Cleanblend vs Vitamix | Which One Is Better?

Nowadays everyone is living a very busy life either he is a student or a working person. So, everyone wants something quick solution to everything. We all want to include a healthy diet in our routine. But, shortage of time doesn’t allow us such things.

Therefore, most people prefer junk food, which is unhealthy, without realizing that they are spoiling their health with time. This problem can be solved by putting a little effort on daily basis.

Oh yes, there is an easy way to solve the problem.

The problem can be solved by taking smoothies and drinks on daily basis to our diet. Other than healthy food, we need ingredients in chopped, ground, pureed, and, blended form to complete our recipes.

So, this is only possible with help of one single machine with diversified abilities. Yes, if you have a good blender for your kitchen, the problem can be solved in no time.

Now the question arises which blenders resolve our problems?

We need a blender that is affordable, long-lasting and, highly durable. Working of blender matters a lot as it includes crushing of hard nuts, seeds, etc. To solve the problem, you will find many blenders in the market.

But which one should be in your kitchen? Don’t worry about this.

We will help you to find the answer to this question. We will make a comparison between the top two blenders available in the market. And in the end, you will come to know that which one is better for you.

So here, we will make a comparison between the Cleanblend and Vitamix blender. Both are popular in the market and have many positive reviews. At first, we will have a look at both products.

Cleanblend Blender Review

Cleanblend vs Vitamix


The Cleanblend is a new uprising brand in the market. As it launched its first product in 2013. But it is competing for the old brands of market.

It’s a versatile and well-built product. The motor of the blender is also very powerful. It’s a nice product and works very nicely for smoothies. It is also not behind other brands when it comes to chopping, grinding, and crushing.

It has multiple speeds and a pulse lever. The jar has also self-cleaning property, which makes it much easy for you. The jar is made up of plastic also BPA-free. The jar has a large capacity, so you can make a large portion of your food at once.

The material used for blades is stainless steel. Another good thing about this product is that it has 5- years warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, this product is affordable. In short, this product is a good addition to your kitchen.

Vitamix 5200 Blender Review

Cleanblend vs Vitamix

Vitamix is one of the best blenders in the market. Many of its series are popular and most recommended products due to their consistent performance. The blender is very powerful, easy to use, and long-lasting. 

There is no doubt about the performance of Vitamix. It works very well for crushing, grinding, and smoothies. The product comes with multiple speeds and a pulse button.

However, some models do not have the pulse feature. They also have pre-programmed settings. The jars of Vitamix come in a different size, so you can use them according to the servings you are preparing.

The material of jars is also durable and BPA-free. Blades are made up of stainless steel and work well. The warranty of the Vitamix products is very impressive, as they give the warranty of 7 to 10- years warranty.

So, you can use it without any worry. The Vitamix blenders are long-lasting if you use them with a bit of care. However, it is a bit expensive product. But its performance makes it affordable. 

Now, we will make a short comparison between Cleanblend commercial blender and Vitamix, using Vitamix 5200 series, because Vitamix has a large number of blenders in the market.

Comparison Table of Cleanblend vs. Vitamix

Cleanblend Commercial Blender-minVitamix E310
Power1800 Watt1380 Watt
BPA Free MaterialYesYes
Speed Settings1010 and pre-programmed setting
Blades Stainless SteelStainless Steel
Warranty5-years money-back warranty7-years
BookDoes not have a recipe bookGive a recipe book along with product


Detailed comparison of Cleanblend vs. Vitamix

While comparing the blenders, we will focus on the design, construction, features, performance, and warranty of both products.

Design and Features Of Vitamix 5200 vs Cleanblend

Comparison of both giants is divided into multiple categories, which help us in mocking out the best product.

Dimension and weight


  • Cleanblend has a dimension of 18*15*13 inches
  • It is a bit heavy blender
  • It weighs 12 pounds


  • Vitamix has dimensions of 8.75*7.25*20.5 inches
  • It is also a bit heavy as Cleanblend
  • It weighs 11 pounds

Jar material and capacity

Cleanblend vs Vitamix

The jar material and capacity of any blender is the most vital part for selecting an optimum product. This vitalizes the product for any domain; below we have listed the prominent feature of both.


The jars of Cleanblend are made up of Tritan. That looks like glass jars. However; the material is BPA-free. The jars of this brand are a bit thinner and some complaints have been received that it cracks after using 1-2 years. But a little care can avoid this issue. The capacity of the jar is 64oz; an extra jar of 32oz is also available for a small serving.


The blenders of Vitamix come up with well-built jars. The jars of Vitamix are also made up of Tritan copolyester. The jar has a maximum capacity of 64oz, which makes it easy to prepare a large batch of your serving. Small jars are also available in different sizes to make a small portion of your food.

Blade Material & Construction

Cleanblend vs Vitamix


The Cleanblend blender is equipped with 6 blades; 4 blades are directed up and 2 blades to down. The material of the blades is also BPA-free. The blades are sealed with a nut and the user can open this nut with a gadget. Some users are complaining that it’s a flaw that the nut becomes loose after 1-2 years of regular use. The manufacturer can remove this flaw by fixing the blades with an unremovable nut.


The blades of Vitamix are made up of stainless steel. It has four blades to work efficiently. All the blades are fixed with a hardened plastic drive stoke. So, blades cannot be removed easily. The blades can work effectively both for dry and wet ingredients.

Motor Power

Motor Power Comparison


The motor of the Cleanblend is very powerful. It comes up with 3 horsepower and 1800-watt normal operational power at the full load.  The highest speed of the blender is 31000 RPMs and the lowest speed 10000 RPMs. Its lowest speed is also quite impressive. The motor has a built-in cooling system and an overloaded protector system which will trip it in case of overheating.


The motor of the Vitamix blender is quite efficient that has 2 horsepower and 1380-watt operational power. One notable feature of this motor is that it is designed on a ball-bearing model. It helps to lessen friction; it increases the motor’s efficiency and service life. 

Speeds and control panel 

Cleanblend vs Vitamix


The control panel of Cleanblend has an on/off lever, a pulse lever, and 10 variable speeds. The combination of high speed and pulse function helps in the efficient working of the machine in the recipes of nut milk, puree and, flour milling.


The control panel of Vitamix 5200 is very functional. It has an on/off button on the right side and 10 variable speeds dial in the center and a high-speed button. So, overall, it has 11 speeds. The large options of speed are useful for the users as they can blend the ingredients according to their requirements. It does not come up with a pre- setting. But other models of Vitamix have this feature.

Noise level 


The noise of the Cleanblend can be cut down as they provide the product with rubber feet and a noise-dampening catering pad. However, according to the information provided by customer service, the noise is about 90 decibels. So, it is not very loud. 


While talking about the noise of the Vitamix 5200, it is also like the Cleanblend blender. It has also noise in the range of 85-90 decibels. However; the user can minimize it by using a rubber pad under the base unit. 



The blender comes with a 5-year warranty. According to the company, they have a very low defect rate. But the whole blender or any defective part is changeable. The customer does not need to register the warranty as it is automatically processed at the time of purchase. They also offer a 30-days-money back guarantee.


It’s a well-built machine that comes up with a 7-year full warranty. The customer can activate the warranty on the website of Vitamix by providing the serial number given on the base of your machine.The warranty is also valid for second-hand blenders but starts from the time of purchase of first-person.

The customer support of Vitamix is one of the best in all brands. They answer quickly and try to solve your problem as soon as possible. They also give a 30-days money-back warranty, if you do not like their product for any reason. 



The Cleanblend produces admirable drinks and green smoothies from any kind of ingredient. It grinds even hard vegetables like carrots and beet into fine dust. Even avocado pits are not a big deal for this appliance to grind. While making drinks of fruits like strawberry, it makes such a fine powder that no residual is left after staining. 

While Vitamix 5200 is not only best for blending but it is also perfect for crushing any kind of nuts and flax seeds. It has all the qualities of a perfect blender. The main feature of it is that it does its best work in just a few seconds with a speed higher than others. 


Cleanblend makes a fine pure of fruits and veggies without adding any liquid or water. It makes such a nice paste and pure and has no problem in making baby foods. On the other hand, Vitamix 5200 makes the velvety pure of baby food with a very high speed in less time as compare to Cleanblend.

Hot ingredients

Cleanblend makes hot soups from even uncooked ingredients in just 8-10 minutes. It is perfect for making bulletproof coffee. Contrary to this, Vitamix 5200 makes hot soups or even uncooked ingredients in just 5-6 minutes. It is also capable of producing bulletproof coffee and syrups. 

Frozen ingredients

Cleanblend can crush ice into soft snow-like material. So, it is very useful in making drinks, margaritas, and desserts. Contrary to this, Vitamix 5200 can crush ice and frozen fruits into smoothies. So, it is perfect for making desserts. The best thing is that it does all its work in just 30 seconds with a temper.                                          


Cleanblend kneads dough/batter easily. But as it has a small capacity of just 8-10 oz, so it does work in batches. Vitamix 5200 also kneads dough/batter excellently with a capacity of more than Cleanblend. It is also very useful for people with a non-dairy diet and gluten-free diet.

Grinding and Milling

Along with many fantastic features Cleanblend exotic feature is of grinding and milling. From a juicy herb to a hard nut, nothing is difficult for Cleanblend in terms of grinding and milling also. But it is batter for the appliance, not to use it more than 90 seconds in a turn. 

It is better to do it in pulse function for quick results. In contrast to Cleanblend, Vitamix 5200 can also make flour of any ingredient soft to hard e.g., forms a shrub to a bean but with less effort. 


Cleanblend also has an option for chopping vegetables for coleslaw. But for chopping, they need high-speed blades, but blades work fast even at low speed. Contrary to this, Vitamix 5200 has an excellent range of speed and blades with very low RMPs low speed which is very good for grinding purposes. It is very good for grinding cabbage, onion, and carrots for salad dressings.

Nut Milk


Cleanblend has a high power to blend nuts into nut milk. But the mixture must be strained through a nut bag.


Vitamix 5200 also can make high-quality dairy-free milk out of nuts.

Nut Butter


Cleanblend can make smooth nut butter of good quality with the help of temper.


Vitamix 5200 also makes high-quality nut butter with the help of temper. But it also ensures that the motor is not overheated.



The Cleanblend is very easy to use. The user just has to put ingredients in the jar, put it on the base unit and turn on the power button. For better results by Cleanblend, you must start from the lowest speed and gradually increase the speed to get the desired result. The lid of the jar has a plug to add ingredients later on.


Just like Cleanblend, Vitamix is also super easy to use. Just fill the ingredients in the jar, soft ingredients at the bottom and frozen on the top, put the lid, and turn on the machine. You can also add ingredients or liquid later on by the plug on the jar lid.



The Cleanblend is very easy to clean. It has a self-cleaning function, just add some water and soap to the jar and turn it on for few seconds. Then just wash off with plain water. Users do not recommend dishwasher safe. But it is not a big problem as it can clean itself in few seconds.


The blender Vitamix 5200 is easy to clean when you are not using it for sticky ingredients. Just add some water and a few drops of soap in it, and blend it for 30 seconds. You can use a cloth or towel to dry the jar. 

However; if you are using it for sticky ingredients such as butter, fill about half of the jar with water, add some soap and leave it for few minutes. Then blend it at high speed and your blender will good to go.  This is also not dishwasher safe. 


Amazon is the only dealer of Cleanblend. Its price does not change so much. It is an affordable blender. So, a beginner can also invest in this product. 

While talking about the Vitamix, it is an expensive product. As all the blenders of Vitamix are pricy, but their work justifies the price. So, with the qualities of a blender, it also matters that how much you want to spend on the product. 


In my opinion, both blenders are of considerable importance. But we have to choose one. So, making it easy, I support Cleanblend to users. It is not behind Vitamix in performance. As they can grind beans and nuts, also they can make puree within seconds. No doubt the brand is new and its durability is not tested yet over time. But, in my opinion, the Cleanblend is a good alternate to Vitamix.

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