Ninja Foodi Blender Review

The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender are one of the latest blende line creations by Ninja. This blender includes a powerful blending motor and a heating element that is built into the blender.

The Foodi Ninja Cold and Hot Blender is a blender that was release by SharkNinja in 2019. The Foodi Ninja is, however, not the first blender of this sort to be released. In 2018, the ace Blender was released by Instant Pot. The main and most admirable feature of this blender is the fact that it can handle hot and cold recipes.

This blender has a powerful motor and comes with a heating element that is built into the blender.  This heating element allows you t make hot beverages/food such as sauces and soups. The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot also include several modes and programs, such as a cleaning cycle that is heated.

However, is this blender worth it or is it all hype? To help you answer this question, we have done our research and will be discussing the blender in great detail.

Features Table



The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender

Motor Power 1400 watts
Blades Six prongs Stainless-steel
Dimensions 17.9 x 7.8 x 8.7 inches
Weight 12.1 pounds
Pre-set Programs
Heating Function
Pulse Technology
Accessories 64-ounce blending jar

Low-profile Tamper

Noise Level Noisy
Warranty 1 year


Features Of Ninja Foodi Blender 

Motor Power

The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot blender comes with a powerful 1400 watt motor. This motor is powerful enough to blend anything that you place inside of it. The blender also comes with a heating element that is 800 watts. The power cord that comes with this blender, is rather long. It is long enough to satisfy most people. There is a small compartment that is situated at the back of the blender, where you can tie and store the cold while the blender is not being used. This helps to protect the cord from being damaged or anyone tripping over it or having it lie around looking untidy.


The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot possesses an excellent blender built quality. The base was excellently built, it is made of sturdy plastic that truly feels like it would last. The main blending jar is made from glass and the bottom part of the blending jar is made from plastic while also being wrapped in a thin piece of metal.

The rubber bottoms of the blender do not have enough friction and are not sturdy enough to prevent the blender from wobbling about while the blender is in use at the highest speed setting. The bottom of the blending jar also emits quite an annoying noise which is caused by the friction between the sheet of metal and the silicone in the surrounding area. Overall, the build of the Ninja Foodi Cold and hot feels quite sturdy.

Dimensions and Weight

The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot is quite an average-sized blender. The exact dimensions and weight of this blender are:

Dimensions: 17.9 x 7.8 x 8.7 inches

Weight: 12.1 pounds

The Foodi Ninja Cold and Hot blender can be considered as a more bulky and heavy blender. This blender is best left on a counter because it is quite large and heavy. The weight of the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot can make it quite challenging to store away.


The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot comes with 6 prong blades that cannot be removed. These blades are sharp, so we would suggest exercising caution while cleaning your blender. These blades are also not dishwasher friendly. The blades consist of 6 blades that are placed horizontally and 2 blades that are placed vertically above them.

Speed Controls

This blender includes the Ninja’s famous Auto IQ setting, along with twelve pre-programmed settings that are separated in terms of activity. The Auto IQ setting is basically a pre-programmed timed program that will sort through a series of pulsing and blending.

Pre-programmed settings are especially useful because they allow you to make certain blends with such minimal effort that it hardly feels like you do anything. The idea behind pre-programmed settings is to allow your Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot blender to do the thinking for you. With the pre-programmed settings, you will not have to undergo such as length thought-process stage before blending your ingredients, you can simply select your appropriate pre-programmed setting and the blender would do the rest for you.

The crush programs that are included with this blender are frozen extracts, smoothies, and ice cream. The cook programs that come with this blender are: dip/sauce, saute, and soup. The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot also include programs that are infused for a cocktail, mixer, and water.

When you select a bottom that indicates an Auto IQ pre-programmed setting, the light on your digital timer will switch on. The digital timer will count down while your blender is in use. However, when you choose to operate your blender by making use of a manual setting, then your digital timer will count up instead of down.

The remaining buttons on the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot indicate on/off, a clean function that is heated, and the pulse function. The pulse function allows you to achieve a large range of textures with impeccable precision. The pulse function also gives you added control over your blender. However, the pulse function cannot be used while any of the pre-programmed settings are being used.

Blending Jar

The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot includes a large blending jar. This blending jar is made out of glass which is different from other blenders that conventionally make use of blending jars that. The blending jar is 64 ounces. The glass material of the blending jar makes it feel and look a lot more premium than the blending jars that are made out of plastic. But of course, with a blending jar that is made out of plastic, you run the risk of it falling and breaking. The bottom part of the blending jar includes part the heating element. The heating element can also not be removed. The blending jar is not dishwasher friendly. If you place your blending jar in the dishwasher, you run the risk of damaging your heating element.


The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot comes with the motor base, the 64 ounce glass blending jar, the blades that are built in, a tamper, cleaning brush, and the locking lids. The locking lids come in 2 pieces, the actual lid, and the middle cap. The lid includes a locking function and this mechanism has to be locked prior to activating your blender. You can remove the center cap while your blender is in use.

You can use your tamper through this gapor add extra ingredients through it too. The tamper is especially great because ingredients tend to get stuck between blades, but with the tamper, you can move the ingredients around. When ingredients are stuck between the blades, that causes your motor to overheat and potentially cause permanent damage to your motor.

Hot Function

The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot comes with a heating function. This function is an automatic function that is activated directly after any heat cycle is used. This function is great for keeping soups and dips warm after you use your blender until you are ready to consume your soup and dip.


After you use your Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot, you simply have t rinse your blender lid, then you need to add two cups of water and a few drops of your dishwasher, then press the cleaning button. Your blender will heat the water and sort through several blend cycles that clean your blender to near perfection. After the cycle is completed, you simply have to rinse your blending jar and dry it off.

Keep in mind that the cleaning cycle is not always 100% effective, so we suggest looking into your blender to ensure that it is adequately cleaned. If it is not adequately cleaned, you can use a brush to clean the bottom of your blending jar.

Here are some effective tips to clean your Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot:

  • You should place your blending jar at the end of your sink to make the cleaning process easier. Since the blending jar is quite heavy, you may find it quite difficult to hold up and clean. Remember to constantly have one hand on your blending jar.
  • You should detach the rubber mat that is at the bottom and clean it often. Ensure that the rubber mat and the base are absolutely dry before you reattach the rubber mat to the base. If any liquids are stuck there, they will cause the growth of bacteria which will release quite a foul smell.
  • You should remove the lid seal and clean it each time you use your blender.
  • You should also remove the middle part of your lid and clean it each time you use your blender.
  • Once your blender is dry and you are ready to store it away, you should remove the lid from your blender.


When you purchase the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender, you get a limited warranty that lasts a year. This warranty period is quite short, however, you can extend the warranty period by contacting the supplier. As with everything, the extended warranty will come at a cost.

Pros & Cons


  • The pre-programmed settings are convenient.
  • The heat function works effectively.
  • Blender makes exceptional smoothies, which can rival professionally made smoothies.
  • Cooks raw meat when making soup.
  • Includes overheat protection system.


  • The blending jar is heavy.
  • The blending jar cannot be submerged in water, which makes cleaning a bit tricky.


Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Blender

What do you intend on doing with your blender?

Do you want to make smoothies in the morning, or do you want to make large batches of food? Do you intend on blending hard foods into purees to make baby food?

The functions and specifications of your blender will differ depending on what you intend on using it for. Knowing your intentions is the most important factor to consider before you purchase a blender.

If you intend on making smoothies and beverages for yourself or one other person, then a personal blender would be the most appropriate blender for you. However, if you need a blender to complete larger tasks like making large batches for a big family then you should consider purchasing a medium to full sized blender.

How Technologically advanced do you need your blender to be?

Blenders that are more technologically advanced tend to be much more expensive than the blenders that are not technologically advanced. Some blenders are actually insanely simple and to the point.

They may include an on and off button only. Some include on and off buttons, pulse technology, pre-programmed settings, digital timers, overheating protection systems, smart blenders and some include wireless connectivity.

Of course, the more advanced blenders are a lot more versatile than those that are not as advanced. That is why you need to clearly outside your intentions, it will save you a whole lot of time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions Ninja Foodi Blender

Q.) Would you say that the Foodi Ninja Cold and Hot blender is actually worth it?

Yes, the Foodi Ninja Cold and Hot blenderis truly a unique blender. Aside from its glass blending jar that being non-reactive, the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot is also the sole full sized blender that can operate with hot and cold blends. This bender can make delicious smoothies and make amazing hot soups. The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot blender is most definitely one of the best blenders on the market.

Q.) Can I make hot soup with the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot?

Yes, you can make hot soup with Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot blender. You can blend ingredients that are already hot or you can blend cold ingredients and heat the blend with the blender while it is blending. The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot blender is the sole blender that is capable of bringing soups to a point where they boil by making use of the built-in heat function and the glass blending jar.

Q.) How powerful is the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender’s motor?

The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot blender’s motor is a 1400 watt motor and the heating function is 800 watts.

Q.) Would you say that the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender can be considered to be a loud blender?

Yes, the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender is loud, it is just as loud as the other full sized blenders. Some people have reported that the noise emitted by the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender can peak at 98 dB when the blender is operating at maximum speed. This sound is as noisy as the noise one can associate with the subway or that of a helicopter.

Q.) Is the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender dishwasher friendly?

No, unfortunately, you cannot place your Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender in a dishwasher. The blending jar includes a heating function which can be damaged if it is exposed to water. Fortunately, the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender includes a self cleaning function that will surely make cleaning your blender less of a hassle.

Q.) Can I make ice cream with the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender?

It honestly depends. The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender do not come with a chilling/freezing function, so you can definitely use the blender to make your ice cream mix super smooth, but once you have done that you have to place the mix in the freezer so that it can be frozen and actually become ice cream. This blender can help you make incredibly ice cream mixes.


In the world that we live in, the world is constantly evolving. In this constantly evolving world, the driving force behind it is the rapid improvement in technology. The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender is a perfect example of a technologically advanced blender.

This blender takes blending to a whole new level with all the state of the art functions and features that it includes. However, simplicity in terms of use is also an important factor when considering whether a blender is great or not.

The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender is an easy blender to use, all the different buttons are clearly labeled which makes the controls quite straightforward. This blender only includes 3 annual speed controls along with the pulse function. Which does not give you full control over your blender but it gives you some control.

The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender is honestly a gem in the blending world. If you are on the market for a powerful, multi-purpose, and technologically advanced blender, then this blender is definitely it for you. I will not disagree about the fact that it is quite pricey but it is understandable when you consider all the great features that it includes.

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