Magic Bullet vs Vitamix: Side By Side Deep Comparison

Magic Bullet vs. Vitamix, which of the two blenders is the best? The world of cooking has a lot to offer. There are thousands of cookware and countless recipe options to choose from. Your cooking prowess greatly depends on the cooking appliances you pick.

Blenders are an essential addition to your kitchen cookware collection. They save space are easy to handle. Magic Bullet and Vitamix are among the top brands available out there. Putting them in a head-to-head competition proves that the two are quite reliable.

With the many options out there, these two blenders stand out. In this guide, we shall examine the two blenders on different parameters to determine the best. For instance, we shall look at the motor power, the quality, the speed, the material, and other aspects. We will carefully dissect the similarities and differences. In the end, we shall have the absolute winner.

Magic Bullet vs. Vitamix

While Vitamix looks more powerful than Magic Bullet, the mere look might not offer a tangible aspect for comparison. Vitamix features sharper and more powerful blades that deliver excellent crushing and blending. The Vitamix blender also offers low and high-speed options.

That way, you are given total control of the blending process. With the different blending speeds, you enjoy excellent consistency. Vitamix also features a nice Tamper option for quick operations when crushing frozen fruits and solid items.

On the other hand, Magic Bullet boasts a superior on and off function that guarantees the users’ utmost safety. However, it lacks excellent control functions. Therefore, the blenders require constant supervision, which might be quite a challenge for some people.

Let’s delve deeper to identify the winner.

Magic Bullet vs Vitamix Comparison table

Magic bullet vs vitamixMagic bullet vs vitamix
No. of Cups24
Watts200 watt1380 watt (2HP)
Weight4.2 pounds10.56 pounds
Warranty 1 year7 years
Self Cleaning
Hot Soups
MaterialStainless SteelPlastic
Dimensions4.01 x 4.48 x 11.61 inches8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 inches
Dishwasher Safe
Stainless Steel Blades
Ease of Cleaning
Ease of Use
  • Blades
  • Recipe Book
  • Extra cups
  • Guide
  • Container
  • Motor base
  • Tamper cord

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Magic Bullet vs Vitamix Blender, Which Of Them Is The Best?

The debate on whether Magic bullet is better than Vitamix has been on for a while. Below, we shall keenly look into the two blenders with the aim of reaching a tangible conclusion on which of them is the best.

Magic Bullet Blenders

Quick Overview
  • Magic bullet vs vitamixMultiple cups included
  • 11 blender sets.
  • Up to 0.335 HP motor
  • 250W torque
  • 2000 max RMPs
  • Dimensions: 4.01 x 4.48 x 11.61 inches
  • Cookbook included
  • Material: plastic
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Various options for colors

We shall use this blender as a representative of the Magic Bullet brand to tackle this comparison. The model is, arguably, the best option for Company. For that reason, it is the perfect model to use for comparison. With its impressive features and functions, this blender is sure to give the Vitamix brands a run for the money.

For instance, the product mixes, chops, grinds, and whips different ingredients. It creates the best smoothies with ease. The 250W torque power delivers unmatched efficiency and quick results. The unit also comes in a compact and convenient size, thus saving space in the kitchen.

Magic bullet blenders are visibly superior compared to other brands. How do they compare to Vitamix? We shall find out soon. The blenders boast compact construction. Therefore, they take up less space.

Mostly, Magic bullet blenders offer a versatile operation. They are perfect for chopping, whipping, blending, and mixing. The high-impact material gives them unmatched durability. Magic bullet blenders offer effortless preparation of different foods. For instance, you can easily create sauces and dips.

Most Magic Bullet blenders also boast a nice and wide base that offers adequate support and stability.

The powerful motor offers a rapid and quick blending of different ingredients. You enjoy maximum speed and versatility. The unique and compact construction offers convenience during use. The blenders are versatile such that they blend, chop, mix and whip different foods.


Vitamix 5200 Blender

Quick Overview
  • Magic Bullet vs Vitamix 37000 max RMPs
  • Various controls for superior blending quality
  • Multiple containers included
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Up to 2HP motor
  • Black in color
  • Offer a 120V operation

Taking the Vitamix 5200 as a representative for the Vitamix blenders serves quite a justice to the company. The Vitamix 5200 is an ultra-quality blender boasting an advanced self-cleaning feature. It offers variable-speed operations for an excellent performance.

With the blender, you get the textures you love. The superb dial rotates at any point for a complete blending experience. This blender also comes with large batches that create enough supply for everyone. The hardened steel blades add to the durable construction. And yes, the blender also features a powerful motor for efficient operations.

Vitamix blenders boast an outstanding performance. Let’s take Vitamix 5200, for instance. The product features a lightweight design making it ideal for your needs. Weighing 10.56 pounds, this Vitamix blender is perfect for your different blending needs.

With the variable-speed function, Vitamix blenders offer easy control of different functions. They also allow the user to achieve different textures. It’s easy to rotate the dial for complete control of the blending process.

Vitamix blenders also boast large batches making them ideal for families. The large size, with unique self-cleaning functions, makes these blenders excellent. They are excellent for large and medium-sized blending functions.

The Vitamix 5200, for instance, offers a next-generation radial cooling function with top-grade thermal cooling protection. That way, you are safe at all times.

With hardened steel blades, Vitamix blenders deliver efficient performances. They are fast enough to create friction heat that warms your soup and other hot liquids. Its unique blades are perfect for handling even the toughest ingredients. Regardless of the type of ingredients you use, you enjoy similar results.

One of the unique features of Vitamix is the excellent self-cleaning function. This feature takes care of your cleaning needs. It takes between 30 to 60 seconds with the self-cleaning function. That way, you don’t need to struggle with manual cleaning.

Vitamix blenders are built to last. They boast a tough material that guarantees years of service. The blenders also come with tough blades that last for long.

While Vitamix focuses more on performance than horsepower, the units still deliver reliable performances. The blenders are focused on complete blending with an enhanced system rather than having high horsepower on a defective system. Therefore, you enjoy a complete operation that takes care of all your needs. Every component and accessory work to ensure you enjoy excellent services.

Vitamix blenders are universal units that work on different ingredients. Whether you want to create smoothies, desserts, nut butter, frozen desserts, dressings, or sauces, Vitamix will serve you perfectly.

All Vitamix blenders also include an excellent troubleshooting function that guarantees safety and identifies any mishaps. The thermal sensors immediately shut off the unit in case of overheating. That way, you are safe at all times. The blender is also safe since any chances of overheating are detected and thwarted.

When the thermal sensors shut the unit, leave it off for up to 45 minutes. That offers enough time for cooling and resetting. You should also check the speed of your blenders and ensure it is appropriate for the ingredients used. In most cases, Vitamix blenders work better when used at high speeds. They guarantee high-quality and high-density blends at higher speeds.


Which Is The Best Blender? Magic Bullet Vs. Vitamix:

Comparing the two blenders isn’t quite easy since they differ on various parameters. For instance, one could beat the other on one aspect but still, fail on another feature. However, we shall keenly subject these two giant brands to scrutiny. We shall explore the similarities, the differences, and the prices. We shall also put these blenders to the test and see how they fare. Let’s go!


Differences Between Magic Bullet Vs. Vitamix

Which Of The Two Blenders Is Most Powerful?

Vitamix offers a 2 HP motor. This is a powerful motor that offers excellent power. With up to 3700 RPMs, the Vitamix blender guarantees efficient results. With speed modifications, Vitamix offers a perfect solution to all your blending needs. You can adjust the speeds to achieve different consistencies.

On the other hand, Magic Bullet boasts a 0.33 HP (250 watts) motor that offers a good, but not the best, power. It is less powerful compared to Vitamix. And yes, less power translates to more processing time. Therefore, you need more time when using Magic Bullet as compared to when you use Vitamix.

Less power also translates to poor blending performances. Compared to Vitamix, Magic Bullet offers less effective blending. Sometimes, Magic Bullet might create inconsistent results.

Therefore, in terms of power and performance, the Vitamix brand carries the day.

The Container Options:

The Vitamix offers up to three jars and a container. The four different jars and containers serve different purposes. All of them boast a tough and high-quality plastic material that guarantees safety and durability. It comes with only one jar of 64 ounces. The 64 oz jar is perfect for use and can stand different temperature levels. It is sturdy and also offers easy operation with the advanced self-locking mechanism.

When it comes to Magic Bullet, you get two container options. The first one is a taller 18 oz cup, with the second one is a smaller 12 oz cup. The two cups boast a plastic material. Plastic isn’t the best material for blender containers. However, the high-grade plastic material makes the cups safe for use.

Unfortunately, the cups are unfit for use with extreme temperatures. The plastic might be affected by extremely high temperatures. A closer look reveals that the containers are less durable and efficient than the glass Vitamix jars. But plastic jars are lighter and easy to handle.

They don’t break easily. The downside is the fact that the containers are smaller. Therefore, they are perfect for small servings. They are ideal for a single person. On the container aspect, Vitamix carries the day. With three jars and a container, all made using high-quality glass material; you can never be wrong.

Ease Of Use:

Which of the two blenders offers easy uses? When buying a blender, you want a brand that offers easy uses. In most cases, the models boasting a simple design offer easy uses. The Magic bullet blender has an on and off function. Therefore, you enjoy easy uses.

You only need to turn it on or off. It delivers a self-explanatory performance with no need for a user manual. On the other end, the Vitamix blender boasts excellent high and low-speed buttons. It also features an advanced tamper feature for high-temperature ingredients.

It is more refined in terms of user-friendliness and usage. When comparing the ease of use, it’s a bit tricky to pick the best. This is because the Magic blender features a simple design that doesn’t require a lot to get going. However, although the Vitamix is rather complex, it still offers easy use and better performance.

For that reason, I give it up for the Magic Bullet when it comes to a simple design and less control. However, if you want better results with a bit of a complex operation, settle for the Vitamix. To me, Vitamix offers more control over the entire process.

Which Blender Offers Easy Cleaning?

Cleaning is tedious. You want a blender that offers easy cleaning. Although some blenders offer self-cleaning features, others are not that easy. Looking at Magic bullet, the blenders come with a plastic jar. The jar is lighter and dishwasher safe.

Of course, plastics don’t break or get cuts. Unfortunately, plastic isn’t the safest material for use with foods. If not cleaned properly, plastic materials lead to contamination. Using glass is better since the chances of contamination are quite low. Vitamix jars boast a tough glass material.

Therefore, they offer easy cleaning. They are healthier too. For ease of cleaning, we give it to Magic Bullet. That’s because of the simple, smaller, and more convenient plastic jars that deliver easy cleaning. They don’t break easily too.

Price Comparison:

Which of the two blenders is most affordable? When it comes to price, we have to be very careful. The price might not be a perfect factor when it comes to gauging the performance and quality of a blender, or any other product for that matter.

Magic bullet blenders go at a price of about $50. You might want to go for the highly-priced brands like NutriBullet RX. The price will come to around $150. That’s still reasonable if you ask me. When it comes to Vitamix, the price is quite high.

For instance, it goes for something beyond $300 for a regular model. The high-end models go up to $1000. Therefore, Vitamix is a more costly brand. However, the price matches the quality. Therefore, you shouldn’t count it as a loss when it comes to the price. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

If you are going for a regular blender, we recommend the Magic Bullet. The price is fair. You might even decide to settle for the higher-priced Magic bullet blenders like NutriBullet, and it’ll still be more affordable compared to Vitamix.

On the price factor, Magic Bullet carries the day. It is more affordable.


Similarities Between Magic Bullet Vs. Vitamix

Ease Of Use:

Both Magic Bullet and Vitamix blenders offer easy uses. Although there’s some difference in the way you sue both blenders, we agree that they offer convenient and easy uses. However, the Vitamix offers several control features that deliver more consistent results.

Even with the complex functions, the Vitamix blender remains an easy-to-use blender. The Magic Bullet, on the other hand, offers an on and off operation. Therefore, it is quite easy to use. It beats the Vitamix is the simplicity. However, both are easy to use, and they match in that regard.


This is one of the many factors buyers ignore. Manufacturer warranty is quite an important aspect that should be considered. When purchasing a blender, check the warranty and the terms. The warranty could come in handy when your blender develops some issues.

Looking at these two companies, the magic Bullet, and Vitamix, both companies have a warranty. However, Vitamix offers a longer coverage of up to 7 years. Other brands limit their warranty to 5 years. However, although the duration is different, both companies offer a warranty to cover the products.

The Magic Bullet offers a warranty of one year for its NutriBullet model. However, other models are covered for up to four years. There are a few reported cases of people facing some challenges when replacing their Magic Bullet blenders.

However, such cases are isolated, and in most cases, the buyers are at fault. Warranties are subject to terms and conditions. For instance, if a blender is damaged due to recklessness, the warranty might not cover that. However, when the damages are caused by issues related to the manufacturer’s fault, you enjoy the protection.

On the other hand, Magic Bullet only has an on and off option added to its blender. With no other controlling options, constant personal supervision is required to attain the necessary output. Quality and variety are the crucial points to consider while deciding the right blender.

Given the above comparison, Vitamix provides better quality and various textures. With better capacity and high RMPs, the Vitamix blender provides a significantly better result.


Magic Bullet Vs. Vitamix Tests:

When put to different tests, these two blenders perform differently. For instance, one of them might work better with soft ingredients but fail with hard ingredients. The two blenders were tested with different fruits and vegetables. Quite frankly, the Vitamix blender proved more powerful than Magic Bullet.

For instance, the Vitamix blades appeared sharper and delivered quicker chopping and slicing than the Magic Bullet. Vitamix also offered more powerful blending to achieve a uniform consistency with all ingredients. When tested with leafy greens, the Vitamix offers better and quicker chops and blending.

However, the Magic bullet still maintained an average performance with softer and lighter ingredients. For instance, the Magic Bullet offered normal results when used with fruits and soft vegetables. Therefore, if you don’t have a lot of blending needs, you might want to settle for the Magic Bullet.

It still gets the work done. However, for excellent performances, get the Vitamix brand.


At this juncture, it’s easy for you to make an informed decision. Although Vitamix carries the day on many parameters, there are some good reasons why you might still want to settle for magic Bullet. For instance, the Magic Bullet offers easy operations with just on and off features.

Magic Bullet blenders are more affordable than Vitamix. That might also be a good reason to buy them. However, if you want excellent results, Vitamix is, undoubtedly, the best option. Vitamix delivers more blending power. It is convenient for use with all ingredients.

Additionally, Vitamix blenders also offer different jar sizes for convenient blending. Therefore, Vitamix is the better of the two brands. Both blenders have unique pros and cons. If you are an ardent blender love who wants a smooth blend of your favorite fruits and vegetables, then Vitamix is what you need.

It is perfect for heavy-duty performances. It features a powerful motor with a superior handle for convenient use. However, if you want a small household blender that creates less superior smoothies at a more affordable price, settles for the Magic Bullet.

Vitamix is more reliable and efficient in terms of container capacity and performance. It also offers a better manufacturer warranty. Regardless of your choice, it is crucial that you care for the unit you purchase. Take good care of your blender to enjoy convenient and more reliable services.

For anyone still unsure about the two blenders, here is the parting shot: Pick the Magic Bullet if you are working on a tight budget and don’t mind a low-quality smoothie. However, if you want high-quality results and are willing to spend more, settle for Vitamix.

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