Can You Juice A Banana? Making Banana Juice Using Amylase

It is a sad fact that all natural fruits are not juice able and banana is also among such fruits which cannot be squeezed to make fresher juice, and it accumulates like a mushy mass on trying to make it able to juicing. It makes clogs in juicer machine while juicing and makes machines out of order instead of working. It is better to leave fruits unable to make juice for normal use or using these in making fruit chat. As our point of discussion is, can you juice a banana?

Significance Of Banana

Bananas are one of the world’s most wanted natural fruits. Worldwide banana sends out came to around 18 million tons in 2015, as per the United Nations The United States and the European market imported some proportion, as in the United States 11.4 lbs. is the requirement of each individual, as indicated by the U.S. Branch of Agriculture, making it Americans’ number one new natural product.

Wide assortments of medical advantages are related with the surprising yellow natural product. Bananas are high in potassium and gelatin, a type of fiber, said Laura Flores, a San Diego-based nutritionist. They can likewise be a decent method to get magnesium and nutrients C and B6.

Bananas and Juicing

Banana is one of the dry fruits in composition like avocados which have unfortunately low water content but rich in potassium. The lower quantity of water in banana makes it difficult to make a juice of it. There is one possibility to use banana in juicing in its own unique role when it is added to cool drinks or juice. As it is sweet in nature, it can be blended with almost everything. Banana is much popular because of its creamy and smooth texture and alternative sweetener as it has delicious and fresher taste.

Banana slices make our juice greater and act as natural alternative and because of such amazing quality, banana are popular in mixing with other vegetables and fruits as well.

It does mean that first we should make a juice of our choice and then blend it after mixing banana in it, it will give wonderful feeling of taste and pleasure.

Moreover, I do remember, since as we cannot make banana juice alone, I had read in article that, we can make its juice by using amylase. Amylase can be defined as a natural enzyme that breakdowns the starch into sugar and then transforms it into glucose. This enzyme enriches the banana’s hearty sweetness. Are you interested to know that how banana can be juiced using amylase. Let us have great experience of wonder!

Making Banana Juice Using Amylase

I was really surprised to know that finally, we can juice a banana. In this process, liquid is extracted from the banana itself and then liter of banana juice is obtained. Although it takes time more than natural juicing process, yet this is the best way to taste the banana juice.

This recipe needs two kilos of bananas and these are peeled, after that a puree is made of these peeled bananas. Once the puree is made, it is placed inside the plastic bags. These plastic bags are pushed to let all the air out.

Puree is then poured into a pot of water and kept there for five hours at 66 degrees C. Amylase starts to work in this time and breaks down the starch and liquid is released.

After squeezing liquid, it is strained in a nut bag and squashed through the bag. Then we will have the fresher banana juice.

The chalky consistency of the banana is reduced by the regular essence captured by sweet nectar. So, how’s that, huh? This output is awesome. Isn’t it?

Banana juice cannot be made like the usual way we juice other fruits or vegetables. However we still can’t ignore the fact that it is great with smoothies, shakes and mixed with other juice. Finally, we have alternatives on how to enjoy bananas juice and reap its nutrients.

Banana Smoothie vs. Banana Juice

Banana juice must not be confused with banana smoothie! as most of the people do but these are not interchangeable terms.

Yes, but banana smoothies are one method of enjoying a banana beverage and now I would like to take you to some new methods of banana juicing, I am excited to tell you about these ones.

Banana Soft Serve

In this method, you need to have masticating juicer and frozen banana. You need to juice your frozen banana in exactly the same way you do before. The frozen banana pulp would be like banana soft serve and is perfect as a delicious, low calorie dessert.

More Difficult Ways to Juice A Banana

With these more creative methods out of the way, I have found two ways of making banana juice. However, these are not simple or easy to do. So, let us try these ones of making banana juice.

To start, place some frozen bananas in a microwave-safe bowl and should be covered with plastic wrap and microwave them for a few minutes.

Then pour the contents of the bowl through a fine mesh strainer into a different container and let it sit until nothing more drips through.

Once banana juice has collected in the container, just be sure to let it cool down properly before you mix it in with the rest of your juice recipe.

It will take more time than making a traditional juicing recipe this is a great way to get it! This method is also much easier than other one.

Would you be able to eat a banana on a juice purge?

This truly relies upon your juice purge and your own insight. A few people pick to just drink juices while on a juice purge, since this by and large prompts the best outcomes. Notwithstanding, there are no immovable guidelines with regards to a juice purge, aside from possibly evading shoddy nourishment, however that one is self-evident!

In the event that you’re on a juice scrub and you’re totally starving, at that point I would state having a banana is one of the better things you could do. Bananas are one of the additionally filling solid nourishments; they’re stuffed with sustenance, and will give you the little lift you have to overcome the remainder of your scrub. Avocados are additionally a decent choice, as they do something very similar.

Continuously tune in to your body with regards to an adjustment in your eating routine. On the off chance that you’re truly ravenous, at that point you ought to eat. Everybody is extraordinary, so make the wisest decision for you.

Nutrients in Banana

Speaking of nutrients, Bananas improve our immune system as they are rich in vitamins B and C. The high level of fibers like potassium and magnesium are also found in it. Thus insulin is made by the absorption of calcium.

Banana and Health Benefits

Can You Juice A Banana

Bananas are good for our heart. The abundance of potassium which is a mineral and electrolyte in a banana provides power to our body and this power strengthens heartbeat. The cardiovascular framework is ensured with the help of low content sodium and high content potassium .It reduces hypertension.

1. Heart Wellbeing

The specialists directed the research in   the University of Alabama in 2017 and analyzed that the blood vessels are viable with the connectivity of potassium and the excess of potassium causes supply routes to solidify. The comparison of low potassium and high potassium diets reveals about the better supply routes enthusiastically and the firmness of blood vessels is directly related to the illness of coronary.

2. Gloom and State of Mind

The gloom can be conquered with the enormous amount of tryptophan later changed to serotonin by body and this state of mind lifting and cerebrum synapse is defined by Flores. Moreover loosening up of muscles and calm resting is endorsed with the help of magnesium and B6 respectively. Besides, the tryptophan in bananas is striking for its rest inciting properties.

3.Digestion and the weight loss

The high content of fiber in bananas helps us regularly. The 10 percent of fiber requirements are met by one banana a day. Flores also discloses that the reduction of Type 2 diabetes and weight is ensured by nutrient B6. As a rule, bananas can be regarded as food item responsible for weight loss and fulfilling desires of taste and sex.

The goodness of safe starch lies in controlling glucose, expanding of unsaturated fats for the wellbeing of gut which itself is a dietary fiber and bananas are abundant in such fiber. All such studies were explored by scientists in Nutrition Bulletin of 2017.

4. Exercise

For recharging imperativeness and electrolytes, bananas can be more impressive than sports drinks. A new report appropriated in PLOS One looked at male contenders fighting in critical distance cycling races. They contrasted competitor refueling and Gatorade like clockwork to a competitor refueling with banana and water. Experts state that the competitor’s introduction times and body physiology were the counterparts in the two cases. Notwithstanding, the banana’s serotonin and dopamine improved the contenders’ cell support limit and helped with oxidative weight, improving execution for the most part.

5. The Eye Sightedness

Carrots are considered good among food items for human eyes and same is the case with bananas. The abundance of a small nutrient A in bananas is excellent for eyes and the short and far sightedness of eyes. The exacerbates in nutrient A protects the protections of our eye layers and light is carried to corneas through a component in proteins. Macular degeneration is a serious issue in which focal vision is obscured and bananas help in forestalling it like other fruits. Finally bananas also have greater significance for eyes like carrots because of the presence of nutrient A in it.

6. Cartilage

Bananas may not be flooding with calcium, be that as it may, they are up ’til now obliging in maintaining bones stronger. As per the studies and finding of the Journal of the physiology and the research of biochemistry, bananas have much amount of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS). These are nondigestive sugars that empower stomach related very much arranged probiotics and improve the body’s ability to hold calcium.

7. Carcinogenic Disease

Some verification suggests that moderate use of bananas may be guarded against kidney disease. A 2005 Swedish assessment found that women who ate more than 75 servings of products of the soil cut their risk of kidney malignant growth by 40% and that bananas were especially convincing. Women eating four to six bananas seven days isolated their threat of making kidney infection.

Bananas may be helpful in preventing kidney illness because of their critical degrees of cell support phenolic blends.

8. Pregnancy

Although it is not proved medically yet the Royal Society disclosed that the potassium in bananas is compared with women delivering baby youngsters. Almost 740 ladies were examined and it was observed that the possibility of having kids was directly related to the increased level of potassium before origination.

Similarly forestalling gestational diabetes is made easy with the help of bananas and the absence of it may really be problematic to the pregnancy revealed by investigations carried out through Sleep Medicine Surveys. Finally if someone is looking for decent rest at night in this condition then they must take magnesium and tryptophan in their feed.


Concluding the whole discussion that, Can you juice a banana? answer remains still ‘’NO”” when using alone, but yes, when used with other ingredients it turns out to be great. So incidentally, actually, you can juice a banana utilizing a juicer… yet all you will get is banana mash. Not banana juice.

Despite the fact that I’ve figured out how to discover a few different ways to get around this, the techniques accessible to make banana juice are tedious and troublesome! Actually, I will spare my bananas for making scrumptious smoothies. There are so numerous extraordinary plans out there, with things like nutty spread, almond milk, papaya or even raspberry and watermelon.

The advantage of juicing is to make us get the nutrients of fruits and vegetables which are not so tasty to us and we don’t like to eat. I do believe that bananas do not belong to that category. Bananas are well loved by most of the people.

There are additionally so many organic product juice plans; I don’t feel like I’m passing up a great opportunity by skipping on banana juice! Shouldn’t we I for something delicious and healthy, Yes, I would and let us feel fresher together!

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