Best Blenders under $100 [Top Picks]

The worth of every kitchen comes with some essential elements in it like Refrigerators, Cooking Range, Microwave, Blenders, etc.

If we talk about blenders they are one of the core elements of the kitchen, which help us in making creamy, delicious smoothies for the kitchen.

But they are not cheap products; every standard blender with a brand name is heavier in the budget. People spend quite a handsome amount and still come up with an unreliable product. 

So the line remains the same which blender worth buying also lighter in the budget?

To resolve this matter, we’ve tested top naming blender models available in the market and combined a list of 10 best blenders under $100.

Reviews of products along with the buying guide with the listing of features help you to get your desired product.

Comparison Table of Best Blender Under $100

The comparison table of the best blender with a glass jar is as follow:

ImageNamePowerWarrantyFeaturesEditor ratingsNumber of SpeedContainer capacity
Best Blenders under $100Ninja Professional Countertop Blender (BL660) 1000-1100 watt1 YearHeavy-duty motor, Dishwasher safe, Huge Volume, and Nutri cup4.9/5.05 including pulse option72oZ jar capacity, 16oZ Nutri cups capacity
Best Blenders under $100Ninja BL480 Nutri Ninja Blender1000 watt2-3 YearAutomated IQ-System, Pro Abstractor Blades, Plastic Nutri Cups, Sup and cachet lids, IQ Technology Motor, Modern Base Unit System 4.8/5418, 24, and 32oZ
Best Blenders under $100Ninja BL 610 Blender110 and 120 volts1-year warrantyCompact design, Sleek Design, Feathery in Nature, Durable in Nature, Safe to Dishwashing, and also BPA Free4.7/5472oZ
Best Blenders under $100Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender900 wattLife Time WarrantySlim and sturdy design, Easy to take and clean, Heavy Motor4.7/5.01 18oZ
Best Blenders under $100Nutri Bullet 13-Piece Pro Blender / Mixer (NB9-1301)900 watt4-YearsSimple and sleek, best for frozen items, Refurbished certified4.7/5.0132oZ
Best Blenders under $100Nutri Bullet 600W Nutrient Extractor600 watt3-YearsEasy to lift, power full blades, BPA-Free4.8/5.0124oZ
Best Blenders under $100Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick Immersion Hand Blender500 watt1-YearSturdy in structure, easy to use, elegant design4.6/5.0 2-
Best Blenders under $100Nutri Bullet ZNBF 30400Z Blender 1200 Watts1200 watt1-YearVersatile in Nature, heavy motor4.6/5.0464oZ
Best Blenders under $100Magic Bullet Blender200 watt1-Year

Versatile in Nature, Safe to dishwashing

4.5/5.0 31 set
Best Blenders under $100Oster Pro 12001200 watt3-YearEasy to clean, budget-friendly4.6/5.0 724oZ

Top 10 Best Blender Under $100

Selecting the best blender with a limited budget is not an easy task. 

Some blenders are better at blending while some are better at chopping, mixing, or grinding, etc. 

Here are listed the top 10 best blenders under $100 in terms of features, warranty, pricing, and other prominent factors.

1.) Ninja Countertop Blender (BL660) 

Best Blenders under $100

For this blender just one line “Buy it, you will love it”. The most promising and vital feature of this blender is the crushing of ice feature.

Single-serve slices the ice in one blow also helps you in adding the right amount. Other blenders give you a tough time while cleaning but this blender doesn’t give such hustle. 

Unlike Nutri Bullet this blender doesn’t leak while making smoothies or juices.    

Features and its Benefits

Features of Ninja professional (660) blender are as follows:

Heavy-duty Motor

The blender comes with a capacity of 1000 to 1100 watts. 

Spacious and Bulky

The storage capacity of this is 72oz, which makes it spacious. 

Sharp Cutting Swords

This blender contains six blades that smoothly cut the frozen items in one slice.

Small Nutri Cups

Small Nutri cups are also provided with an accumulation of 16oZ, which are best suitable for pureeing, chopping, and grinding.  

Dishwasher safe

Blades and lid (detachable) are safe for dishwasher cleaning. 

Multiple settings

Three-speed options along with the pulse options are provided for better and faster mixing of ingredients. 


The jar of the blender is BPA-Free which means it is safe from toxic materials.

Weak Points

Not auto facility which makes it a bit outdated product. Another flaw (prominent one) is that this blender to rowdy.

What so much good about it?

The most idealistic feature of this blender is that it perfect for smoothies or juices if you are an athlete or goes to the gym. 

Also, it provides you a measuring facility to add a reasonable amount of quantity.


To conclude, if you want a blender that is all-rounder also lighter in the budget; this is what you need. 

  • Spacious comparing traditional ones
  • Small Nutri cups best for smoothies
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe from toxic elements (BPA free)
  • The body is made up of nondurable plastic
  • Bit outdated
  • To rowdy


2.) Ninja BL480 Nutri Blender

Best Blenders under $100

Now our runner-up a product, the iconic and powerful Ninja BL480 Nutri Blender. Some people curse it as a louder blender, but when it comes to using its robustness and durability it exceeds over loudness.

Frozen items, hard nuts, coffee beans are crushed like apples. Even cutting the strongest items this blender has no leakage issues. 

This product is safe for dishwasher cleaning also compact in size and shape. In simple words, you have a “Beast” in small packaging.

Features and its Benefits

Features and benefits of Ninja BL480 Nutri Blender are as follows:

Automated IQ System

One button all functions performed. With automated IQ system pureeing, mixing, grinding all in one go.

Pro Abstractor System

With the facility of a pro abstractor blade system hard nuts, rice, vegetables, and frozen items are crushed easily.

Nutri Cups for Smoothies 

For creamy smoothies, Nutri cups are added. With varying sizes of 18, 32, and 24oZ Nutri cups provides marking to fill up the right amount of quantity in cups.

Sup and Cachet Lids 

Two sup and durable cachet lids are provided. A guidebook helps you how to use the product efficiently. 

Powerful Motor with IQ Technology

This blender comes with a powerful 1000 wattage motor along with IQ technology for crushing and blending hard items.

Modern base Unit System

Manufactured with good quality plastic this blender contains a bottom jotter for the mixing of items. The modern base unit keeps you informed about the operations being performed also alerts you in case of sudden blockage.

Weak Points

This blender is not suitable for large families, considering its size it is best suitable for personal use. Very noisy in use, to reduce the noise place it on a flat surface.

What so much good about it?

The strongest feature is that this blender is best for gym trainers and athletes. Slick and compact in shape.


To conclude, this blender is the best product if you need a long-term partner for grinding and mixing ingredients.

  • Powerful blender best for smoothies
  • Compact and slick in size
  • Easy to carry and move along
  • Safe for cleaning
  • Study and durable motor
  • Parts and accessories are easily available
  • Comes with a limited 1-year warranty, if you want more warranty it will cost a little more.
  • Very Rowdy


3.) Ninja BL610 Blender – Best Overall

Best Blenders under $100

Some products change your life forever. The blender is mostly plastic, but it doesn’t feel cheap. The design and construction are of professional grade.

The lid and base both open and locks with a similar click. Blades create a vortex that instantly turns any fruits and vegetables inside into viscous liquid.

With tons of buttons for blending, grinding, pureeing, etc. speed labels all work is easy. Also, this blender has high, medium, and low settings. You can pulse. 

In short what you need more when you have Ninja BL610.

Features and its Benefits

Features and benefits of BL610 are as follows:

Compact in Size

It easily fits in limited spaces. You do not have to set aside plenty of storage space for the sake of accommodating them.

Sleek Design

Apart from possessing a compact size, the blender is also designed in a sleek appearance. 

Feathery in Nature

This blender weighs a paltry 9.51 pounds (approx. 4.3 kg) which makes it feathery. 

Durable in Nature

In all, the blender features high-quality construction. All the materials that are used blender strong and long-lasting.

Dishwasher safe and BPA-Free

This blender is easy to clean all the parts are safe for dishwashing. Though the jar is made up of plastic it is BPA-free. 

Weak Points

Coming to cons, this blender consumes a lot of energy. Also, this blender comes with a limited warranty.

What so much good about it?

The best thing about this product is that all the products are crushed together you don’t have to wait for the next turn.


To conclude, if you want a reliable partner easy to use and carry along this blender is what you need.

  • Quick ice cutting
  • Affordable and Durable
  • Generate delicious smoothies
  • Limited Warranty
  • Higher power consumption


4.) Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender 

Best Blenders under $100

Made for smoothies! This blender is solely made for smoothies and shakes. It is considered that tall blenders have leakage issues, but this blender is free from such issues.

In terms of durability this blender studier in nature with properly aligned notches. This blender is safe for dishwashing and easy to clean.

Also as compared to Vitamix, this blender is lighter but rowdier. Also, this blender is easy to carry and compact in size.

Features and its Benefits

Features and Benefits of Compact Personal Blender are as follows:

Simple and Sturdy Design

This blender is compact and it can be seen from the box.

Heavy Motor

This blender contains a 900-watt motor best for smoothies.

Easy to Wash

This blender is safe for dishwashing all the pieces are washed easily. 

Portable and Slick

This blender fits in small spaces easily and also portable.

Strong Crushing Blades

This blender contains strong crushing blades that chops, grind, and mix ingredients at a very fast pace.

Weak Points

Coming towards the cons, this blender is rowdy. The blender is quite bulky to lift. 

What so much good about it?

The idealistic feature of this blender is that this blender is perfect for crushing and mixing. 


To conclude this blender is perfect for smoothies.

  • Easy to accommodate
  • Safe to dishwashing
  • Durable
  • Sharp blades perfect for smoothies
  • Bulky in size
  • Rowdy


5.) NutriBullet Pro 13-Piece High-Speed Blender / Mixer (NB9-1301)

Best Blenders under $100

Similar to the Ninja Nutri Pro Compact blender this blender is similar in size and shape. This high-speed blender makes smoothies in less than a minute also crushes frozen items smoothly.

If you are a traveler this will be your best partner as this is portable and easy to accommodate. Fewer leakage issues if ingredients are organized properly. 

This blender is quieter as compared to other blenders and works smoothly. 

Features and its Benefits

Features and benefits are listed below:

Simple and Sleek

This blender is simple and sleek easy to fit in. The versatility of this blender is so much that it can also be carried if you are a traveler. 

Color Packages

This blender comes in different colors which makes this product more prominent and appealing. 

Perfect for Frozen Items

This blender is perfect for crushing frozen items but water must be added. 

Certified Refurbished

This product can be refurbished also certified but in 9-piece only less costly than the original product. 

Less Noisy

This product is less noisy as compared to the rest.

Weak Points

This blender has several weak points that make this product unreliable.

  • This product has contains leakage issues after a couple of months.
  • The container is made of plastic also not BPA-free.
  • This blender is not good for chopping, pureeing, and grinding due to leakage issues.
  • Also, this product is not safe for dishwashing which is the biggest drawback.

What so much good about it?

The appealing feature of this product is that this product is perfect for frozen items.

  • Perfect for smoothies
  • Multiple color variants
  • Leakage issues
  • Not suitable for crushing and pureeing


6.) Nutri Bullet 600W Nutrient Extractor

Best Blenders under $100

As mentioned in the name the power of this blender imagines aggressiveness. The user manual guides you to properly use the blender to get optimum results.

Crushing of ice for my smoothies and then mixing it well this blender is pronounced best for it. Not just that it is easy to clean it it’s the easiest thing to do. 

It’s also a nice size to put away not bulky at all. 

Features and its Benefits

Features of Nutri Bullet Extractor are as follows:

Lighter to lift up

This blender is small in size and easy to lift.


The container is made up of plastic which is BPA-free too.

Powerful Blades

Blades are sharp and powerful which creates a cyclonic action for crushing ingredients.

Safe to Dishwashing

This blender is safe for dishwashing all the pieces are washed easily.

 Weak Points

  • On the weaker side, this blender is not durable and long-lasting.
  • It has serious leakage issues.

What so much good about it?

This blender is perfect for crushing hard nuts.


To conclude this product is best if you need a reliable partner for chopping, crushing hard nuts and frozen items.

  • Easier to lift up
  • Power full motor
  • BPA-Free glass
  • Leakage Issues
  • Non-durable


7.) Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick Immersion Hand Blender

Best Blenders under $100

For a new bee, Mueller Austria Ultra slick is the best product. This blender is simple in look and uses for a new user.

Studier in structure and having multiple options this blender blends and mix elements properly. Also, this blender is easy to clean and highly durable.

Features and its Benefits

Features and benefits are as follows:

Sturdy is the structure

This blender is studier in structure and long-lasting.

Easy to Use

Containing sleek design and versatility this blender is perfectly made for a new user.

Elegant design

This blender has an elegant design and shape.

Weak Points

  • On the weaker side, this blender has a small motor.
  • Frozen items are not blended easily.
  • Bulky in structure and non-portable.

What so much good about it?

This blender is perfect for a new user as it provides basic and easy features to use.


To conclude this blender is easy to use and operate.

  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Elegant design
  • Not suitable for frozen items

  • Bulky in structure 


8.) Nutri Bullet ZNBF 30400Z  Blender 1200 Watts

Best Blenders under $100

This is not a great blender for smoothies and drinks. Despite having a touch facility this product isn’t easy to operate, there is a bit kind of hustle.

This product is versatile and can do so many things. But this blender is best suitable for professionals not for beginners.

Features and its Benefits

Features and Benefits are listed below:

Versatile in Nature

This blender is best for grinding, pureeing, chopping, and mixing.

Safe to dishwashing

This blender is safe for dishwashing. Easy to accommodate and clean.

Certified Refurbished

Renewed condition is also available of this product which is cheaper than the original product.

Weak Points

  • Very noisy in use.
  • Poorly made
  • Plenty of water needed for blending
  • Non-durable

What so much good about it?

Versatile and fast in use. 


To conclude this blender is best for professionals.

  • Pros
  • Versatile in nature
  • Refurbished available
  • Safe to dishwashing
  • Non-durable
  • Poorly made
  • Non-reliable
  • Very rowdy


9.) Magic Bullet Blender

Best Blenders under $100

Magic bullet Blenders are good for smoothies, shakes, and drinks. It offers optimum power to blend ingredients instantly. 

This blender provides no buttons or switches just put the cap and it is on and when you remove the cap it is off. The design of the Magic Bullet is pretty simple. 

The base of the blender is small so it can be easily placed in a kitchen drawer or cabinet. The Magic Bullet is dishwasher safe all the products are washed easily.

Features and its Benefits

Features and benefits of this blender are listed below:

Small and Sleek

This blender is small and sleek easy to fit in.

Ease of Use

Just to put a cover and it starts working.

Strong Motor

This blender comes with a strong motor to make smoothies and shakes awesome.

Weak Points

On the bad side, this blender is not suitable for large use. Not good for frozen items. 

What so much good about it?

The classical feature of this blender is that it this easy to use and perfect for personal use.


To conclude if you go to the gym or exercise and want healthy smoothies and juices this blender is what you need.

  • Small and sleek
  • Easy to use
  • Strong motor

  • Not suitable for large families
  • Not good for frozen items


10.) Oster Pro 1200

Best Blenders under $100

Last on this list, stands Oster Pro 1200 if you need a perfect smoothie machine on a limited budget. To counter this problem Oster Pro 1200 is what you need.

This blender is made up of metal and the container is not plastic like the Ninja. Oster Pro has a 1200 watt motor there isn’t any comparison of it. This blender is safe for dishwashing.

Features and its Benefits

Features and benefits are listed below:

Easy to clean

This blender is as easy to clean as this safe for the dishwasher.


This blender is lighter in the budget.

Weak Points

  • This blender rowdy.
  • Not perfectly made.

What is so much good about it?

The only best thing about this blender is that it this budget-friendly.  


To conclude, if you want a blender that is best for smoothies also cost-effective consider Oster Pro-1200.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect for smoothie making
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong body
  • Rowdy in nature


Our Recommendation?

In our recommendation, the most idealistic and best product is the Ninja countertop blender (660). 

This product is versatile and assists you in every sector of blending, chopping, grinding, etc.

Buying Guide

Advantages of having a Top-Quality Blender under $100

  • Variety
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-effective

What do you want to make?

Smoothies, shakes, juices, etc…


Single-serve or multiple serve


The size of the motor ranges from 600-1200 watts. 


Blades must be sharp. 


The price must range from $70-120.

Jar Capacity & Material

Jar capacity varies from blender to blender. It can be made up of plastic or glass.

Power Cord

Must be of standard length to catch up distant places.

Cleaning Process

Must be dishwasher safe.

Ease of Use

Must be easy to operate and use.


The speed of the blender varies between high, low, and medium.

Some blenders come with a pulse option too.


When power comes noise comes. 

So noise is not the point to consider if you want better smoothies or shakes.

You have to bear the noise.


Warranty varies between 8-10 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Which is the best cheapest blender?

Ans: Oster Pro 1200

Q2: How do I choose a good blender?

Ans: By checking several features like Motor, blades, dishwasher safe or not and various other features according to you need.

Q3: How much good blenders cost?

Ans: A good blender costs between $70 to 100.

Q4: How long should a blender last?

Ans: It should last at least 5 years.

Q5: Glass or plastic which blender is better?

Ans: Glass blenders are better than plastic ones as they are safe to use.

Q6: Is it good for vegetables?

Ans: Yes they are good for vegetables.

Q7: Will it crush ice?

Ans:  Approximately 6o-70% blender within this range smashes ice in one blow. 

Q8: How can I safely clean the blades?

Ans: If they are not dishwasher safe only in that condition.

Q9: What is the price of a decent blender?

During Consumer Report’s tests, Vitamix exceeded all other blenders in the full-size category. However, the price range for these blenders was $450 to $650, making it an expensive appliance overall.

Q10: Does using a glass blender outperform a plastic one?

Compared to plastic containers, glass does not discolor or scratch as easily, nor does it absorb food odors as easily. A plastic container can become scratched over time after being used in a blender for crushing ice, while glass appears to look better and last longer.

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