Best Blender for Hot Liquids and Soups [Reviewed 2021]

Buying a blender for hot liquids and soups is a significant move. However, there are many uncertainties involved. For instance, you have to consider the price, the size, the material, and the overall design. With all these features to consider, the process of buying these kitchen appliances can be confusing.

Although they resemble ordinary blenders, these blenders have a unique warming feature. Most of them offer easy chopping of ingredients for quick blending. Immersion hot liquid blenders fit inside your soup pot. They offer a mess-free use leaving your kitchen looking neat and clean.

When buying these blenders, always check the material and the design. The size should also offer enough supply for your family. Below are the top 5 best blenders for hot liquids and soups in 2021.

Blendtec Designer Series Wildside Broccoli  Hot Cheese Soup Demo

Comparison table Of Best Blenders for Hot Liquids and Soups

ImageNameJar CapacityWattageDimensionsColorWeight MaterialCheck Price
Blendtec Best Blenders for Hot Liquids and SoupsBlendtec Total Classic72 oz1560W7.00 x 8.00 x 15.50 inchesBlack7.28 poundsPlastic Check Price
Breville Best Blenders for Hot Liquids and SoupsBreville BBL620SIL50.7 oz1100W7 x 8.5 x 17 inchesSilver5.62 poundsGlassCheck Price
Best Blenders for Hot Liquids and SoupsCleanblend Commercial Blender 64oz 1800W18 x 15 x 13 inchesBlack7.1 poundsPlasticCheck Price
Nutribullet Best Blenders for Hot Liquids and SoupsNutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender30oz 1700W15.16 x 15.16 x 13.11 inchesBlack1 poundAluminumCheck Price
Hamilton Beach Best Blenders for Hot Liquids and SoupsHamilton Beach Power Elite40oz700W8.66 x 6.5 x 14.69 inchesBlack5.62 poundsGlassCheck Price

Top 5 Blenders for Hot Liquids and Soups


1. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender – Fourside Jar

Best Blender for Hot Liquids and Soups

I am in love with this blender! Having worked in the food industry for a fair amount of time, I can easily tell a good blender from a flop. After previously trying out different blenders for hot liquids and soups, I finally found out about this Blendtec blender. There’s no doubt that it is among the best options I have come across.


How to Make Tortilla Hot Soup With Blendtec

Why is this blender good for hot liquids and Soups?

Equipped with 1-touch buttons and 6-programmed cycles, the Blendtec blender for hot liquids and soups is a must-have. The product offers easy and quick blending cycles. The simple 1-touch buttons deliver easy uses. It also comes with six pre-programmed cycles and pulses for efficient performance.

The 10-speed manual control offers quick operations. What’s more, this product allows the user to achieve different texture qualities. It also offers excellent adjustments for easy control of all blending functions.

How about the blade? Well, this hot liquid blender features a tough stainless steel blade. The thick and powerful blade slices through different ingredients with ease. It also boasts a forged design with unique wings for smooth blending. (Please note that the blade is rather dull but very powerful). With the dull design, the blade doesn’t poke or cut the blender. The unit also offers easy self-cleaning functions. You only add water and some soap.

This hot liquid blender comes with a sizeable BPA-free jar that holds up to 75oz with a 32 oz blending capacity. It is perfect for wet or dry blending. With the large capacity, I recommend this blender for families of up to four people.

Unlike the usual blenders, this unit also offers an excellent warming function. It allows the users to quickly heat their soup and other drinks through its unique blade friction heat. It even retains the heat for up to six minutes. With an electrical rating of 120V, 1560W, this is a safe blender designed for most homes.

What makes this blender better than the rest? Well, it all boils down to performance and design. The blender is equipped with advanced technology for efficient performance. The excellent jar design creates a vortex that pulls the ingredients towards the blades for quick blending. It also comes with a tamper for mess-free operations.

The fact that this blender also heats your food makes it a perfect kitchen appliance. It warms up different drinks with ease. For that reason, you don’t have to take cold drinks anymore. The same blender is also perfect for making ice cream. In a jiffy, this is a versatile unit.

  • The blender is made in the USA.
  • It is affordable.
  • The blender offers enough supply for several people.
  • It is durable.
  • The manufacturer offers an 8-year warranty.
  • The motor isn’t perfect for the hardest ingredients.


2. Breville BBL620SIL 

Best Blender for Hot Liquids and Soups

This is a high-grade blender, and I feel like it’s worth every buck. The Breville BBL620SIL delivers even blending performances. It offers a stellar combination of excellent functionality and power. This is a versatile unit with unrivaled food processing features.

It offers quick and easy crushing and chopping of different ingredients. With a simple design, this unit delivers easy uses. It is ideal for all users. The blender is sure to give creamy smoothies and soups.

Why is this blender good for hot liquids and Soups?

Unlike most flops, this hot liquid blender offers a noiseless performance. The design, with a high torque motor, offers a quiet and efficient operation. It is engineered with surgical blades that guarantee quick slicing and chopping of the ingredients. And yes, the blade stays sharp for a long compared to other brands.

The excellent LCD is another thing I love about this unique hot liquid blender. It features a nice LCD that offers easy adjustment of the speed settings. You can quickly increase or lower the speed to suit your needs. Additionally, you can also opt for the pre-programmed settings. Therefore, the unit gives the user total control of the different blending functions.

With the 1-touch button function, this blender offers easy uses. The versatile design makes it perfect for preparing smoothies or crushing ice. The programmed buttons eliminate the need for manual adjustments. For that reason, this is one of the easiest gadgets to use. The excellent painted base delivers the utmost stability for safe uses.

How about cleaning? Well, this gadget offers easy self-cleaning for stress-free maintenance. The auto-cleaning blades make the blender ideal for all users. It also features an excellent LCD with a timer.

The blender looks beautiful on the counter. It is dishwasher safe, thus saving you the headache of hand washing. What’s more, this unit features a nice lid that offers mess-free operations. The self-cleaning feature works perfectly with two cups of water. However, for stubborn stains, you should add a few drops of detergent.

The feet have suction cups that hold the blender firmly on the countertop. That way, it doesn’t fall off or slide off like some of the models without suction cups.

  • The lid offers mess-free services.
  • It boasts a durable material.
  • The self-cleaning feature makes it easy to use.
  • It boasts a top-grade plastic construction, while some people prefer glass.


3. Cleanblend Commercial Blender 

Best Blender for Hot Liquids and Soups

For a moment, let’s talk about time! Time is a limited resource, and we should always strive to use it wisely. Regardless of your plans and tasks for the day, time is constant. That’s why you need gadgets that work fast. And yes, this is one of the quickest soup blenders. It gets your soup and other hot liquids ready within the shortest time possible.  

Why is this blender good for hot liquids and Soups?

The Cleanblend commercial blender delivers an outstanding performance. The blender features a robust construction making it ideal for all ingredients. Whether you want to chop fresh salsa or pulverize ice, this is the perfect gadget to use. It is also perfect for processing fresh hot soup and other ingredients. The robust 1800W variable speed operation makes the product ideal for use with all ingredients.

This is a versatile unit that replaces up to nine devices. For instance, the gadget brushes, blends, heats, grinds, chops, purees, processes, and liquefies. Therefore, it eliminates the need for all the different gadgets that would undertake all these tasks.

This is a large blender that allows for quick processing of soups and other hot drinks. It is enough for families or a group of friends. The large capacity also makes it ideal for commercial uses where you require large portions. The heavy-duty construction makes it perfect for heavy use. It also serves large portions of saucy recipes and ice cream.

How about the material? Well, this hot liquid blender features top-tier BPA-free material. The food-grade stainless steel material makes it long-lasting. With the material, you are guaranteed safe and healthy meals. It also boasts an excellent 8-blade sealed ball bearing for maximum performance. The hardened blades and BPA-free pitcher add to the unique features. In short, the gadget is simply unbreakable.

This blender also delivers a relatively quiet operation compared to other brands. It is lightweight and durable. The excellent base design makes it ideal for most countertops. Additionally, the product also features a unique and attractive design making it ideal for your kitchen. It matches with different kitchen appliances.

  • It is light and durable.
  • The large capacity offers enough supply for several people.
  • It offers quiet operations.
  • Offers a 5-year warranty
  • The slowest speed is still fast for some people.


4. Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender (Best Personal & Portable Blender For Hot Liquids)

Best Blender for Hot Liquids and Soups

Spice up your love for soup and other hot drinks with this amazing blender. The product is fitted with a 1700W motor. This motor offers fast and efficient operations. The cup holds up to 30 oz while the pitcher holds up to one liter. The product is, therefore, ideal for families.

Why is this blender good for hot liquids and Soups?

This blender for hot liquids and soups features an advanced hands-free SMART technology making it easy to use. With advanced technology, the unit offers quick and straightforward functions. Therefore, it is ideal for all users.

With this blender, you enjoy family-sized servings. It boasts excellent heating cycles for quick preparation of sauces and soups. The product meets all the USA and Canadian safety standards. For that reason, it is safe for all users.

This technologically advanced kitchen appliance is perfect for preparing veggies, seeds, fruits, and other foods. It isn’t limited to soups and hot drinks alone. It is fitted with a responsive start/stop functions for easy use and added functionality.

The compact design makes the product ideal for different tasks. It is ideal for countertop uses, thanks to its unique base construction. What’s more, this blender for hot liquids and soups unlocks a full range of nutrients. It offers a seven-minute heating cycle making it ideal for warming beverages and sauces.

The package includes a nature’s prescription health book that teaches different healthy recipes. Therefore, buying this gadget gives you a chance to stay and eat healthily.

  • It is large to offer a family-sized serving.
  • The size is perfect for all kitchens.
  • The blender is stylish.
  • It appears too big for some people.


5. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender (Best Cheap Blender For Soups and Hot Liquids)

Best Blender for Hot Liquids and Soups

There are many reasons why I recommend this blender for hot liquids and soups. First, the product delivers a 700W performance making it perfect for handling different ingredients. It delivers a powerful crushing of different items. With the excellent wave action system, this blender offers continuous operation. It pulls ingredients towards the blades for quick and efficient operations.

Why is this blender good for hot liquids and Soups?

The blender also guarantees uniform texture for a consistent thickness of hot liquids and soups. It offers up to 12 blending functions making it ideal for your different needs. The versatile construction makes this blender perfect for making icy drinks, smoothies, shakes, and many more.

The removable blades offer easy cleaning of the blender. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about its maintenance. With dishwasher-safe blades, jars, and lids, this product is ideal for most kitchens. It offers easy cleanup.

This blender also features a simple design for easy use. The multi-functional unique offers mess-free operations. It is fitted with a non-mess spout for convenient functions. It doesn’t mess up your kitchen. Instead, the product spices up the appearance of the kitchen with its unique appearance.

It easily matches with the kitchen décor for a perfect look. The lightweight construction makes it better. Additionally, this product also features an excellent stable base that is perfect for use on all countertops. This product is easy. Just add the liquid, then add the different ingredients and start blending.

With the 12 different blending functions, the product works on all ingredients. It is perfect for blending and crushing. Besides blending, this gadget also whips purees, dressings, and sauces. The excellent wave-action system offers an excellent pull function. That way, the ingredients enjoy a uniform grinding for an even smoothness.

This Hamilton Beach blender features a multi-functional construction with a hinged cap for mess-free services. The blade and the jar are dishwasher safe. After use, the cord conveniently fits into the bottom for convenient storage. The blender offers easy uses and also delivers healthy drinks. With a 40 oz capacity, this is a perfect blender for families.


  • The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty.
  • The 12 blending functions make it perfect.
  • It is durable.
  • The size is ideal for families.
  • The BPA-free material makes it safe.
  • It isn’t the best for crushing frozen fruits or ice.


Things to Consider Before Buying Blender for Hot Liquids and Soups

When buying the best blender for hot liquids and soups, there are several factors you should consider. It isn’t always a straightforward thing. Differentiating between the best and the flops is quite an uphill task. What are some of the factors you need to consider? Let’s address them below:

The Price

This is a very crucial consideration. However, most buyers choose to overlook it. The priciest blender for hot liquid and soups isn’t necessarily the outright best. And, the cheapest brand isn’t always the obvious flop. There’s a thin line between quality and price. Therefore, you must use the price wisely when buying a blender. Always ensure the price matches the quality at all times.

To get the best services, you might have to part with some additional bucks. However, ensure the product you purchase is worth it. 

The Blender Features

What are some of the noticeable and distinguishing features present on the blender? How are they important? Since the capacity and size of the blenders differ, you must choose the one that serves your needs.

There are different spout designs too. For that reason, choose the spout that works best for you. For easy pouring, you should choose a blender with a curved spout. The flat spout design is likely to cause a mess when pouring. We even have some blenders that lack a spout. You are forced to pour liquids from the corner. The models without spouts cause dripping, and I’d really advise against buying them.

Consider the Size

Blenders boast different sizes. For instance, some hold 3 cups while others hold 14 cups. For that reason, you should choose the size wisely. The intended purpose dictates the size you pick. The size affects the ease of storage and other aspects. I recommend a compact blender. If you live alone, you don’t really need the oversized models.

However, for families, pick the large models. Therefore, check the size of your family. Also, check the other aspects of the blender. For instance, a compact blender saves space in the kitchen. For that reason, ensure you choose the size carefully.

The Speed and Power

It is important that you consider the power and the speed of the blender for hot liquids and soups. You need to grab a powerful and efficient blender to enjoy excellent services. Although a simple blending might not really need a powerful gadget, some blenders are used for more complex activities. For that reason, power plays an important role. 500W is generally suitable for different tasks.

Some blenders also offer variable speed functions. Always settle for the brands that allow you to choose different operation speeds. That way, you can easily adjust them to work as you wish. Some brands offer between three to 10-speed settings. Less speed options limit your control. For that reason, I recommend more speed settings.

Special Attachments

Some blenders for hot liquids and soups come with additional attachments like cups and coffee grinders. Others come with no additional attachments. For that reason, you must choose the brands that come with attachments to save you the headache of getting these items after purchase.

A chopping bowl or a mixing bowl would also add to the excellent attachments. A package with more attachments is better. Get a brand that includes more attachments and accessories.                


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I warm my soup using the blender? How does it happen?

Yes, you can warm your soup and other liquids using a blender for hot liquids and soups. There’s no magic in the way the blenders work. They make use of the friction created from the high-speed blades. When you run the blades for long, they get heated. After some time, the soup boils.

Is it possible to adjust the timer while the blender is running?

You can adjust the timer while the blender is running. You can quickly move the timer up or down as you wish. It can also be adjusted to intervals of 15 seconds. However, when you choose the AUTO function, the timer is disabled. Therefore, your blender runs for the scheduled time then stops on its own.

Can I remove the blades?

Most blenders for hot liquids and soups come with removable blades for easy cleaning. However, there are some brands with permanently installed blades. For that reason, it all depends on the manufacturer. To remove the blades, you should use the manual instructions provided.

Do I need to sharpen the blades?

Most blenders for hot liquids and soups don’t have sharp blades. They don’t even need sharp blades. For that reason, you don’t need to sharpen them. The blades are designed for blending, not cutting or slicing. Therefore, they don’t really need to be too sharp.

How do I clean?

Most high-quality blenders for hot liquids and soups have self-cleaning features. You only add soap and water. However, for those without this feature, you can easily remove the different parts for easy cleaning.


Final Words!

The best blenders for hot liquids and soups ensure you have a cup of your favorite hot drink whenever you want. Most of them are lightweight and compact. They save space in your kitchen. The large-sized models are perfect for families. Most of these blenders come with powerful motors that deliver efficient operations on all ingredients.

They are designed to replace different gadgets and also perform different tasks. For instance, they grind, slice and puree different ingredients. If you want the best services, ensure you pick the right blender. Consider our suggestions above.

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