Ninja Chef vs Vitamix [Reviewed April 2021]

Ninja chef vs Vitamix! Which is better? Here we go again. And the debate continues… Which of these two blenders performs better? If you love soup, there’s always that one time when you pop your hot soup into your blender to make it smooth and the process doesn’t go that well.

The lid blows off and steaming hot soup spills all over the place. In most cases, this situation is caused by a poor-quality blender. For that reason, a good blender adds to your safety. Comparing Ninja chef vs Vitamix isn’t quite easy. But still, we shall put them head to head.

Below, we shall look at the similarities, the differences, and the prices. We shall also put the products through different tests to check their performance. To get a clear overview, we shall use Vitamix E310 Explorian and Ninja Professional as representatives of the two companies. Get ready!


Ninja Chef Vs Vitamix Comparison Table

Ninja Chef vs VitamixNinja Chef vs Vitamix
No. Of Blades12
Speed Options103
Capacity48 oz72 oz
CleaningHand WashingDishwasher safe
Warranty5 years1 year
Item Weight11.5 Pounds7.60 Pounds
Product Dimensions11 x 8 x 18 inches8 x 6 x 17 inches
Self Cleaning
Speed Options103
Radial Cooling
Pulse Function
Stainless Steel Blades
Thermal Protection
Dishwasher Safe
No. of Pitchers11
Ease of Use
  • Pitcher
  • Cups
  • Base
  • Crushing Pitcher
  • Ninja Cups
  • Lids
  • User manual

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Ninja Chef Vs Vitamix

Vitamix and Ninja chef blenders are incredible. They both offer impressive performances. As experts, we note that the Vitamix boasts blunt blades compared to Ninja Chef. Having blunt blades is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. With the blunt blades, the Vitamix blender creates adequate friction that heats warm liquids.

On the other hand, the Ninja chef’s sharp blades offer easy slicing and dicing of ingredients. That way, you enjoy the convenient and easy blending of ingredients. In terms of size, the Vitamix vs. Ninja debate escalates. However, the Ninja Chef blenders offer a large size.

With a 72-ounce container, Ninja Chef beats Vitamix, which offers just 48 ounces. Vitamix blenders offer far more flexibility compared to the Ninja Chef. With ten speed settings and an additional pulse function, the Vitamix Explorian offers added control.

It allows one to customize its operations and outcomes. On the other hand, the Ninja professional offers just three settings for the speed. With that, it is hard to achieve impressive results. You have limited options and customization.

Do the speed options matter? Well, it all depends on what you want to prepare. Some ingredients require specific speeds that are only offered by Vitamix Explorian and not Ninja Chef.

Let’s go deeper into their features!


Vitamix E310 Explorian 

Ninja Chef vs Vitamix

Product overview:

  • Ten speeds + pulse
  • 1,380 Watts
  • 1X blade
  • 1X Pitcher
  • Recipe book
  • Up to 48 oz capacity
  • Handwashing only
  • Five-year warranty

The Vitamix Explorian also offers superfast blending. It is capable of creating heat for hot soup and other drinks. Therefore, it warms up ingredients making it perfect for hot liquids. Unfortunately, that might not be a good thing if you are working with ice.

You don’t want to have your ice getting heated. That’s where the Ninja Chef carries the day. When it comes to smoothies, ice, and ice cream, the Ninja Chef blender offers the best results.


Variable Speed Control:

The Vitamix E310 Explorian is one of the best Vitamix blenders on the market. It is equipped with excellent features making it better and more effective. The variable speed control makes it ideal for different tasks. And yes, the blender easily works on different ingredients. It offers different textures with unmatched culinary precision. It is perfect for the smoothest purees or the heartiest soups.

Pulse Feature:

The product comes with an impressive pulse feature that guarantees utmost convenience and performance. The layer coarse quickly and easily chops smooth puree for tasty recipes. For instance, it is perfect for creating chunky salsa or thick veggies. Therefore, the pulse feature makes this product versatile.

Big Container:

The 48-ounce container makes this blender perfect for different blending needs. It is perfect for all servings, from a medium, small to large portions. The advanced cutting blades make it perfect for creating any amount you wish. Additionally, this blender also offers consistent blending for all ingredients. The 120V electrical rating makes it ideal and perfect for all functions.

Hardened Steel Blades:

The high-quality hardened steel blades make this a great blender. They are designed to work on all ingredients, including the hardest ones. Additionally, the blades don’t rust. For that reason, they remain in perfect condition for decades. It also comes with a 4.5 feet cord that offers convenient blending from a distance. You don’t have to stay too close to the power source.


This is a great feature that takes away the need for regular cleaning. It saves time and effort. This blender boasts an advanced self-cleaning feature. You only need to turn on the feature after adding liquid soap to warm water. Therefore, you don’t waste time getting it clean. It takes around one minute to clean. And, the box includes all the necessary tools. For instance, it includes a cookbook, a container, and a mini-tamper.


Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja Chef vs Vitamix

Product Overview:

  • Three speeds + pulse
  • Up to 72 oz
  • 1,100 Watts
  • 1X Pitcher
  • 2X blades
  • Dishwasher safe
  • User guide


Three-speed Options:

With the advanced construction, Ninja professional offers up to three-speed options for convenient performances. The three speeds make it ideal for different ingredients. It delivers a 1,100W operation making it perfect for your different needs. With excellent power, you enjoy quick and speedy functions. It also includes the pulse function with a single-serve function.

Large Capacity:

The Ninja professional boasts a large pitcher that creates enough space for your different needs. It creates enough servings for several people. The large capacity makes it ideal for working on different ingredients. And yes, this blender also works on smoothies, ice cream, and frozen drinks. The 16-ounce serving cups also make the product ideal for all users. It is perfect for creating customized and personalized drinks for families and friends.

Dishwasher Safe:

This is one of the major buying advantages of this blender. The safe, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe construction makes the product ideal for your different needs. The single-serve blade assembly creates the perfect blending tool for all ingredients. The product also includes a 1,100W base for powerful performances.


Ninja Chef Vs. Vitamix Differences

What are the differences between these two blenders? Like us, experts identify the professional build of Vitamix Explorian as its major advantage over the Ninja chef. However, the Ninja Chef also has amazing features that beat Vitamix. Therefore, we have to delve deeper to unravel the facts.

The Power And Material

Ninja Chef:

Looking at the power and the material gives a good overview of the two blenders. The Ninja Chef blender delivers a whopping 1,100W power with plastic material. With this power, the product delivers average performance.


On the other hand, Vitamix Explorian delivers a performance of 1,380W. It also boasts a tough plastic construction for utmost durability. Therefore, on the material and power, we give it to Vitamix. At a closer look, the two blenders offer powerful performances. The Vitamix crushes ice with ease, thanks to the powerful 1380W performance. The Ninja chef easily and smoothly pulverizes buts to create smooth butter.


Blender Accessories

What are the differences in the blender accessories? Which of the two offers better and more accessories?


Starting with the Vitamix Explorian, this product comes with all the necessary accessories required for efficient performance. Remember, this is a blender designed for all your kitchen needs. It comes with a large 48-ounce pitcher and a nice recipe book. One of the greatest features is its unique two-part lids with a tamper for easy operations.

The two-lid design also offers a quick release of steam. Therefore, the blender works perfectly with hot drinks and soups. It is also ideal for use with coffee and other hot beverages. Although the tamper offers a standard fit, you must check before buying. The accessories included in the packaging guarantee efficient results. A

Ninja Chef:

The accessories that come with Ninja Chef Blender are amazing. The blender is loaded with amazing accessories. It also comes with a user guide for convenient and safe operations. However, there isn’t a recipe guide in the set. But it is available online. The large 16 oz cups make this blender perfect. That’s because they also come with a separate blade mechanism. The cups also come with go-lids. Therefore, they are ideal for on-the-go drinks.

The Ninja Professional also features a large 72 oz jug that is quite a big selling point. The size makes it ideal for families and friends.


How do the two blenders differ in terms of price? The price is a major consideration. However, it should never be used as the only factor. In most cases, the cheaper brands end up being flops. However, that isn’t always the case, so we can’t assume the cheapest brands are low-quality.

When comparing the price, we try matching it up to the quality. Does the price resemble the quality? That’s the major question to answer. Ninja Chef Blenders go at a fair price compared to Vitamix blenders. Taking the two blenders as representatives of the two brands, we see that the Ninja Chef goes at a lower price.

However, that doesn’t mean you should settle for the Vitamix Explorian. A closer look at the features reveals that the Vitamix Explorian boasts superior features and functions. That’s probably the reason why the price is higher. For that reason, if you want something affordable and basic, go for the Ninja Chef.

However, if you want to invest in a sophisticated and high-quality product that gets the work done, buy the Vitamix Explorian. The price matches the quality and performance.


What are the major concerns often given by buyers concerning the two blenders? We agree, no product is 100% perfect. However, some of them are reasonable when it comes to concerns, and buyers can live with them. However, some concerns are serious and can never be ignored.

Ninja chef:

For Ninja Professional, the major concern for the buyers is the noise level. Of course, the sound is expected due to the motor operations. However, there are concerns that the noise sometimes gets too loud. However, it all depends on what you are blending.

Again, if you are creating liquid products, the motor could create a strong vortex that splashes the liquids against the lid causing leaks. Although the concerns about Ninja Professional appear less serious, some buyers still find it disturbing.

All blenders produce noise. Therefore, buyers expect it. That’s why some of them don’t even notice the loud noise. However, the cautious buyers raise concerns. That’s a concern most of us would choose to overlook.


Vitamix Explorian, on the other hand, also has some minor concerns. Most buyers complain about the fact that you have to hold it down when handling some ingredients. Although the blender has a durable solid base, sometimes the Pitcher gets shaky with excellent rubber feet.

However, the shaking issue is only noted when you go beyond certain speeds. With up to 10 speed options, shaking is expected at high speeds. However, the manufacturer offers support and assistance whenever you notice a shaking problem. The concern isn’t a universal one. It’s only limited to a few buyers.


Ninja Chef Vs. Vitamix Similarities


Although the duration differs, the two blenders offer a warranty for the users. How is the warranty for the two companies? The Vitamix Company extends a warranty of five years for every Vitamix Explorian bought. Therefore, you enjoy a longer cover.

On the other hand, Ninja chef offers a 1-year warranty. Although it is shorter, the warranty is still perfect. It guarantees protection for the buyers within the first year.

Efficient Blades

While the two products’ speed and performance differ, the blenders come with high-quality and powerful blenders. However, the Vitamix Explorian blades work on all ingredients, including the toughest ones. That might not be the case with Ninja Chef. However, that doesn’t mean the blades are floppy. They get the work done perfectly.

Ninja Chef Vs. Vitamix Test Performances

When subjected to different tests, these two blenders show some similarities and differences in their performance. We shall highlight some of the tests and how the blenders performed in all.

Test With Hot Soup


When tested with hot soup, the Vitamix Explorian blender delivered excellent results. However, the blender isn’t recommended for hot ingredients. But that didn’t prevent it from giving impressive results with hot soup.

You shouldn’t use this blender when boiling liquids. However, you can use warm veggies and liquids. It heats the ingredients for easy uses. Therefore, you enjoy a warm tasty soup.

Unlike soup makers, this blender doesn’t have a heating element. It depends on the friction heat for heating. The high speeds create friction, which in turn creates heat. Since the blades aren’t too sharp, they are powerful. They go fast and create a uniform consistency. However, you should never use the product for cooking. It isn’t designed for cooking.


When used with hot soup, the Ninja Chef performed well. However, it couldn’t match the Vitamix blender. It lacks venting. Therefore, there’s a huge pressure build-up. Although Google recommends using this blender with hot drinks, we think it isn’t ideal for that role. For a great experience, you should let the ingredients cool down. You can then blend before reheating the soup again.

Test With Nut Butter

How do the two blenders perform with but butter?


The blunt blades give this blender an advantage. They offer efficient performances. However, we must check its ability to ground nuts. Generally, but butter comes from soaked peanut and cashew nuts. In general, people who made nut butter using the Vitamix blender ended up happy. Therefore, we conclude that the blender is perfect for creating an excellent but blender.


How does the Ninja Professional perform when it comes to creating nut butter? Well, the product offers so-so results with nut butter. Although only a handful of people attempted to make nut butter using this blender, their responses seem to paint a picture of a failed process.

However, most users admit that this is an ideal product for creating crunchy butter. For that reason, if you love crunchy butter, this would be an ideal product to buy.

Smoothie Performance Test

Which of the two blenders makes the best smoothie?


Vitamix Explorian is a powerful blender model by Vitamix. It offers variable-speed operations. The motor spins its blades fast. However, these aren’t desirable attributes when it comes to making a smoothie. On the good side, the speed slows thanks to the variable speed function. For that reason, you can slow the blender when making smoothies. You can also choose the pulse function to enjoy the quick blending of frozen ingredients.

The ability to create excellent smoothies boils down to the ice-crushing prowess. The dull blades of the Vitamix Explorian do not make it the best option for turning ice into fluffy snow.


The Ninja Professional creates the perfect smoothies. It offers an easy blending of ice and frozen fruits. And, it doesn’t require the addition of liquids, as is the case with Vitamix Explorian. With its sharp blades and powerful motor, this blender cuts through most fruits and veggies with ease. Therefore, when it comes to creating smoothies, the Ninja Professional carries the day.

Powdered Sugar Test

We put sugar into the two blenders. The expected results were to have powdered sugar from the two blenders. This was aimed at testing the efficiency and effectiveness of the blades. Wed took a keen interest in the consistency of the sugar.


After doing the necessary preparations, we set the process going. The Vitamix cranked at top speeds, and within 30 seconds, we were ready to check the results. After sifting through the sugar, we didn’t come across any full crystals. It confirmed that the Vitamix blender offers quick and complete sugar powdering.


Unfortunately, the Ninja Chef wasn’t able to deliver impressive results with sugar. The result has numerous full particles. There was a sugar mess on the inside. We confirmed that Vitamix was the best when it comes to powdered sugar.

The Ninja chef boasts sharp blades that run up the middle section. On the other hand, the Vitamix comes with blunt blades strategically positioned on the jar’s bottom. With the powerful motors, it’s expected that the two blenders would offer excellent results with powdered sugar. Unfortunately, the sharp ninja chef blades work against it on this aspect. They are effective when it comes to slicing and dicing. However, the Vitamix blades crush the sugar particles creating a smooth powder. That’s why Vitamix offers better results with this test.

Bread Dough Test

The two manufacturers claim that their blenders create perfect dough. We set to find out if that was correct.


The Vitamix did a great job with dough. Al the floor was incorporated and a good amount of gluten formed.


The Ninja Chef features a dedicated blender jar designed with kneading hooks for dough kneading. So, our expectations were quite high. Unfortunately, although the blender seemed to be doing a great job, it didn’t create perfect gluten. The dough was less stretchy and easily broke apart.

On the dough, we still gave it to Vitamix.

Final thoughts!

While the two blenders work well with hot soup, ice, and creating common blended drinks, the Vitamix carries the day on most aspects. It is certainly better when it comes to creating warm foods. However, the ninja blender excels in cold ingredients.

For smoothies or nut butter, ensure you regularly clean your blender. That way, you get more effective results. That way, you will enjoy fresh and healthy meals all the time.

While comparing the ease of cleaning, you find that the Ninja Chef is dishwasher safe. For that reason, you toss it in the dishwasher and get it cleaned. However, the Vitamix requires hand washing. That might not be pleasant for most buyers. Therefore, some buyers might prefer the Ninja Chef when it comes to ease of cleaning.

When buying either of the two blenders, ensure you consider the factors that matter to you. Pick the brand that works best with your need. The hope this article puts to the rest the debate on Ninja Chef Vs. Vitamix. Vitamix is the best on most tests.



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