Can You Freeze Apples For Smoothie? Try These 4 Ways Today

It is a common notion that one apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Apples are one of those fruits which are available throughout the year.

And if you talk about apple smoothie.

What can I say it is just delicious (My favorite).

But unfortunately, there are some regions in the world where apples are not available throughout the year.

Several artificial methods like freezing, salting, etc. are used to preserve apples for a longer time.

But their taste was not like fresh ones.

Here the question arises then why someone wants to put apples in his smoothie?

Nutrients that Apple Contains

In recent years people are moving towards juicy and colorful fruits.

Like berries, avocados, strawberries, etc., and forgetting apple even it is seen that Apple is rarely available on the dining table too.

Apples should not be treated that way.

Apples have a bundle of vital nutrients and vitamins, below are enlisted some of the important ones:

  • A small amount of vitamin B, A, K, and E
  • Vitamin C in a fair amount
  • Minerals like magnesium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron
  • Filled with fiber too

Fruit with such healthy vitamins, minerals are essential for a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Freezing Apples

Further in this article below there are discussed 3 common and efficient methods to preserve apples for smoothies.

It’s up to you whether you want to go with option no.1 or you wanna go with all three.

Try all of them step by step and check which best suits you.

Opt for the most suitable one this will help you in making smoothies even when fresh apples are not available.

If you are thinking of cutting a big amount of apples and then freeze as it is a better choice, sorry it is of no worth.

You can go simple when you need an apple cut it, blend it, drink it, and go. It is the best.


Common Questions for Freezing Apples

can you freeze apples for smoothie

Should the core of the apple needed at the time of freezing?        

I would say put core and peel together at the time of freezing.

As a result, better quality would be achieved.

Can the apples be frozen along with the skin?

Of course why not! It depends upon the recipe you are making with or without the skin.

If it is ok with the skin go for it.

What methods should be used to prevent browning?

The simplest and easy way to prevent browning of slices is to dip them in water and then introduce them to lemon.

Initially, I add about 4 – 5 cups of water and then introduce them to 1-2 lemons.

After the apple slices get wet I drain in a steel strainer and shake them well.

First I thought  I did wrong but the result was the opposite of my expectations.

The apples were tasty and seriously speaking they were the best pies ever.


Recipes That Could Be Made From Frozen Apples

  • Bread and Muffins–Bread can be made from frozen apples.



  • Strawberry and Apple Crumble – Made with strawberry this crumble is far away to explain. It can be served with cream or custard.


Methods of Freezing Apples for Smoothies   

Cover or without cover, it depends on your choice.

It should be noticed that vital nutrients i.e. fiber and pectin are stored in the cover if you remove the cover you lost them.

Next, if you have decided to remove the cover then remove other parts to like apple seeds, apple core, and its stem.

Now they are ready for freezing.

1.   Basic method – Freezing in Tray

Freeze apples in tray

  • The most basic method in which a steel tray is used for freezing
  • Peel the apple piece by piece, then drop them into a steel bowl having lemon water
  • Lemon water helps in reducing apples to get brown
  • Put the peeled apples onto baking paper for freezing put them into a tray
  • It is the easy and fastest way of freezing which takes a few hours
  • Then after getting frizzed use a freezer bag to store them

2.   Intermediate Method (little Mature) – Mixing them with ice cubes

apples with ice cube

  • Same as the above-mentioned method, Peel (cut) the apples into small pieces
  • Mix them with water and lemon in a blender to blend them
  • Put the blended mixture into ice cube trays and then freeze them
  • In this freezing takes time rather than previous

3.   Expert Method – Mixing with the smoothie and then freeze

Mixing with the smoothie and then freeze

  • For those who have less time, this is the best and simplest method for you
  • For this make a smoothie for several days like you are going on hill station add apples in it
  • Insert smoothie into multiple jars then freeze it
  • And you need it put it in the air it automatically gets de-frosted insert into the glass and has a sip

4.   Making Fruit ice cubes for smoothies for long preservation

Fruit ice cubes

Nowadays a homemade technique is simple to implement when you have less space.

This technique includes the canning of apples.

Apples are cut about the size of an ice cube easy to accumulate even a lot can be accumulated.

Put them in ice trays rather than ice this will help them to remain fresh for a longer time.

When needed de-frost them blend them and serve as I need.


To conclude it can be said that the long-standing notion about apples is relevant in the current world.

Apples are one of those fruits which are available throughout the year.

And with numerous benefits and vital nutrients.

They are filled with minerals, vitamins great flavor, phytochemicals, and other balanced diets fats.

Freezing apples for a smoothie is an easy and efficient method especially when you are living in those areas where it is available seasonally.

They can also be frozen in the office in the form of ice cubes when needed de-frost, blend, and enjoy it with colleagues.

So why wasting time go and go start freezing!


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