Can You Freeze Orange Juice? Top Methods To Freeze Orange Juice

Nowadays, orange juice is becoming a staple breakfast beverage in many homes, day-cares, and schools worldwide.

Orange juice lovers hate to run out of their morning beverage, but like many foods, the cost is rising continuously.

Rather than giving up on their beloved orange juice, savvy consumers, including me, are looking for ways to continue freezing orange juice as a part of our cost-effective kitchen.

Let’s dive and check out the ins and outs of freezing some orange juice!


Can You Freeze Orange Juice?

Yes, you can safely and definitely freeze orange juice to considerably extend its shelf life. However, the texture and consistency may change after it is frozen and defrosted.

Orange juice with little to no pulp at all retains its quality the best. Orange juice is frozen in its original carton, mason jars, ice cube trays, plastic containers, or other freezer-safe glass containers. If properly frozen, orange juice can retain its quality for around 3 – 12 months.


Can You Freeze Fresh Orange Juice?

Can You Freeze Orange Juice?

You can also freeze fresh orange juice, but it takes extra effort to ensure the quality is good once the juice is thawed.

The pieces of pulp and sugars from oranges make freezing difficult sometimes as these can cause the juice to create a grainy texture once defrosted.

If your fresh juice has a large pulp quantity, it’s best to strain out the juice’s maximum pulp. You don’t need to strain out every little piece of pulp, so don’t worry. A little leftover pulp is ok.


Can You Pour Off a Few Ounces of Orange Juice Before Freezing?

This question has a mixed number of opinions on this one. There are definitely two types of thought on this.

Some people have frozen and unopened containers of orange juice for many years without any mishaps.

However, others will tell you they’ve experienced a situation where cartons exploded, so they always pour out a few ounces of juice before freezing.

Even though personally I have never had this problem in the past. Recently, I also noticed that some manufacturers have changed their cartons/containers. They look really different and feel a little less sturdy.

So now I no longer freeze unopened containers of orange juice. I will pour off a few ounces of it before freezing, or I will pour the juice into a freezer-safe container or pitcher. Once thawed, I will pour it into a container at home.


How to Store Frozen Orange Juice

You can store frozen orange juice in the following ways:

1. Can You Freeze Orange Juice In A Plastic Container?

can you freeze orange juice

You can surely freeze orange juice in a plastic container but following some caution.

Several plastic containers you buy for the orange juice at the store are applicable for one-time use only and aren’t recommended for freezing.

However, I have ignored this advice in the past. At times, things were fine. And the other times, the cartons expanded to the limit that they leaked. However, none of them exploded!

As I said before, if you decide to freeze orange juice in its original plastic container, you might run the risk of it leaking or exploding it all over your freezer.

Remember, you can always minimize this risk. Pour at least a few ounces of juice before freezing it. Ensure you leave at least ½” of empty space to allow the juice to expand.

If you freeze the juice in a large quantity, you might want to invest in phthalate-free plastic and BPA-free pitchers or half-gallon glass jars instead of trusting the manufacturer’s plastic containers.


2. Can You Freeze Orange Juice In Mason Jars?

Can You Freeze Orange Juice?

Ah, one more good news! You can also store frozen orange juice in an old mason jar! I have many available in my kitchen. Yep, dozens of them, and I almost use them for everything!

So yes, you can freeze orange juice in mason jars if appropriately prepared!

Most of us might be familiar will the Kerr or Ball brand of mason jars. According to Business Insider, these jars are now manufactured by the same parental company.

Both brands produce powerful and high-quality mason jars; however, not all of their jars are freezer safe.

Meaning, the old and outdated-fashioned jars are not freezer safe. These are the ones with rounded shoulders, named as they like to call them.

Some people still freeze orange juice in these jars with wide-ranging success. If you still want to use the jars with shoulders, make sure to fill them with no fuller than 2-3 inches below the shoulders. This will let the frozen food to expand.

However, on the other hand, the wide-mouthed jars with tapered or straight sides are considered to be freezer safe.

As with freezing, it’s best to leave at least half-inch headspace (empty space) in your jar before freezing the juice.

Doing so will let the liquids expand safely, thus avoiding breaking glasses in your freezer.

Because I like to make a mistake on the side of caution and don’t want to create additional work for myself, I will leave about one-inch empty space to allow space for liquid expansion.


3. Can You Freeze Orange Juice In Ice Cube Trays?

Can You Freeze Orange Juice?

You can also freeze orange juice in ice cube trays.

It is one of my favorite ways to freeze orange juice. Sometimes, I also use orange juice cubes in baked goods, vinaigrettes, sauces, marinades, and ice to flavor beverages or water.

Thus, to protect your juice from picking up off additional flavors when freezing, the covered BPA free ice-cube trays will definitely get the job done!


4. Can You Freeze Orange Juice In Mason Jars?

Can You Freeze Orange Juice?

The cardboard carton holds out freezing just fine. Just remember to pour off a few ounces before you store it in the freezer.

If the cartons are full and there’s not enough empty space in it, the expanding liquid might rip a hole in the cardboard. That means it ends up cleaning the freezer, and I’m sure how would you prefer to avoid that?


How to Freeze Orange Juice?

Both freshly squeezed and store-bought orange juice can be safely kept in the freezer for future use.

First, start with straining the orange juice to remove the orange pulp. It’s easier to freeze the juice without any free-floating particles. If you like pulp, expect a uniformity that is similar to slush as the end result.

The next job is to transfer the orange juice into smaller and freezer-safe containers. You can also decide to keep them inside the cartons or containers they came in. For both cases, ensure enough empty space for the juice to expand as it freezes.

Now, label the containers with the preparation date, if necessary.

You can also lower the freezer’s temperature. Note that the freezing point of juice is less than water’s, so it’s better to set the temperature at around -10 degrees Celsius or around 15-degrees Fahrenheit.

In 6 hours, the juice should be completely frozen. If it has more pulp, then expect the freezing time to be longer.

Soften the frozen orange juice by keeping it in the refrigerator overnight.

Now, shake the orange juice well so that the pulp (if any) should settle down or be mixed back into the liquid.


How to Thaw the Orange Juice?

When it comes to thawing frozen orange juice, there are 2 options available:

In the fridge. The easiest way to transfer the orange juice into the fridge is the night before you need it. The entire defrosting process takes between 2 hours for small cubes to more than 8 hours for large containers, so you can plan accordingly. You can also immerse the container in lukewarm water to speed up things a little bit.

Use without defrosting. You might already know a couple of methods to use cubed orange juice. If you’re going with either of the methods, then you can skip thawing.


Orange Juice Recipes

Can You Freeze Orange Juice?

A unique and tasty treat for orange juice lovers is the Orange Juice Cake. With its zesty and tangy flavor, it’s sure to please your adventurous family and friends.

For lovers of custards and cakes, the Orange Juice Pudding is also a great recommendation. Make this sweetened dessert with a twist by combining with orange juice.

Or a perfect classic refreshing drink can be an Orange Smoothie. Orange juice, mixed with fresh fruits and yogurt, is tasty and healthy for your body.

There are a couple of other options, depending on your likings:

  • Definitely one of the most famous ways to use frozen fruits where you can freeze oranges as well. You can use orange juice cubes instead of ice cubes, or defrost the liquid and add it as you do it with fresh juice.
  • Add a cube or 2 glasses of water on a warm day. Or use as ice cubes in a cocktail or drink.
  • Desserts and baking. Some cakes and pies need a bit of OJ to add flavor to them. Frozen and thawed works just like a fresh one. The same applied to sorbets too.


Does Freezing Orange Juice Lose Its Nutritional Value After Freezing?

Orange juice provides vitamin C, hesperidin, potassium, antioxidants, magnesium, B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, thiamin, calcium, and folate.

Orange juice also has a high water content that keeps you hydrated.

But, does freezing orange juice loses its nutritional value upon freezing?

Some researchers answered this question with all the scientific studies as yes, some said no, and some said freezing the juice had no adverse effect on orange juice’s nutritional value.

But I find this interesting about a study showing that your body may absorb even more antioxidants from previously frozen and defrosted juice than juice not frozen.

So, while there might be a nutritional loss in freezing orange juice, what’s left might be more absorbable by the intestines? Sounds interesting!


Freezing Orange Juice FAQs

How Long Does Defrosted Orange Juice Last?

Generally speaking, you should use the defrost juice within 2-3 days.

I suggest you freeze the juice in small portions and only defrost as much as you need. This way, you never have to take care if it lasts until you require it or not.

Can I Refreeze Frozen and Defrost Orange Juice?

Yes, as long as you defrost it in the fridge. The idea of refreezing is considered unsafe according to a myth.

That being said, the juice’s quality will be worse after another refreezing and thawing. In short, you can safely refreeze orange juice, but it’s better to plan ahead and thaw only as much as you need.

Can I Refreeze Previously Frozen Orange Juice?

No, it is always better to not refreeze orange juice after it has been defrosted.

How to Know If Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Is Spoiled or Bad?

If your orange juice has an odd flavor or appearance, or odor after defrosting if you see mold, it can be thrown out immediately.

How Long Does Frozen Orange Juice Last?

Store-bought orange juice could last 8-12 months in the fridge without losing quality, while freshly squeezed orange juice retains its quality for 3-4 months.

However, the orange juice remains safe to drink if frozen at 0° F, but its quality is likely affected.

How Much Time Does It Take for Orange Juice to Freeze?

Orange juice has a lesser freezing point than water. Therefore, freeze the juice in the coolest part of your freezer.

Additives and sugars will delay their freezing process.


Final Thoughts

While I am a mommy with many decades of experience, I would like to say whether or not orange juice misses some of its nutritional value after being frozen, then defrosted, and this doesn’t matter to me.

I still believe that previously frozen and softened orange juice is more useful to my family and more economical than many other processed options available! 

So I surely freeze away when I find a great deal or offer on orange juice or if they are about to expire.

If your family uses orange juice regularly, stocking up or freezing when it’s on sale should be a part of your plan in maintaining a good kitchen!

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