Can You Juice Beet Leaves? Here’s What You Need to Know

Beets are a trendy fruit choice for juices; they taste good and have high concentrations of highly beneficial nutrients. The health benefits that beets offer are very well-known, making them a favored juicing choice. As great as beets are, the green tops of beets are also very good for juices. Beet leaves have large deposits of nutrients and nitrates.

Beet greens can be juiced in the same way that you would juice any other greens. All you need to do is cut the stems, wash thoroughly, and juice. Yes. Beet leaves can be juiced raw, which also makes them a convenient juice source. Beet greens should be juiced alongside other fruits. Pairing Beet leaves with other fruits gives your juice better while ensuring that your juice is healthy as can be

Can you juice beet leaves and stalks?

Yes. You can absolutely juice beet leaves and stalks. Beet greens are not only nutritious, but they are also a form of preventive medicine. It is not uncommon for dieticians to prescribe beet greens for people who deal with medical conditions like, anemia, circulatory problems, menopause, and even kidney conditions. Beet greens are a healthy ingredient for any juice or smoothie.

What are the Health Benefits of Juicing Beet Leaves and Stalks?

There are several health benefits to juicing beet leaves. It is common knowledge that beets are a very healthy fruit choice for juicing. Beet leaves are just as healthy as beets and may even contain more nutrients. Twenty-two calories of beets alone have just over 14% of your body’s daily requirement for iron.  In addition, Beet leaves also contain,50% vitamin C, 127% vitamin A and more calcium per calorie than even milk.

Studies have also shown that beet greens are useful in the prevention of all types of cancer, on account of the number of carotenoids that they contain. Beet leaves even improve brain function by supplying manganese which is an important brain mineral.

What’s the best way you juice Beet Leaves?

When juicing beets, you may prefer to go with a centrifugal juicer.  Using a centrifugal juicer ensures that you get the highest possible quantity of juice out of your leaves. Beets may not normally come with a lot of leaves if they are store-bought, so naturally, the goal is to extract the maximum amount of juice from the leaves available. Most people prefer to juice beet leaves along with beets. Beet leaves combined with beets is not a bad combination; however, you may prefer to add your beet leaves to other fruit juices. Strawberries and citrus, in particular, are an excellent pairing for beet leaves. Orange juice, lemon juice, and grapefruit juice will all taste as great as they usually do, with twice the nutritional punch.

Beet greens can be used in smoothies and juices. The high levels of nutrients and low levels of calories in beet leaves make them an ultimate cheat in dieting and staying healthy. In general, Beet leaves have a lot of benefits.

Juicing beet leaves is not only possible, but it is also very healthy. You can use these leaves for juices, smoothies, and even salads. The nutritional benefits are tremendous, and if you do it right, it tastes fantastic.



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