Top 5 Best Blender for Nut Butter [Updated June 2021]

Nut butter can be a delicious and nutritious addition to your breakfast, lunch, and even dinner.

They’re excellent for preparing snacks and are tastier than homemade versions as compared to store varieties.

Additionally, you will find it easy to make your own combo and textures of nuts the way you prefer.

Nut butter can also be an incredible addition to your diet. They are a good source of fats, sugars, and proteins that will help you satisfy your hunger after every meal.

Initially, it may seem puzzling to prepare your own nut butter at home, but the making process is quite simple as long as you have a good blender.

That’s why I have posted this guide as every blender can’t handle the making process of nut butter, but once you have a great blender that can, you’ll never regret your buying decision or reach the to purchase it again.

In this buying guide, you will learn about:

  • 5 best blenders for nut butter.
  • The advantages of a high-quality blender for nut butter.
  • The tips for choosing the best blender for nut butter.

Below is our favorite list of blenders for nut butter. Dive in and keep scrolling to learn more about the tips to pick and use the Best Blender for Nut Butter.


Top 5 Best Blenders for Nut Butter 2021

In a rush? Check out these top 5 picks below and learn more info about the best blender for nut butter.

  • Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender (Our Top Pick)
  • Instant Pot Ace Nova Blender (Best Budget)
  • Vitamix 7500 Blender (Best High-End)
  • NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System


1.) Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender [Best High Speed Blender For Nut Butter]

hamilton beach professional quiet blender - Best Blender for Nut ButterThis blender from Hamilton Beach has an advanced sound shield, usually found in bar and restaurant blenders. This feature makes the process of preparing nut butter a pleasant experience for many users.

The Hamilton Beach Professional blender is designed with 4 inbuilt speed modes for making things like purees and smoothies. Besides these speed modes, this blender provides a second-speed control setting with 10-speed settings running from low to high, allowing you to have direct control over the blending power – a perfect addition to your kitchen for making nut butter in different phases.

This entire combination makes it easier for you to handle multiple ingredients and tasks, with more customized control as needed and other proven speed settings when not required.

The Hamilton Beach motor base features a 2.0 peak motor with 1,500 W of power. This blender also offers a jar that is both thermal resistant and shatterproof, so it has fewer chances of breaking, and even if something goes wrong, it will just crack instead of smashing.

Instead, if we talk about the blender’s blades, I appreciate that they are made from high-quality stainless steel, primarily used in kitchen knives.

Hence, the Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender is an ideal solution for looking for an affordable and versatile blender with less noise output.

  • Noise shield for noiseless operation
  • Versatile blender allowing you to make various recipes starting from smoothies, purees to frozen sweets.
  • Includes dishwasher safe and shatterproof glass jar
  • Lots of flexibility and power
  • Cleaning mode to make the washing process easy
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty
  • Comes without a handle on the blender jar
  • Replacement jars are costlier than the total blender’s price
  • Can serve only 1-2 people


2.) Instant Pot Ace Nova Blender

Instant Pot Ace Nova Blender - Best Blender for Nut ButterThis blender with some different and unique features is a perfect choice for looking for an affordable blender designed to help you cook your food.

With enough power and versatility, the process of making nut butter seems easy. With 4 hot blending programs, you can turn your ingredients into soups, sauces, etc., as it’s also a soup cooker.

The Instant Ace Nova Blender is an excellent option if you’re looking to buy a multi-purpose blender for a compact space. Also, with the ability to handle complex tasks, this feature makes it one of the best affordable blenders available in the market.

The Instant Ace blender comes equipped with different pre-programmed blending settings. Using such settings, you can blend and handle other tasks simultaneously in your kitchen.

  • Allow multitasking while blending
  • Features cooking and warming settings for blending and cooking all at once
  • Affordable and durable
  • Easy pulse and clean functions
  • Keeps the food warm automatically even after hot blending
  • Have a tendency to overheat some small portions
  • Quite loud and expensive
  • The blender overheats as it has a plastic element near the motor


 3.) Vitamix 7500 Blender [Best Vitamix Blender For Nut Butter And Smoothies]

vitamix 7500 blender - Best Blender for Nut ButterVitamix 7500 is a powerful and professional-grade blender. It is the most trusted version in high-end blenders, with no exception. Though it doesn’t provide a noise shield feature, however, the system is moderately quiet, and every element is made from durable materials.

With the recent addition to the Vitamix series, you can use it to make salsas, juices, smoothies, etc. The blender’s jaw is designed specially to encourage ingredient turnover, making sure that your nut butter is prepared creamy and not crunchy.

The 64 oz. the container has a beautiful design with scratch resistance. It is well suited to prepare large nut butter batches and large enough to mix soups in small batches.

Thus, Vitamix 7500 blender is a model that you can trust and depend on. With extra functions and versatile features, it becomes one of the high-performance and top-of-the-line blenders of this time.

  • Pros
    • Blades made from highly durable stainless steel
    • Works with both dry-type and wet-type blades.
    • Large container with 64oz capacity
    • Self-cleaning mode with easy to clean instructions
    • Low profile to easily fit under kitchen cabinets
    • Comes with a 7-year warranty
    • Expensive than other blenders
    • The container isn’t dishwasher safe
    • Low profile container design makes it challenging to use while pureeing.


4.) NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z [Best Budget Blender For Nut Butter]

NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z - Best Blender for Nut ButterNutriBullet is continuously making its name and fame in the market with many extensive and expanded features. It can easily handle tasks than the original NutriBullet system.

This 1200-watt blender is equipped with a pulse function, extraction capabilities, and multiple speeds for making delicious possibilities.

A NutriBullet blender is a perfect option for an all-purpose and affordable blender that provides enough power to prepare nut butter and other foods such as smoothies, baby’s food, nut milk, etc.

The blender’s jar design comes with a narrow bottom and widens out, doing a great job of mixing ingredients in the jar.

With the disadvantage of having fewer speed settings than other blenders, the included recipe book in the package balances this limitation by providing you with various examples of utilizing the provided speeds.

  • Comes with wider jars for processing larger batches
  • Lots of power for the price
  • Easily accommodates under kitchen cabinets
  • Works perfectly as a versatile blender
  • Easy to use and dishwasher friendly
  • Operates with a 1-minute interval
  • Tricky design of pour spout
  • Makes noise during blending
  • The jar is made of bad quality material that can break anytime


 5.) Ninja Mega Kitchen System [Best Blender Food Processor For Nut Butter]

Ninja Mega Kitchen System - Best Blender for Nut ButterThis version of the blender is an outstanding option if someone is looking for a complete kitchen blending system. The jars are made of plastic; still, you get a versatile food and blender processor all in one place.

This kitchen system is quite suitable for making nut butter as it offers different tools for reaching other parts of the process or blending different types of nuts.

Additionally, this blender operates at 3 different speeds, including a pulse function. The motor is relatively reliable and durable. While the jar is made of plastic and is not shatterproof, they are more durable than other plastic blender jars.

  • A combination of food and blender processor
  • Uniquely designed blade to create even texture
  • Comes with different jars for performing other size jobs
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free containers
  • High power motor ideal for blending harsh ingredients
  • Jars are made of plastic and get cloudy after sometime
  • The square design of the jar lets nut butter and other purees stick at the corners
  • Can’t blend fibrous ingredients and green vegetables


Advantages of Using High-Quality Blenders for Making Nut Butter

High-quality blenders provide several advantages above cheaper blenders while making nut butter.

Most importantly, such blenders significantly feature more powerful motors. This power is equivalent to versatility when we talk about blenders. Particularly when you want to make nut butter at home. For this, you will need a highly reasonable amount of power to ensure that the blender can grind the nuts without stressing or overheating the motor.

High-quality blenders are noiseless than the other cheaper alternatives, and the jars are generally insulated well for quieter operations.

For instance, think of shaking a vessel mixed with nuts. Now imagine the motor making sound with nuts shaking much faster. That’s the level of sound we’re talking about while preparing nut butter. Therefore, the sound reduction is a pretty good feature to include.

Lastly, blenders with high quality are less expected to wear out. This can be due to grinding nuts’ pressure, meaning that purchasing a good blender costs less over time.

Blenders that use low-quality materials or are not well-designed have high chances of burnout if you utilize them regularly or if you love making foods. This can challenge the quality of a blender. Anything with ice, frozen fruits, or nuts can be stimulating for a blender with poor design.

So, if you’re not pretty sure about preparing nut butter yourself, check out this video tutorial showing a simple nut butter recipe using a great blender.


How to Choose the Best Blender to Make Nut Butter?

Nut butter

Choosing the best blender that can blend nuts can be pretty tricky as many brands select from. You should consider several things when selecting a blender, such as power, speed, design, material, and warranty.


Nuts are comparatively hard to blend, although they tend to break down into delicious milk and butter using the proper process. This hardness means that you might need a powerful motor enough to grind them effectively. On the other hand, less powerful motors might complete this job; however, they might break down in between the process and won’t last long.

Generally, we recommend looking for blenders that provide around 1,000 watts of power or more. Power should provide enough consistency to the blade to move quickly through thick bits of nuts to grind them into butter.


Variable speeds prove to be extremely useful while making nut butter. Operating blenders at faster speeds are much suited for breaking nuts into a manageable shape and size. You can also operate blending machines at middling speeds as this will also work out to turn coarse butter into creamy and smooth spreads.

So, look for blenders with 4 or more speed settings, with 10 being the perfect setting. Moreover, variable speed options can also be good for processing more than one nut and creating your own process.

Be careful with using higher speeds, as blenders are most likely to heat up if you leave them to operate on the highest speed settings. This heat itself can be hard on the blender, so you should give it a break if the base starts getting warm.

Like several other ingredients, nut butter also changes flavor if warmed up, especially sweeter and milder butter made from mild nuts like cashews.


Blenders with round shapes, narrower from the bottom and wider from the top, work much better than blenders with square shapes or jars with universal width. A perfectly shaped round blender won’t work better than a jar with small and smooth inserts. This helps in improving movement in the blender.

Some blenders are relatively taller with a wide base. In this case, the base’s width is a lot more than just style though it’s good if you’re looking for a blender to fit in with your kitchen appliances.

Blenders with wider bases add stability, thus reducing the chance to rock on its base. The base of the jar should be narrow and placed in the middle of a wider base. 


Glass jars are generally much durable than plastic ones. Hence, plastic jars might be a good option as they are less thermos sensitive and lightweight than other kinds of glass materials.

According to my recommendations, one should use glass jars made of Pyrex as glass is durable and resists handling scents and stains from the food you’re preparing, and is thermal resistant so that it can handle both cold & hot foods.

Not all glass materials are created equal, though; you should always go for a thorough check whether your blender is cold or hot safe.

The best example is the Ninja Complete Kitchen System that uses plastic jars. Since the plastic is less durable, still it’s a practical option for people looking for a more lightweight system or to get the most use out of the blender’s blades or motor and don’t mind saving money on the jar system.

If you feel like considering plastic jars for blenders, always look for plastic that is thermal resistant, just like BPA-free and glass. BPA is a dangerous chemical that could be added to plastic to make it stronger, but it can leech into your beverage or food over time.

BPA-free plastic is perfectly safe to use, whereas plastics with BPA are harmful and can change the taste of items they’re exposed to.

Luckily, most kitchen plastics used by consumers are now BPA-free, but it’s still crucial to check the label. Thankfully the Ninja blender is BPA-free.


I personally prefer a minimum of a 1-year warranty for blenders. This time frame is enough to cover issues that happen from low-quality items or items that create a problem, and that problem cannot be found by performing a quality check and other incidents.

One year of regular use also gives a good sense of the blender’s working, so the warranty should partially cover the problems if a blender doesn’t perform up to what we thought it would do.

If you can, we recommend you look for extended warranties on the motor and base systems. Jars and other related accessories can generally be replaced at affordable costs. But if the base or motor fails, you should go for a new blender.

Unfortunately, the blender with long warranties are relatively uncommon, but they are worth using.


While we have studied all of the blenders, my favorite one is the Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Blender as it has a lot of benefits while making nut butter especially. It’s an affordable, powerful, and relatively quiet blender with a noise shield.

And above all, it’s explicitly designed, keeping in mind the professional use with more durability than other consumer blenders. That’s great, as making nut butter can be relatively difficult for your blender.

This choice also stands out as an excellent option for small homes and apartments since it is noiseless.

With the possibility of using such blenders, you can also make almond or peanut butter once you plan to prepare your own nut butter at home. So, using great blenders like the ones we have reviewed above will open up new textures and tastes since you can easily make butter at home while experimenting with the flavors you like.


FAQs – Best Blender for Nut Butter

Q.) Can I grind seeds in a blender?

A.) Yes, you can grind almost every kind of seed in a blender. The quality and fineness of blending rely on the power and speed of the particular blender.

Q.) How do I prepare almond butter?

A.) Take some pieces of almond and roast them for about 10 minutes. Once the almond becomes warm, transfer them to a blender and mix until they become creamy.

Q.) What speed should I use?

A.) Nut butter is thick as nuts are hard; hence, you should always use a high-speed blender for making nut butter.

Q.) Do I require some specific setting?

A.) The best blenders to make nut butter use variable settings and speed for particular types of food. So, you should always select the special mill setting when making nut butter.

Q.) Can I use a food processor as an alternative?

A.) Honestly speaking, blending becomes much easier with a food processor as they feature more elaborate blades and containers. Also, the design is perfect for easy, quick, and direct blending. Though blenders are a versatile option than food processors, you cannot do much more using a food processor.

With a good blender, you can make juices, sauces, smoothies, etc. Whereas food processors are complex and bulky to move around. Overall, a good blender for nut butter is a better option as compared to a food processor.

Q.) Why do nuts get stuck to the blender’s side?

A.) When the blending speed is excessively high, the nuts get stuck to the blender’s side. Blending the nuts quickly with the blades spills the nuts to the corners of the blender. To avoid this, simply wipe the nuts from the side of the blender. Therefore, when blending, it is always best to start slowly and gradually increase the speed as you continue.

Q.) Can you make nut butter using a hand blender?

A.) Yes! You can easily make nut butter in a hand blender. However, it requires a lot of effort and energy. Also, you might spend much of your time turning the blender. Moreover, we advise you to keep a vessel or container under the hand blender to avoid the nuts from flying off.

Q.) Can you make nut butter in a blender?

A.) In short, nuts can be blended in a blender. Pulse settings are the best for evenly crushing and blending nuts.

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