Juicer vs NutriBullet

Making the choice on whether to purchase the Nutribullet or a Juicer is a choice that is solely up to you and the decision you make will also be dependent on your preference and what it is that you are trying to make.

Juicers and the Nutribullet which is a blender by nature are very different and were manufactured to perform different functions, for example, the Nutribullet was designed to be a versatile machine that you can make all sorts of meals with such as purred food, milkshakes, and smoothies by simply grinding everything together.

Juicers, however, were designed to extract the juices from within fruits and vegetables from their pulps and only give you the pure juice and that is the sole purpose it can do nothing else but that. If you still can’t make the decision this article will discuss the differences between Juicers and the Nutribullet so that your decision-making process will be easier.

Comparison Table Of Juicer and NutriBullet

  Nutribullet Juicer
Function Blender Juice extractor
Operation Mixes juices and pulp Separates juices from the pulp
Noise Noisy-85-97hz Less noisy-45-50hz
Versatility Food and Beverages Beverages



Juicers make the best tasting juices. What makes juicers so great is that they can produce consumable juices that are great in taste, no additional ingredients are required when using a juicer all you do is add your fruits and let it do the rest while you wait.

Juicers, unlike blenders, extract only the juice within the fruit and the left overs and/ or pulps are discarded because they tend to bring a different overall taste when combined with the juices especially ingredients such as carrots, leafy vegetables, and root vegetables such as beetroot.

This is one of the best pros about Juicers however there are some cons that have to be taken into consideration such for example juicers require loads more fruits to extract a respectable amount of juice from the fruit or the vegetable.

This means that, unlike blenders which can make great tasting juices from a hand full of fruits, juicers will need twice as many fruits to be able to make enough juice to fill a similar sized glass.

Another major con to consider is the cleaning and maintenance which could be somewhat of a disadvantage. Juicers are messy in the sense that, unlike blenders which grind up everything together, they extract/separate the juice from the pulp and has no use for the pulp so it is discarded however juicers have yet to create a compartment to put all these extra pulps and seeds in because many times you will find those extra parts on the floor which creates extra cleaning for you.

Some bits and parts from ingredients also tend to get stuck in small areas that are hard to reach which makes cleaning an even greater chore.

Another thing to consider is that the size of juicers is much bulkier than that of the Nutribullet and takes up a greater amount of space so if making juice is a regular task in your home then you will need to allocate a permanent space for your juicer to on your counter top because unpacking and packing it after every use is a great task on its own.

Health Benefits of using Juice Extractor

The health benefits you get from a juicer are all dependent on the type of juicer it is.  Juicers that perform much slower tend to preserve the nutrients found within the fruit or vegetables and this is because unlike regular juicers it does not “tear” the ingredient to extract the juice from it.

Instead, what this type of juicer does is squeeze the juices out of the fruit or vegetable and this has proven to be a much more successful method because no nutrients are lost as the slower movements cause less friction. Juicers that operate at a faster speed however are considered to make juices that have fewer nutrients in them and overall lesser health benefits and this is because much of these nutrients that are found in the juices of fruits and vegetables are lost in the rapid extraction process.

Any homemade juice is better than store bought juices because it contains fewer preservatives and processed sugars so you wouldstill be making the right decision when you choose to buy a juicer so that you can have healthier drinks and live healthier.

What is a NutriBullet?

Many consider the Nutribullet as being closer related to blenders than to juicers. This is due to the fact that it performs and operates like a blender in the sense that it doesn’t remove and separate the juice from pulps/seeds like general juicers instead what it does is grinds and mixes both pulp and juices together creating a much concentrated and thicker drink called smoothies.

The Nutribullet is a versatile blender because it can be used as a food processor too where you are able to make dishes such as soups and hummus. They are manufactured with powerful blades and motor which are needed to be able to grind and mix tough ingredients such as nuts into a smooth puree. This grinding process is fast and your smoothie would be made in no time.

Nutribullet as stated before functions in the same manner as blenders in that it grinds and mixes whole fruits and vegetables together without the extraction process.

This means that it is much harder for you to be able to make pure juices that contain no pulps or seeds and this could prove to be a con.

Fewer fruits are used when using the Nutribullet as compared to juicers because the fruit in its entirety is used including seeds as stated before so you can use fewer fruits than you would have used in a juicer however you are not making a juice instead you are creating a smoothie which contains a thicker texture and often the use of pulps makes the drink bitter but that is easily dealt with by adding sweeteners however this defeats the purpose if you are trying to get on a balanced diet.

The pro of these smoothies is that it contains fewer vitamins but more fiber per serving which would have you eating less but feeling full which is great news for those of you who are planning a diet plan. The cleaning and maintaining process is also much easier than a juicer because it is less bulky so moving it around will be of no issue and cleaning it is even easier as you can either use a dishwasher or manually clean.

Health benefits of using NutriBullet

Nutribullet is a great performing super blender, it always grinds ingredients to the perfect texture regardless of the various ingredients you use.

One of the major benefits of using the Nutribullet is no ingredients are wasted because you are using fruits and vegetables in their entirety so all the natural vitamins and minerals found in your ingredients all remain.

One of the greatest things about the Nutribullet is that it works faster than traditional blenders on the market and this is beneficial in the sense that vitamins and minerals within fruits or vegetables tend to start breaking down when exposed to oxygen and start to “denature”, this denaturing process is accelerated by the friction caused during the blending process.

Fruits and vegetables lose vitamins and minerals during this process however the Nutribullet functions at a rapid speed allowing you to make drinks that taste great and have the maximum number of vitamins and minerals.

Differences between Juicer and NutriBullet

As stated, before juicers separate juice from pulp whereas the Nutribullet functions more like a blender in the sense that it grinds up both juices and pulps. These are the notable differences however there are other differences that one has to take into consideration such as:

How the juice is made:

The juicer extracts and separates the juices found in fruits and vegetables from its pulp(skin) which leaves you with juice that is less thick and full of essential vitamins and minerals. The juices produced however lack fiber you will tend to feel less full and hungry if you are planning to survive solely on a diet.

The Nutribullet, however, is more of a blender than anything else because it doesn’t separate juices from pulps instead it grinds up everything together into one and creates a thick dense drink, this drink, however, has fewer vitamins and minerals compared to ones from juicers but is much denser and thicker meaning it will leave you feeling full.

So, it is safe to say Juicers are great for making juices but bad for smoothies and the Nutribullet is great for making smoothies but terrible at making the pure juice

Which results in more nutritious juice?

Juicers tend to use more fruits and vegetables in general to make the same sized serving as a blender. This is due to the fact that the juicer merely extracts the juices and has no use for excess parts such as the pulp, this results in pure tasting juices that are easy to ingest and full of vitamins and minerals however lacking in fiber.

The NutriBullet, on the other hand, uses fewer fruits to make more drinks only because unlike the juicer it uses the whole fruit and wastes no part including the pulp. All of these ingredients are grinding up into a smooth dense drink that has minimal vitamins and minerals however are full of fiber. This means that it will fill you up faster making it a great choice for those of you planning a diet.

Which is more Versatile?

The Nutribullet proves to be the most diverse and versatile of the two products because as stated before it is closely related to the family of blenders. It has a powerful motor and blades that can grind down the toughest ingredients into a puree and also be used as a replacement food processor. Juicers on the other hand are manufactured for the sole purpose of extracting juice making it a sort of one trick pony.

How long do they take to prepare juice?

The victor when it comes to preparation time is the Nutribullet by far. The Nutribullet is designed to make meals in the least amount of time, it has a powerful motor and blades that are used to grind down all sorts of ingredients together to whatever texture you want. The Nutribullet is great for those who seek to make great tasting beverages on the go whereas Juicers are not designed for that purpose.

The manner in which Juicer’s work is complex as it has to make sure to extract the juices and nothing but the juices which mean that its preparation time is long. If you are looking to make great tasting juice on the go then Juicers are not recommended for you.

Required Ingredients:

Juicers and Nutribullet are both able to use fruits and vegetables in the making of drinks. Nutribullet, however, requires less fruits and vegetables because as stated before it uses fruits and vegetables in their entirety meaning that no part of the fruit is wasted or goes unused. It is easy to use all you need is to add your ingredients and blend but Juicers on the other hand require almost double the ingredients to make the same sized serving as the Nutribullet. You will also be required to peel and cut some ingredients to size so that you can add them into the Juicer whereas in the Nutribullet you add your ingredient in after cleansing it.

How big are they?

Juicers on average depending on the brand or model tend to be much bulkier than the Nutribullet. This means that you will have to find or make an area where your Juicer will sit however the Nutribullet is kitchen friendly and can fit in most kitchen cabinets.

How much do they cost?

The difference in cost between these two varies on the type of Juicer that is being compared. On average, however, Juicers tend to be the more costly of the two as its extraction method is superb but complex. The Nutribullet is pricey but that’s only compared to other blenders on the market however it is worth every cent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Juicer and a NutriBullet?

Juicers extract the juices from the pulps of fruits and vegetables whereas the Nutribullet works like a blender and just grinds up both the pulps and its juices into one thick beverage commonly known as a smoothie.

Can I use my NutriBullet as a juicer?

No, you are unable to do so because the methods they use are different. The Nutribullet grinds up all ingredients to make smoothies whereas the Juicer separated the juice from the pulp.

Which is more expensive to purchase?

Juicers on average tend to be the more costly of the two however this is all very much dependent on the more brand and model of juicer that is being compared.

Which fruits are not allowed in the Juicer?

There are no fruits that are prohibited from being used in the juicer however always ensure that your fruits and/or vegetables are peeled and cut to size to prevent pieces from getting stuck in hard-to-reach places.

What else can I do with my Juicer?

Juicers were made with the sole purpose of juicing, you can not do anything more with juicers which is why many prefer blenders as they are much more versatile.


The decision on whether to buy a Juicer or Nutribullet all comes down to individual preferences. Nutribullet will best suit those who want a machine that can perform more than one “trick”. Nutribullet allows you to make a variety of beverages and foods such as for example hot soups, cold desserts, and pureed meals whereas Juicers were manufactured for the sole purpose of making juice and nothing beyond that.

If you are a healthy enthusiast looking to make great tasting pure drinks then Juicers are best for you as they will not contain any grains, seeds, or pulps that may alter the overall taste of your beverage. More vitamins and minerals will be extracted but one cannot diet off of juice alone, it is possible but it will be a tough hungry journey.

The Nutribullet will make drinks that even though lack vitamins and minerals make up for it by having high fibred drinks that will leave you filled requiring you to eat less.

If you want to have a healthy balanced diet the Nutribullet is a good recommendation because of its versatility, if you are just wanting to make great tasting homemade juice then the best recommendation for you is a juicer. The choice is up to you.

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