Does Apple Juice Make You Poop? Here’s What You Need to Know

Our bodies always respond to the food that we eat. Some foods make us grow, some make us healthy, and other foods give us an instant burst of energy while others make us poop. Yes, you read that correctly, some of the food that we eat makes us poop. Today we’ll find out if apples are one of the things we eat which makes us poop. The simplest answer to the question “Do Apples make us poop?” is yes

Why Does Apple Juice Make You Poop?

Apples are very rich in fiber. Your intestines allow fibers to go through without digestion. Because apples have a lot of fiber, they are able to pass through the intestines easily and promote bowel movement. Another reason why apples make you poop is a fiber called pectin which is contained in apples. Pectin has laxative effects that reduce the colon transit time, making you poop faster and easier. Apples also contain several minerals and vitamins that help with your bowel movement, making it very easy for you to poop.

Does Apple Juice Help With Constipation?

Does apple juice make you poop

Yes. Apple cider vinegar is actually a prescribed treatment for constipation. The wonderful fibers in apples make them one of the best possible remedies for constipation.

Each apple contains 4.4 grams of fiber. The fiber that each apple has is both dietary and contains something called sorbitol. Also, water-soluble fibers like pectin help the body retain water in the stool, making it softer and more comfortable to pass. If you have constipation, Apple juice is a great remedy. You can also use Apple juice to prevent having constipation. So if your stomach feels weird and bloated because of constipation apples are a great solution. Apples are especially favored because unlike medicine, the bowel movement caused by apples is natural. People with sensitive bowels may not like the idea of constantly having to use pills to ease their bowels. Apples are the perfect substitute for bowel medicines.

How long does it take for apple juice to help with constipation?

Apples usually help with constipation a few hours after being eaten. While the fibers in apples make digestion and bowel movements faster, the body still needs some time to work. Fibers like pectin, which are contained in apples, act as a gentle laxative to help bowel movement. The more apples you eat, the more fiber your body receives alongside pectin. You will begin to see the effects of the apples not long after consuming them. Juicing apples makes them less effective for constipation relief; you may experience quick relief if you eat your apples.

If you prefer to consume apple juice for help with constipation, be sure to drink small quantities at first until your body can tolerate more. Sudden increases can cause digestive comfort and even diarrhea.

Apples are great for the digestive system. Constant consumption actually helps your body maintain normal and healthy digestive movement. Apple juice is just as great in preventing constipation as it is in relieving it. Remember, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

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