Ninja Blender vs Magic Bullet (In-depth Comparison)

Ninja blender vs. Magic bullet- which is the best…

This debate is not new as it is far from now, but today we will sort out all possible problems in this article. We will help you to find out which blender is preferable among both for your kitchen. 

To discuss this problem we will make a comparison of both blenders. In terms of features, performance, and all other silent features that help you in finding the best product among these blenders.

Having good health requires a healthy living style along with healthy eating. So, a balanced diet matters a lot. But at present, when life is so busy, it seems difficult to take out time for ourselves.

So, most of us prefer junk food despite opting for organic or natural food. Despite knowing its hazardous effects we are still fastened to it.

So how this problem could be resolved?

To maintain good health, we must find some solutions that should be quick and easy. In this time of hurry to cover up your vitamins and proteins usage of smoothies would be beneficial and time-saving.

In my point of view, this is a simple and perfect way to add nutrients to your diet. Smoothies, drinks, and shakes are an appropriate option because they are less messy and you can carry them along with you at your workplace too. 

Also, if smoothies are well blended they will become be yummy and loveable. All they need is a good blender, easy to use, and high blending power.

As many blenders in the market perform very well, but you have to see which fits in your domain. Here we will try to find out which one is better in both: The Nutri ninja or Magic Bullet

Both are well-known for small serving. Comparing both toys is ideal for your kitchen cabinet, but users are still confused about which is the optimum choice.

What is unique about Ninja blenders?

Nutri Ninja vs. Magic Bullet

Ninja brand blenders are trending nowadays. All the range of blenders, either it’s of commercial use or personal use is admired by the users.

The main or focal feature which makes this competition is a good and long-lasting performance of both. The popularity of both is up to the mark and can be viewed among them. And this makes it a prominent blender in its class and promotes it to a higher step.

The 900-watt powerful motor is a unique feature. The size of the motor is double the size of its companions. 

So, it can crush the frozen material easily. The blades are drastically sharp and edgy. Four blades in butterfly shape blend evenly. 

You get two cups of 18oz and 24ozcapacity. Despite jars are made up of plastic they are also BPA-free. Moreover, it is worth buying due to its low price.

What is unique about Magic bullet?

Nutri Ninja vs. Magic Bullet

Magic bullet blenders are well-known due to their performance. Most of its blenders work effectively and if used with care, they can be used for a longer period. 

Magic bullet blender is of excellent choice to the rest of its members. As they are compact so they are ideal to keep in your kitchen.

It has an excellent blending power to make drinks and smoothies. The magic bullet blender contains a 250-watt heavy motor. 

It can turn veggies and fruits into juices within a while. The blender is violent against nuts, meat, and cheese and blends them smoothly.

Three small Nutri Cups are assisted which can blend vegetables and fruits and also portable. All of the cups are highly durable, and they all contain a lifting handle. 

It is a very good option for beginners, as it is easy to use. Also, it is a cheap blender but works well.

Comparison table of Nutri Ninja vs. Magic Bullet 

FeaturesNutri NinjaMagic Bullet
Nutri Ninja vs. Magic BulletNutri Ninja vs. Magic Bullet
Maximum capacity24oz16oz
Cups12, 18, and 24oz cups are included12 and 16oz cups are included
L*w*h12.9x7.9x14.8 inch13.2*6.9*10.6 inch
BPA freeYesYes
ColorColor silver and blackColor silver
Weight8.2 pounds4.7 pounds
ButtonsTouch buttons, speeds with pulse technologyNo-touch buttons- place cups on high torque power
Warranty1-year 1-year
Dishwasher safe
  • Dishwasher safe 
Ice cube testCrush big ice cubes easilyStruggles in breaking large ice cubes
Recipe bookIncludes recipe bookAlso includes a recipe book
Hot soupDoes not make hot soupDoes not make hot soup

Comparison of Magic Bullet vs. Ninja Blender

While comparing both blenders, we will focus on the design, construction, features, performance, and warranty of both products.

Design and features

Dimension And Weight

Ninja Blender

  • Ninja blender is feathery. 
  • Radical to slimming this blender is voluminous in size.
  • Bulkier in stuff, weighing 8.2 pounds. 

Magic Blender

  • Magic bullet blenders are compact. 
  • It can be placed on your kitchen counter easily. 
  • It is not is heavy, only 4.7 pounds, therefore it is portable too.

Jar Material And Capacity

Ninja Blender vs. Magic Bullet

Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja contains two cups with 24 and 18oz capacity. They are constructed with highly sturdier plastic, making them highly resilient, in case of being dropped. Also, jars are long-lasting. These cups need a quick try after cleaning otherwise they might their quality.

Magic Blender

Magic Bullet jars are also made up of plastic. But the plastic is good and strong. Plastic is BPA- free. The jars are limpid. Other models contain ship with 18oz cup, which has proven far good for use. 

Serving Cups

Ninja Blender vs. Magic Bullet

Ninja Blender

Serving cups of Nutri Ninja are portable. Both come up with sealed lids. Take your smoothie all along by storing them in cups if you go to a gym or an athlete.

Magic Blender

The magic Bullet blending jar is double in size. So, generically, this model delivers you the quantity of 18 oz.

Blade Material And Construction

Ninja Blender vs. Magic Bullet

Ninja Blender

The blades of Nutri ninja are made up of stainless steel. However, these blades are dull in design. Steel Blades help to extract juice from fruits better, also grind down whole ice cubes within seconds.

Magic Blender

On the contrary, Magic Bullet blades are also constructed with stainless steel. They contain sharp edges; as a result, they blend tough ingredients very well. Continuous usage makes the blade gets faded.

Motor Power

Ninja Blender vs. Magic Bullet

Ninja Blender

Ninja Nutri contains a motor with a power of 900 watts. This is equivalent to any commercial blender present out there.

Magic Blender

Magic Bullet toys contain a blending power of a 250-watt motor. This is not considered if you are a commercial user, but believe me, this tiny blender is a bomb on its own. Frankly, for personal usage, these blenders are an ideal choice as they provide enough energy to grind or chop fruits and vegetables.

Speed and Control Settings 

Ninja Blender

In the case of Nutri Ninja, for perfect blending a little bit of water also a bit of pressure on the cap is needed. This will create a continuous motion of blades. It means this is not a hand-free blender. 

Magic Blender

Magic Bullet contains variant speed and control dials. So, this is a hand-free blender. However, multiple speeds are available for better assistance.

Present Programs

Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja does not include any pre-mounted settings for assistance. On the contrary, the user has to modify all programs manually step by step.

Magic Blender

In Magic Bullet no preset programs are installed. But a recipe book is also assisted with it that can make your cooking much easier.

Noise Level

Ninja Blender

The rowdiness of Nutri Ninja stands due to its heavy motor. So, adding more ingredients to the blender make blades a bit noisier. But, due to its performance noise can be neglected.

Magic Blender

Magic Bullet stands sensibly silent while blending. But being noisy in nature comes from the grinding factor. So, the noise is not annoying as such. This is one of the best qualities of a magic bullet.


Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja includes a one-year warranty extended warranty. However, by paying a few extra bucks, this warranty could be extended. 

Magic Blender

Like Nutri Ninja, Magic Bullet also includes a 1-year non-extended warranty. 


Smoothie Test

Ninja Blender

Nutri ninja makes excellent smoothies in few seconds. But fruits should be chopped first before blending to get chunks-free smoothies.

Magic Blender

Magic bullet blenders also make smoothies in few seconds. Its blending test proved it the best as it does not leave any chunks behind.

Sieve Test

After making any smoothie giving in the recipe book of the blender, you can do a sieve test by staining the smoothie.

Ninja Blender

The Nutri ninja sieve test was not satisfactory as you can feel the chunks with your fingers.

Magic Blender

On the other hand, the Magic bullet blender was passed in this test as there were no chunks on the sieve.

Puree Test

Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja can make a puree in a pinch. But, it can puree only to a certain extent. So, you will need to let it run a little longer. 

Magic Blender

Magic Bullet can puree very well. These blenders can be used to make safe baby food at home. These blenders are almost as good as a food processor.


Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja is far better for chopping large fruits and vegetables. Even, this blender can handle carrots and celery just like apples. 

Magic Blender

Magic Bullet can chop up some ingredients better than others. This blender is a master at chopping up nuts and hard cheese. 


Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja does not perform very well in case of grinding. Its blades create an internal vortex using liquid within the jar. Most grinds are done dry; concluding nuts and beans hardly get blades. Therefore, this blender cannot replace your coffee or spice grinder at all.

Magic Blender

Magic Bullet grinds as a pro when it comes to grinding, especially in the case of coffee beans. Magic bullet grinds them very fine. So, you will not need any separate coffee grinder having this one.

Ice and Frozen Fruits test 

Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja Pro can crush up ice well. Its heavy motor of 900- watt makes blades perform excellent in the task. Those blades can also cut frozen fruit effectively. 

Magic Blender

Magic Bullet does not crush up whole ice cubes well. However, if those cubes are broken up first, they can be crushed well. The same goes for frozen fruit, which will need to be defrosted first.

Other relative aspects

Nutri vs. Bullet Blender which one is user-friendly?

Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja is easy to operate. Add up the elements properly, so that they are easily placed on the base. This will make blending easy and also less force is used by machines. One thing more you have to do is that when turning on put a little pressure for proper blending.

Magic Blender

Magic Bullet’s user-friendly interface relates to Nutri Ninja in use. All you need to do is to fill up your jug, screw the blade cap, and place it on the unit’s base. And there is no need to apply pressure on the jug.

What about cleaning?

Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja doesn’t require any hand washing. Because every part of this blender is dishwasher safe. So, cleaning this product is easy.

Magic Blender

Washing of Magic Bullet not hectic as others, for better usage, rinse quickly after use. Jars also cover the same sphere; jars remain stain-free if you clean them right after use.

How durable they are?

Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja offers excellent durability and reliability to users. The jars and blades of this product don’t break often. Also, they are safe for dishwashers.

Magic Blender

Considering durability your priority Magic Bullet stands unique. For a regular user, this blender is the best option. 

Which one is of less price tag?

Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja is a little bit expensive. But the result of the product justifies it. 

Magic Blender

On the other hand, Magic Bullet stands lighter on the pocket. For a beginner or pro, this blender covers all the basic and advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Naming Bullet blender which stands at the top? 

Ans: From the above comparison of two models, I think Nutri Ninja is the better one. Because of its durability and power. It can be used many times in a day for a large number of servings. 

Though rowdy in nature but results are awesome. Magic Bullet stands on the second option. No doubt it is versatile and impressive, but it is not for all seasons.

Listing supreme Ninja Bullet?

Ans: Ninja has multiple types of variants in today’s market. From my consideration, I will suggest Nutri Ninja. Because of its size, it will be an optimum choice for your kitchen.

Nutri Ninja is favorable for crushing frozen fruits, which is the specialty of very few blenders. The durability of this model is the same as the rest of its companions.

Which one is supreme: Magic Bullet or NutriBullet?

Ans: It depends upon your daily usage. Considering power as static factor durability stands in the NutriBullet blender chart. But, if your choice is versatility, then Magic Bullet stands as an optimum choice.

Another exciting feature of Magic that makes it unique is a budget-friendly feature. And also an excellent choice for people with a low budget.


In my opinion, both the warriors are of considerable importance. But, from my observation, the users consider one toy more superior than the rest.

So, making it easy, I go with Magic Bullet, because of its various versatile features. As they can grind beans and nuts, also they can make puree within seconds.

Also, they’re cost-effective, so, I support this toy to beginners who have fewer budgets, also inexperienced in buying a good blender.

On the contrary, if you’re a professional, must go for Nutri Ninja blender. This toy’s pulse option is highly prone. 

As a result, it permits you to make an awesome smoothie or drink within no time. Also, this blender contains higher durability. 


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