Is Apple Juice Diuretic? Scientific Explanation

“Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread” was a famous saying in 1866 Which was later replaced by the current phrasing, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” at the end of the 19th century. I do still remember the childhood days when a new baby of school used to start his learning process with his first lesson,’’ A for Apple ‘’ and I do also remember the important question of exams in earlier classes of a balanced diet.

It must not be a point of wonder if apple is called the king of fruits which are of keen importance for setting the formula of a balanced diet. It is considered one of the most popular and health-oriented fruits. Not only because of taste but also because of its nutrients present in it, which provide energy to our body.  These are not present in all areas like oranges and mangoes but found abundantly in areas feasible environment like hilly areas. Apple juice is also good for the health to keep working energetically.

‘’Is apple juice a natural diuretic or not’’ is the point of discussion in this article. I would like here to throw light on the issue in detail with some scientific proves and examples. To understand the scientific fact about an apple that either is diuretic or not, first, we do need to understand that what is meant by diuretic.

What Is A Diuretic? 

Sodium Reabsorption, Diuretics, and Diet Vivek Bhalla, MD Division of Nephrology Stanford University School of Medicine September 14th, ppt download

There is a lot of misunderstanding and much confusion about the word ‘’diuretic’’. The people do commonly understand that it may be some disease or something relating to disease, but they have not been informed by medical personals that diuretic simply means something present in the blood to remove the toxic, salty, unnecessary, unhealthy, and unwanted elements from the bladder and purifying or cleansing the human body in such a way that liver becomes healthy and clean to perform its actions.?

Medical studies about diuretics lead us to several artificial medical diuretic medicines but less information is provided about natural diuretics like apple, banana, and watermelons. Diuretic apple is not only to make you rush for excretion of unnecessary water and salts but it also provides a lot of health benefits such as the prevention of glaucoma and high blood pressure.

Although apple juice is diuretic yet it purges unwanted constituents and elements from our bladder aside from making us rush to washrooms. So yes, apple juice is diuretic in its nature. We can call it a nutritious, delicious, and healthful beverage. The high alkaline content in apples flushes out bad toxic substances and maintains pH levels. The balanced pH value keeps the liver healthy and clean. Natural diuretic like apple juices also has several other benefits for good health as well.

Apple Juice Diuretic Effect

Is Apple Juice Diuretic

The kidneys in our bodywork hard to filter out excess water and salt, along with any waste products. The water and salts are then reabsorbed into the blood and start circulating around our bodies. These waste products are finally turned into urine.

A diuretic disturbs the same process and does not allow the excess water and salt that we from getting reabsorbed into your blood, this is why you need to rush to the washroom if you take a diuretic!

The diuretic substance decreases the volume of blood in our body. It is better to get a prescription of diuretics from your family doctor according to your conditions. You do need to get a prescription because of certain reasons such as high blood pressure, edema, and glaucoma.

High Blood Pressure

The decrease in the volume of blood causes a lowering of blood pressure as well.


In edema, our body starts retaining excess water and fluid. It causes serious conditions such as congestive heart failure which stops your heart from pumping blood properly. A diuretic substance will reduce this effect and can help get rid of this excess water. Thus it becomes a good medication for dealing with edema.


The optic nerve is damaged in case of glaucoma and the doctor may prescribe a diuretic to excrete the excess water and fluid around the optic nerve.

Apple Juice Is Packed Full Of Nutrients

The human body needs a lot of nutrients and constituents which are rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, copper, manganese, and iron. Luckily apple does contain all such nutrients, even when it is squeezed up to its last drop, it then retains all such constituents.

Vitamins are considered the key elements for a sound and healthy life. The vitamins named A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E are all found in apples. Vitamin A is considered suitable for eyesight; Vitamin C helps form a healthy immune system, hair, and skin. Some of the special plant chemicals like procyanidins, phytochemicals, and flavonols are also retained and found in apples. These plant chemicals not only improve overall health but also cause a reduction in the chances of cancer.

Apple Juice Can Be Good For Your Heart

Is Apple Juice Diuretic

Potassium is the most essential mineral in apple juice. People usually do not take much potassium in their food. Our muscles also need potassium to work in an orderly and proper way.  Potassium also reduces tension in blood vessels and arteries.

The formation of cholesterol in arteries due to the deposition of many oily fatty acids causes heart attack but apple juice lowers and minimizes the formation of cholesterol. As mentioned earlier, diuretics help in flushing out salty substances and we do also know that sodium is much salty in nature. So, it is bad for our heart as well and apple juice as being diuretic will reduce salt deposition in our blood.

Apple Juice Has Detoxifying Properties

Apples also contain some fibers and chemicals abundant in fancy antioxidants that are responsible for helping in purging our body of harmful toxins. They enhance our immunity to protect against future sickness.

Apple juice contains some anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen substances found in apple juices which may reduce the effects of allergies and soothe respiratory functions. In the spring season, when nature assassinates our sense with terrible pollen clouding, apple juice sounds good.

Apples are really fruits of magic. These are not only benefits to any diet but provide taste and pleasured feeling as well. The long-lasting health effects and benefits of the apple make it distinguish and beneficial. 

What Other Fruit Juices Are Natural Diuretics

Aside from apple juice being diuretic in nature, there are lots of other juices like lemon juice (lemonade), Cranberry juice (Delectably tart), and Pineapple juice(A wonderful taste of summer), and orange juice having amazing nutrients and constituents for health.

It is suggested that a delicious cocktail is multiple times more diuretic and beneficial for health prepared by mixing all such fruits forming a healthy and unique mixture of vitamins rich fruits. It also adds antioxidants to our bodies.

Is Freshly Squeezed Apple Juice Better Than Store-Bought?

There are two ways to get apple juice, either to go to the grocery and select some fruitful fresh fruits to make their juice or to buy canned pack groceries juice. The one which is bought from groceries is too sweet in its making which is not good for health as well. The high sugar content loses its taste and purpose. Another one prepared at home by squeezing fresh apples is not only pure and original but also good and tasty as well. It adds nutritional and multipurpose refreshing value.

The fresher juice retains great nutrients that are required by our body and make us feel just wonderful.  Apple juice made at home is the best option of all. Once you make it, it’s as fresh as it could be. So, let us smash some apples for health! 

You do not need to be confused if you are new to juicing apples. It is as easy as it can be imagined. It also rewards all your efforts back. The apple skin contains a lot of nutrients and ingredients which are fiber in nature and these fibers do let your bowls perform properly and functionally. So, it must not be peeled off while making small pieces of apple to juice. It will add more nutrients to our health.

Do Diuretics Have Side Effects?

Just like other medication, diuretics also have side effects and it would be much better to get medicine other than diuretic because of side effects caused by such substances given as:

  1. It causes an increase or decrease in  potassium of your blood
  2. It reduces sodium levels
  3. It increases blood sugar
  4. It also increases cholesterol levels
  5. It does also cause headaches, dizziness, or tiredness
  6. It makes us feeling thirsty or experiencing muscle cramps
  7. It also causes rashes on your skin
  8. It does cause grout as well

Some side effects can cause potentially more damage like kidney failure or allergic reactions. Kidney failure disease risk can never be affordable with just a momentary taste of apple juice and similar is the case with allergy. Who would like to be in continuous trouble just for the sake of few sips of any juicy substance? Therefore it’s much important to visit your doctor if you have any concerns as people mostly adopt a habit of taking medicines on their own will rather than getting prescription of doctor who does only prescribes after keeping in mind all factors and conditions of patient diseases.

Health Benefits of Apple Juice

Apples are certainly nutritious and have a lot of health benefits that we require. Some of the main benefits of apple juice are given as:

Health of Heart

Apples are a big source of flavonoids and reduce the risk of heart attack and look after our ticker. These chemicals are found in apples that are good for keeping your heart healthy and apples are also high in potassium. The potassium keeps the electrical system of our heart running and working smoothly.

Strengthens Immune System

Apples have vitamin C which strengthens our immune system, So we can fight off germs, colds, and flu. However, flavonoids are much better and important. The antioxidant quality of flavonoids makes them fight off free radicals – molecules that can destabilize DNA and cause irregularities, like cancer.

 Prevent/Delay Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease affecting more people and can be really dangerous. In this condition the brain degenerates over time, limiting a person’s ability to function. Test show that 2 glasses of apple juice a day have the potential to decrease the amount of the ‘senile plaque’ protein that builds in the brain and worsens the disease.  Apple juice may also prevent the development of the disease, so could be an easy preventative measure to protect your brain health.

There are lots of other health benefits obtained from apple juice such as:

These are anti-inflammatory, lower cholesterol, and help in weight loss.

Apple Juice Recipes

Is Apple Juice Diuretic

The following are the most important apple juice recipes, but we would not discuss in much detail, as our subject of the article is about the apple either or not being diuretic.

The Green Goddess – Whole fully

Apple Orange Juice – Food Viva

Carrot Apple Glow Juice – Taste, Love, and Nourish


Summarizing the whole discussion, it is concluded that apple juice is a natural diuretic with multiple health benefits such as excretion of toxic, unnecessary, and harmful substances from our body and minimizing effects of several diseases such as heart attack, low blood pressure, and many more. It not only prevents diseases but also strengthens our immune system as well. Yes, but some side effects of apple juices must not be ignored aside from making us rush to washrooms. Fresh, homemade apple juice is much better than store-bought ones, as it will be much fresher in taste and delicious whereas the store-bought juice contains some chemicals with abundant sugar in it. So, finally who will keep himself away from such a natural diuretic gift than using a bundle of medicines with multiple side effects? Let us keep enjoying a fresher feeling of taste with apple juice.


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