Magic Bullet Review

The Magic Bullet blender was made for those of you who love fresh fruits and healthy living but constantly on the move because of a filled schedule. This blender is from the same family as the Nutribullet blender and is considered to be one of the best personal blenders on the market.

It is considered the best because not only can it make smoothies but also be able to make salsa, puree, and all other recipes you can think of. The Magic Bullet blender is not only user friendly with its ease of use but also cost effective which will keep more money in your pockets. Below we will look at the review for this blender and help you make an informed decision on whether this is a worthwhile investment or whether you should just purchase a regular non-personal blender.


Features Table Of Magic Bullet 

Blades Stainless steel
Cups 18 oz
Brand Magic Bullet
Price $40
Weight 4.7 lbs.
Dimensions 13.2 x 6.9 x 10.6 in
Motor 250W
Accessories Cups (tall & short), Recipe book, Sip-and-seal lid, Comfort lip rings(x2), Lids(x2), Mug, Blade attachment, Blender base
Warranty 1-year


Features Of Magic Bullet

Motor Power

The Magic Bullet blender only has a motor power that is 250W. This is not a lot of power which means that unless you cut some ingredients down to size, you will have problems blending which is especially true when you try blending frozen ingredients. Another issue about the motor is that because it is weak, it is much more susceptible to overheating which in the long run decreases the lifespan of your blender. Always ensure that you do not put in ingredients that are too tough for the Magic Bullet or else you run the risk of causing severe permanent damage to your blender.

Dimensions and Weight

Compact is one way to describe the Magic Bullet blender, this is because it takes up minimal space on your kitchen top. The light weight of this bullet-model makes it easy for you to be able to unpack and pack it away before and after every use and it could be said that this the Magic Bullet blender portable which is a feature may blenders do not possess.


The Magic Bullet blender is a standard 11-piece blender that comes with one 4-pronged stainless-steel blade. This blade is manufactured to blend regular ingredients to make recipes such as smoothies, salsa and it is even able to puree. The 15-piece however is packaged with a two-pronged flat stainless-steel blade, mainly used for grinding and chopping ingredients that are dry such as dried fruits and coffee beans.

Speed Settings

The Magic Bullet blender does not possess any speed, control, or preset programs. The blender is easy to use you just simply screw the blade on the jar, tighten it onto the base by twisting it, and then push down to operate it. One thing to note is that there are no buttons to control the speed at which your ingredients are blended as this is done manually, so the speed is dependent on the amount of pressure applied. One way to have control over the blending consistency is by pressing down with pressure and then releasing again to reduce the tension. The major con about not having preset programs or speed settings is that, unlike other blenders, you are unable to “set and forget” until your ingredients are done you will have to be there through the entire process.

Blending Jar

The Magic Bullet is packaged with a short, long, and party cup or jar. The short jar has a capacity of 12 oz while the tall and party jars have a capacity of 18 oz which are relatively small however it is ideal because the Magic Bullet is a personal blender. The size of these jars also means that adding a variety of ingredients like in traditional blenders will be difficult so you will have to minimize the number of ingredients you put in your smoothie. The party jar also has a handle that enables you to hold it much easier and drink on the go.


The Magic Bullets noise level is impressive for a machine of its size. The noise level is also dependent on the type of ingredients that you are using for example using tougher ingredients like nuts as compared to fruits will not produce the same level of noise. One way you can reduce the noise is to put a rubber mat underneath your blender however realistically speaking the Magic Bullet blender can even be used in the early morning without waking up your household.


The Magic Bullet is one of many personal single-serve blenders, which often come with a 1-year warranty. This warranty will only cover any factory malfunction and exclude wear and tear from daily use; another thing to consider is you will be charged for all shipping costs if you request any replacement parts for your blender.

Safety Measures

When using the Magic Bullet blender there are a few measures you have to take to ensure your and the safety of your family. Some of these measures are quite self-explanatory and common sense such as for example:

  • You should never under any circumstance immerse the motor base, plug, or cord in any kind of liquid
  • Keep your hands or any foreign object from making contact with the blades whilst the blender is functional to ensure you don’t cause serious bodily injuries. The only thing that can be inserted into the blender is the scraper however not while the blender is operational
  • It’s recommended that you avoid keeping the blender running for longer than a minute, this is because it may cause overheating resulting in permanent damage to the blender. The Magic Bullet blender however is manufactured with an internal thermal breaker which is designed to regulate the blender’s temperature. The blender will shut down when it senses a temperature increase and you should unplug and wait for it to cool down before the next use
  • If your Magic Bullet blender has a damaged cord or malfunctioned due to being dropped then it is recommended that you do not try to operate it. You should instead get assistance by contacting the customer service line and explain to them the issue and they will assist you with getting a replacement
  • When not in use, disassembling, or cleaning the Magic Bullet you should ensure that it is unplugged
  • Make sure to only use the Magic Bullet blender on flat, dry, and clean surfaces


Cleaning the Magic Bullet blender is a simple task requiring limited effort. You can pick between cleaning it in the dishwasher or handwashing with the latter being the best option to pick from. For dishwashing, you should place the cups and lids on the top rack and for handwashing, the best way is to add a bit of soap and warm water in the cup and blend for a few seconds. It should be noted that only doing this will not get rid of everything and because the Magic Bullet blenders cup is narrow, it makes cleaning some parts of it very difficult but this is a minor problem that can be solved by simply using a sponge brush.


The Magic Bullet has a poor record when it comes to durability. Many reviews have claimed that this product usually doesn’t last longer than the warranty covers and this could be why it is such an inexpensive product. The motor also tends to give way after constant use especially when it’s tough ingredients so try limiting the number of tough ingredients you use with the Magic Bullet. Another way to increase the durability and life span of your Magic Bullet blender is by also limiting the number of times you clean in a dishwasher; hand washing is the best-recommended way

Things To Consider Before Buying a Blender.

What do you intend of using it for?

Do you want to make your morning smoothies or do you intend on using your blender to turn a whole lot of hard fruits into smooth and easy to eat baby food? The functions and size of blenders vary on your intention with the blender. You need to outline what you need your blender for before committing to a single blender.

If you intend on making yogurt or milk based smoothies and drinks for yourself or one other person, then a personal blender would be able to satisfy your needs. However, if you need a blender to be able to complete larger tasks such as smoothies made from fresh fruits, you would most likely need to consider getting a countertop blender. If you intend on making nut butter or soup that is hot, you will probably have to level up to a premium level blender that has the blades and motor power to handle such tasks.


If you intend on making smoothies only for yourself then you should definitely get yourself a personal blender. Getting a personal blender will help you when it is time to find space in your kitchen for your blender. If you intend on using your blender for a vast variety of tasks, I will not suggest getting a blender that is too small. You should rather go for a medium sized blender.

Blenders come in various sizes which include 2 to 6 and 14 cups, you are the only person who can decisively identify which capacity would be better for you. Remember that smaller blenders tend to have less powerful motors and bigger blenders generally have more powerful motors.


When you consider purchasing a blender, you should assess the amount of space that you have available. You should not get a blender that is too big if you do not have anywhere to store it.


You should also consider the special attachments that come with your blender. If you do not have much space for storage in your kitchen, I would suggest that you get a blender that does not come with too many attachments, because that might be difficult to find storage for. However, if space is no issue, then I would suggest considering your intentions. If you want to make large batches but also want to make smaller batches because you are constantly on the go, I would suggest that you purchase a countertop blender that comes with a personal blending cup attachment.

This attachment will allow you to make small batches. Also, many blending cups come with drinking lids, meaning that after you blend your smoothie, you can simply remove the blades from your blending cup and attach the drinking lid. This saves you quite a bit of time and cleaning effort.

If you are on the market for a blender and food processor because you cook a lot and would like to find ways to shorten the time you spend prepping ingredients, then I would suggest getting a blender food processor combo. You will be able to use both appliances without having to purchase two separate appliances.

There are many attachments offered by blenders, you simply have to know what you intend on doing with your blender and that will make your choice rather clear.


Before purchasing a blender, I would suggest setting a budget. Once you limit the amount of money that you would allow yourself to spend on a blender, that would already reduce your available choices. The price of a blender is a massive factor when considering which blender to purchase. There are several blenders that are of high quality and durable. However, you should know that the better a blender is, the more expensive you can expect it to be. The more technologically advanced and the more attachments a blending includes the more expensive it will be.

Pros & Cons


Versatility: Users have a whole of positive comments with regard to the Magic Bullet Ninja blender. Users have generally been impressed by this blender’s versatility. Some users have expressed that they would be willing to replace their food processors with their Magic Bullet Ninja blender. Many users also enjoy hos this blender is not as loud as other conventional small blenders.

Compact: The Magic Bullet Ninja is a small and compact machine so it can easily be stored in an ordinary kitchen.


Durability: The Magic Bullet Ninja blender is not as durable. The blending cups typically crack after being exposed to hot liquids. The blending cups are also quite thin. Users have also complained about their blending cups becoming cloudy after the user and the cloudiness cannot be washed off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Magic Bullet Ninja Blender easy to use?

Yes, the Magic Bullet Blender is quite easy to use. This is especially true for a first-time blender user. All you have to do is fill up the blending cup and place the lid on it, then place it onto the motor base. Then you will be able to blend to your heart’s content.

Is the Magic Bullet Blender easy to assemble and disassemble?

Yes, the Magic Bullet Blender is quite easy to assemble and disassemble. Aside from having to remove or reattach the cap, there are not many things that have to be added and removed from the Magic Bullet Blender. The fact that this blender does not have too many components, makes it quite simple to assemble and disassemble.

Is the Magic Bullet Blender prone to leakage?

Yes, the Magic Bullet Blender is prone to leaking at the base. This is caused by repeated use over a long time. Although, it is worth noting that this is indicative of potential weakness in the construction of the seals at the base.

Is the Magic Bullet Blender expensive?

No, the Magic Bullet Blender is not expensive. It is actually quite affordable when compared to other high-quality blenders. It includes all the basics, including a lovely recipe book that includes recipes that are specific to the Magic Bullet blender.The blending also includes a drinking lid that you can place on your blending cup after blending your drink. This lid makes it easy for you to take your bending cup and use it as a drinking cup while being on the move.


The magic bullet blender is the embodiment of dynamite in a small package. This blender is going strong in terms of its popularity and its blending ability. It also possesses impressive mixing, whipping, and grinding abilities. The Magic Bullet Ninja blender is quite easy to operate.

It is also on the affordable side of the spectrum. However, the Magic Bullet Ninja Blender only offers a 200 watt motor which is not very powerful but it is more powerful than conventional blenders. The 200 watt motor does not allow you to blend hard fruits properly, nor can you crush ice with the Magic Bullet Ninja Blender.

Despite the lack of motor power, the Magic Bullet is still popular because it does what it is meant to do. It blends well while still being quite affordable. This blender is perfect for making purees, baby food, and delicious dips.

If you are in the market for versatility and you are not looking to forsake an arm and a leg for a blender, I would recommend the Magic Bullet Blender. On average, it works adequately well as a blender. More impressively, it is exceptional in terms of being used as a food processor. It is an easy blender to use, so it is an easy pick for first-time blender users. If you are on the market for a bender that is affordable, versatile, and compact, then the Magic bullet blender is definitely the blender for you!


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