortex that pushes the ingredients closer to the blades. They offer easier and better blending.

On the other hand, food processors like Hamilton Beach food processor offer easy mixing of ingredients thanks to the wide bowl. They offer easy addition of ingredients. With the advanced scrap feature, the food processor pushes ingredients close to the blades. Other food processors also come with multiple bowls for multitasking.


NutriBullet vs Food processor

The NutriBullet comes with sharp blades that sit perfectly on the bottom of the jar. The blades are either built-in or removable depending on the model. The main types of blenders for NutriBullet are the X and Wing blades. For instance, our picked model boasts X-shaped blades that are often star-shaped.

The four blades slice and shred different ingredients. We have other models with up to six blades. More blades are better. Blenders on the other side boast the S-shaped blades that sit perfectly above the base of the bowl. They offer quick mixing and chopping of ingredients.

The blades are either pain-edged or serrated. The plain-edged models offer clean cutting and are perfect for chopping.


NutriBullet vs Food processor

NutriBullet vs Food processor

The NutriBullet blenders come with go-cups and small jars for smoothies and other drinks. The jars also work as containers with lids.

On the other hand, food processors, boast an array of blades. They knead the dough, mix liquids or cut disks.


NutriBullet Vs Food processor Tests

As indicated on countless occasions, the decision to pick a NutriBullet or a food processor depends on the ingredients in question. We put the two gadgets to the test and they proved to be effective depending on what we used. Below are the results.


When tested with Salsa, both gadgets tried. However, the food processor proved more effective than the NutriBullet. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use NutriBullet blender when preparing salsa. We’d recommend the food processor more.

Humus and Other Purees

When tested with Hummus and other purees, both gadgets still showed outstanding performances. For instance, with purees like pesto, hummus, and butter, the two gadgets worked well. However, the shape of the blender often caused problems. Therefore, a food processor still carried the day.


When it comes to smoothies, NutriBullet carried the day. Therefore, if you want to make a smoothie, grab a NutriBullet. You will enjoy effortless services.


NutriBullet also did an amazing job with the soup. However, ensure the soup doesn’t overfill. You could also try instant pots with soups.

Icy Drinks

When tried with icy drinks, the NutriBullet still proved its might. To turn fruits into cocktails or creating milkshakes, the NutriBullet is the best. It works with frozen strawberries and other frozen fruits.



The debate on whether a food processor is better than NutriBullet is now settled. We agree that some ingredients are handled better by NutriBullet than food processors. Others are handled better by food processors than NutriBullet. However, for soups and smoothies, use the NutriBullet. For mixing thick products, use food processors.

Food processors come with unique scrappers that keep ingredients closer to the blades for easy shredding and slicing. From the tests above, I believe you are now in a better place to choose wisely. Although NutriBullet performs some tasks meant for food processors, it can never be perfect at all the roles. For that reason, use the appropriate gadget for different tasks. If you want to enjoy fresh juices and smoothies, we recommend the NutriBullet. However, to mix ingredients and knead the dough, use a food processor. You are now equipped with the necessary information to make an informed purchase.





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