There Are 3 Reasons Why Veganism Is Better For Your Health.

There are 3 reasons why veganism is better for your health.

Vegan diets may help you lose weight, but it also enhances your overall health. For instance, this diet may make you stronger and protect you from cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The following are three science-based reasons to switch to a vegan diet.

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  • Vegetarians Are Richer in Certain Nutrients

Westerners consume meat and animal products. Vegetarians avoid them. 

With such a diet, more food needs to be consumed. 

Most people tend to prefer foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, nuts, and seeds as replacements for processed foods.

Vegan diets contain a greater proportion of fruits and vegetables than a typical Western diet, thus they can provide greater dietary intakes for certain beneficial nutrients.

Studies have demonstrated that vegan diets contain more antioxidants and fiber than non-vegan diets. 

These potatoes are also thought to be a little more nutritious. 

In comparison to green potatoes, they have significantly higher levels of potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins C, E, and B. However, not all vegan diets are created equal.

Clearly, vegan diets without adequate planning will likely lack essential vitamins or nutrients, such as B12, calcium, iodine, and iron.

You need to choose nutrient-rich whole foods and fortified foods instead of nutrient-poor fast-food vegan options. You may also want to consider supplements like vitamin B12.


Whole-food vegan diets may contain more nutrients, but make sure you get all the nutrients you need.

  • Losing weight can be made simpler with its help.

In the hope of losing excess weight, more people are eating plant-based diets.

It could be because vegans tend to have lower BMIs and healthier weights than non-vegans. Many studies show that vegans tend to be leaner and healthier than non-vegan.

In several randomized controlled studies the gold standard of scientific research, there is evidence that vegan diets promote weight loss more effectively than the diets they are compared with.

In one study participants lost more weight than those who followed a vegetarian diet over an 18-week study period because a vegan diet helped them lose 9.3 pounds (4.2 kg).

It is interesting to note that participants following vegan diets lose more weight for weight loss than those following calorie restricted diets, even though vegan participants were permitted to eat until they felt satisfied.

Furthermore, a study conducted on a small sample size of vegetarian and vegan diets concluded that they were just as well-received as semi-vegetarian and traditional Western diets in terms of weight loss effects.

Vegetarians and vegans lost a bit more weight than people following a conventional Western diet, even when they did not follow their diets perfectly.


Weight loss without the need to actively focus on calorie cutting is easy on a vegan diet since it reduces your calorie intake by nature.

  • The symptomatic improvement in kidney function can be attributed to the reduced blood sugar levels.

A vegetarian diet may have a positive effect on diabetic patients and those with declining kidney function as well. In fact, vegans tend to have lower blood sugar levels and a lower risk of diabetes by 50-78% compared with other diets.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA), the American Heart Association (AHA) and the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) recommend vegan diets for diabetics, however some studies indicate even lower levels of blood sugar when vegan diets are followed.

Compared to the ADA-recommended diet, only 26% fell off their blood glucose-lowering medication in one study that used a vegan diet.

One study found that men with diabetes who consumed plant protein instead of meat protein had a reduced risk of developing kidney disease.

There are also numerous studies that attribute this phenomenon to vegan diets, in which symptoms of distal polyneuropathy — caused by diabetes — become completely relieved.


Diabetes may be prevented by vegan diets as they decrease blood sugar levels and may prevent further health problems from developing. Furthermore, the diet may also reduce insulin resistance.

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