How To Make Delicious Plum Juice?

Plum juice is structurally unique in its features, nutritional value, and benefits. That is because; it is juiced from plum varieties with excellent refreshments and great for your health.

What distinguishes plum from prune juice is how they are juiced. Plum juice is made from fresh plums while on the other hand prune juice is made from the dried plums (prunes).

Plum juice can be made from different types of plums, while in prune juice; you can only use a particular European species as these plums are not larger, less juicy, and denser than the remaining varieties.

Plum and prune juices don’t taste the same and with different health benefits, although they are made from the same fruit.

I will take you through prune juice first before I embark on plum juice since they are both from plums.

What Is Prune Juice?

Prune juice is made from dried plums and for that reason, they are caused to absorb water through boiling them since it’s impossible to juice a dry fruit.

You need a mechanical press or superior centrifugation to juicer to extract juice from the plums once they fall apart. Such an extract is then drawn off and decanted.

It is therefore easy to differentiate prunes from fresh plum based on the formers’ higher sugar content which makes them easier to dry without fermenting.

What Is Plum Juice?

The taste of plum juice is like cranberry juice but because there, exist several plum juice varieties, based on the degree and types of minerals, nutrients, and fiber it contains.

Since plum juice hasn’t cholesterol and fat content in its composition, it is the best drink that can take you through a weight loss journey for those who want to lose weight.

This juice is vital in its role in the development of the brain and nervous system through its vitamin B6 and vitamin C which strengthen the immune system.

This healthy juice can also strengthen bones and reduce bone-associated ailments such as osteoporosis, bone loss, and more so vitamin K which plays a major role in blood clotting.

Plums provide your body with many minerals like potassium, fluoride, and iron as well as vitamins which make it an all-in-one source of nutrients.

The juice sometimes can be a little thick for some people’s liking which is readily remedied by mixing with some water or apple juice.

Juicing Plum Juice

How To Make Plum Juice (2)

Since the boiling process involves the preparation of prune juice which can destroy some more delicate nutrients, I prefer the plum juice which doesn’t require boiling during preparation.

In order to make plum juice, you simply need to use fresh plums and just extract the juice for the best results without boiling first.

If you want to make plum juice pure and fresh plums, you just require three ingredients; ripe plums, natural sweetener, and water in order to make it easy and delicious homemade fresh juice.

Step 1: Cleaning Them

Wash the fruit properly in running water before you use them since they might have some traces of pesticide and other impurities just like most other fresh fruits.

Step2:  Pealing

First, in this step, remove the outer layer using a knife and then chop them into sizes removing the pit. Take the sizes to the blender accompanied by water, natural sweetener, and lemon juice.

Step 3: Juice Plums

When you blend using a superior blender, a better juice yield is guaranteed. So, blend all the ingredients along with water until it becomes liquid. Or use a cold-pressed juicer to juice the content.

Step 4: Sieve

This step is only applicable when you use a blender. You can strain the mixture through a strainer to allow only true pressed juice, separating pulp for consistency and quality.

How To Better The Taste Of Your Juice

If you choose to make your fruit at home, add a bit of lemon to your blend in order to brighten the flavor for an instant flavor boost. Grapefruit and oranges can still better the taste of your juice when added.

When you intend to get the best results out of your juice, and in whatever kinds of plums you decide to use, ensure you only use the ripe sweet ones which are not sour.

How Long Can Fresh Plum Juice Last?

Freshly juiced plum juice can be stored for around three days in favorable conditions. In a case where the juice is pressed, it worth noting that it will begin to oxidize as soon as it juiced.

In the case of contact with sunlight or oxygen, the degradation process will speed up and therefore, it is advisable to put your juice under refrigeration in an airtight container filled nearly full.

Can Plum Juice Be Frozen?

You can store your juice for up to 18 months in the freezer, and then you can defrost the juice from your fridge overnight, or in a bowl of warm water before use. Dilute the juice if necessary because plum juice becomes thick after thawing.

Can Plum Be Frozen Without Cooking?

Yes, all that is needed is to wash the plums and place the whole fruit in a plastic container or bag in the freezer. Plums are not the only fresh produce being frozen. If you bite into these whole frozen plums, you get an instantly refreshing burst of cool juice.

How Does Plum Juice Taste?

Just like other fruits, plum juice from fresh ripe plum fruit has a sweet-like taste with natural sugar content.

In instances where the taste of plum juice doesn’t feel favorable depending on the area of the origin of the plum fruit, you can improve the taste by adding natural sweeteners or ingredients to your taste.


Plums are popular around the globe for their nutritional value including their very Vitamin C and fibers which can be used as a home remedy for constipation in babies.

Many people find it not easy to frequently eat fruits most of the time and for that, they prefer getting those nutrients through consuming such fruits’ juices.

So today I invite you to take a taste and receive the ingredients and refreshment that comes with consuming this particular healthy juice.


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