Do Smoothies Make You Poop? Here’s What You Need to Know

Most people who intend or who have been able to incorporate smoothies into their diets are very interested in knowing if smoothies make you poop.

There are several benefits to be realized by incorporating smoothies into your diet. A lot of smoothie drinkers will testify to the numerous positive changes their bodies experience soon after adopting smoothie diets. However, a lot of smoothie enthusiasts will tell you that one thing they did not expect was the frequent pooping.

Smoothies make you poop a lot. On account of the fact that a lot of the fruit used to make smoothies are high in fiber, there is a lot of bowel movement as a side effect. The effect of constant smoothie intake varies from person to person. For some people, diarrhea is a side effect of starting on a smoothie diet, for other constipation.

Why do smoothies make you poop?

boy have constipation - Do smoothies make you poop

First of all, it is essential to understand that some smoothies are more likely to make you poop than others. Green smoothies especially are responsible for a serious bowel movement.

Green smoothies are essentially made up of water and fiber. A combination of fiber and water is almost guaranteed to make you poop. The fiber in greens accumulates in the digestive tract to produce more fiber in your poop. Greens also contain soluble fibers which the stomach digests easily making bowel movement very easy.

The increase in water and fibers make bowel movements very easy. Smoothies have been used as a treatment for constipation for a while.

However, in some cases, smoothies may cause constipation. If your smoothie blend lacks sufficient water, you may have a problem. Smoothies without sufficient water cause a buildup of fiber without adequate water to help move the fiber out of your tummy.

On the flip side, if you aren’t getting enough fiber to bulk up your bowel movements, you may also suffer constipation. The trick is not to have more greens than water or vice versa.

Does the constant pooping mean smoothies are not good for you?

Your constant bowel movements are not an indicator that your body is somehow rejecting your new diet. Constant bowel movement means that your body is digesting and ejecting waste faster. Your body receives a whole lot more nutrients with smoothies and takes care of them as fast as it is done with them.

People who have successfully incorporated smoothies into their diet will tell you just how much better they feel. Smoothies provide constant hydration for the body, supplement your nutritional intake, and leave you feeling fantastic. Your constant bowel movements just proof that your body is receiving more of the nutrients that it needs.

Mix it Up A little.

Your smoothie may taste better if you include some other healthy ingredients. Honey, for instance, serves as a natural sweetener for green smoothies. Chia seeds are also popular choices as addons; they can serve as a source of protein, fat, and giber. Smoothies are great for your health. Yes, smoothies make you poop, but that’s just proof that your body is doing a great job.



Q.) Do fruit smoothies make you poop?

Consuming fruit and vegetable juices can provide both fiber and sorbitol, which can assist in regulating bowel movements. In addition to their high water content, juices may help soften hard stool, hydrating the body at the same time.

Q.) What happens if you drink smoothies everyday?

Too much sugar consumption or digestive distress may result if you drink smoothies every day.

Q.) Are smoothies good for constipation?

Constipation is easily treated with smoothies, because they are naturally sweet and hydrating, plus they are rich in healthy fats!

Q.) How long does it take to poop out a smoothie?

Smoothies are a delightful mix of fruits and vegetables that digest within 20-30 minutes after being consumed.

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