Vitamix 6000 Automatic Blender Review

Vitamix 6000 blender features an impressive blending power and 6 timer settings for automatic operation. Your favorite recipes can now produce consistently great results with just a few steps!

Try it for yourself. Featuring an impressive 2.0 peak HP Galaxy Class motor and contoured stainless steel hammer, this multifunctional blender gives you serious blending options.

A cyclone-like container is included in the package that can pull your ingredients down near the bottom. The same ingredients are also pushed out with precise and rapid force at the sides. Blending is made easier with this tool. A tamper and other tools are included as well to make blending dense ingredients easier.

Vitamix has won three consecutive ‘Best in Class’ awards for beverage blenders from the Food Service Equipment and Supplies Magazine in 2011, 2012, and 2013. More than 100,000 restaurants use and sell its commercial units. 

We recommend that you try it yourself! With the Vitamix blending machines, you have the option of choosing from a variety of kitchen-coordinating colors.


Vitamix 6000 Review

vitamix 6000 review

Vitamix recently unveiled their 6000-series blender, a variation on their classic C-Series blender. Vitamix 5200 blenders are very popular, but this model is bit different.

Designed for the classic containers and blades measuring 3 inches, this machine is a standard design that includes a wide container. With its top-left pulse toggle switch, top-right start-stop toggle button, and bottom-left on/off switch, the main front panel shares the same design as the Pro 500 and 6300. 

A similar-looking central knob has different settings, but the layout is the same. Six different time settings are available, including 20 seconds, 30 seconds, one minute, 1.5 minutes, 4.5 minutes, and 6.5 minutes with no manual or variable speed.

The majority of people may not choose this machine as our experts think that Certified Reconditioned machines are a much better option in this regard.

So, if you haven’t decided to purchase this machine yet, read the complete Vitamix 6000 review.



Blenders like the Vitamix 6000 have been designed to be easy to use and convenient. As there is no manual setting on the panel, you are dependent on pre-programmed settings, which result in sometimes limiting results since you don’t have full control over the machine as opposed to other products on the market.

If you want steady results from your blend, it can sometimes prove to be an advantage. The blender has been used to prepare multiple recipes, and everything I tried worked at the same level every time.

Control Panel of Vitamix 6000In the panel, you can pick the timer settings, which are: 20 secs, 30 secs, 60 secs, 90 secs, 4 and half minutes, and 6 and half minutes. The Vitamix 6000 blender comes with a cookbook that includes more than 300 recipes specifically designed to be used with the machine’s preloaded presets. 

All of these settings behave in the same way; one needs to select a pre-set and the machine will gradually increase its speed over time. Your settings determine how it fluctuates.

In addition, this particular blending machine model comes with a taller 64 oz container, which means the overall height of the machine is over 20 inches. It is unlikely that the blender will fit under any cabinets at this height. Depending on how it is adjusted, some people put the jar next to the base or leave the blender out.

There’s now a 64-ounce Vitamix on the market. Ensure easier access to clean jars that are shorter, quieter, and shorter. Alternatively, you might have to buy it separately if you do not have a model that includes this container. I don’t think this is a big deal since the jar still works. The 17 1/2 inch maximum height is just what I like about the new style.




Vitamix 6000 ReviewWith the Vitamix 6000 blender, I tried making different homemade nut butters. I like to use other ingredients in a blender to test its grinding power. While the blender was running, I should still have pushed the nuts down so that everything is smooth. 

Blenders with automatic modes and timers contradict the benefits of having such features. The blender is therefore no better than other models when used manually for this task.

The blender runs for too long if any other setting is used, so I use the pulse setting when chopping. The result would be a weird batch of liquefying or green vegetables, which would not have the desired effect.


My favorite thing about this machine is this feature. With the use of the pre-set timer, you can make smoothies continuously with excellent results. Now you can mix for as long as you want without worrying about timing. Add your ingredients by clicking start. As soon as the blending machine stops, you’ll have a perfect smoothie that can be used for other recipes that are not included in the recipe book.


To prepare soup with my Vitamix 6000 blender, I added all the ingredients and let it work automatically while I prepared my appetizer and other dishes. I was really impressed with how well this worked. 

Without investing or thinking about the time it would take to run, it prepared hot soups all by itself. In comparison to other models, it is very convenient to use.


It is not surprising that the blender is so expensive considering its high performance. With every Vitamix blending machine, you’ll find a powerful motor. No exception applies to Vitamix 6000, as the mixer comes with a built-in 2-peak horsepower motor. 

Compared to other models, it performs similarly to the 5200. Due to the full force of the blades, raw nuts can be made into homemade butter. A high-speed blender with 3-inch blades, Vitamix asserts that they spin at over 240 MPH.

When the machine is operated for a long period of time, it will produce a great deal of heat. Because Vitamix incorporates a radiant-cooling system inside the blender, this isn’t an issue. A safety feature enables the device to shut off if its temperature reaches or grows to the worst-case scenario. 

The Vitamix 6000 has never caused a problem like this according to customer feedback. Their opinion is that this might be a minor issue, since the timer dial works flawlessly at 6 1/2 minutes.

Furthermore, the machines are rather noisy once they reach maximum speed. This machine should not be operated at night unless you wear ear protection. It might even look like you’re doing late-night home renovations if you live in an apartment. You can reduce vibration by placing a rubber mat under the blenders.


The Eastman Tritan™ Container

A Vitamix 6000 machine comes with a classic yet stylish 64-ounce Eastman TritanTM BPA-free copolyester container. 

When the handle is ergonomic and soft, pouring is generally much easier.

This container’s lid is designed with a patented two-part vented lid and a removable plug that will prevent food from leaking while you blend it.

Classic containers are narrower and larger compared to Next Generation containers.



This device has a brand new control configuration that differs from previous Vitamix devices. 

Rather than a variable-speed dial, this model has a pre-programmed timer and pulse toggle. 

Vitamix 5200 and Professional Series, 750 models were the first to use the pre-programmed setting feature.

Recipe books contain the settings labeled as times, and they will tell you which setting works best for which recipe. 

Below is a quick breakdown of the time settings and recommended uses:

  •     :20 frozen cocktails and milkshakes
  •     :30 Fresh fruit smoothies and frozen desserts
  •     1:00 Marinades, nut butter, and dressings
  •     1:30 Smoothies and whole-food juices
  •     4:30 Fondues and creamy hot soups
  •     6:30 Sauces and thick hot soups
  •     Pulse Grate, crush ice and chop

Making recipes that require fewer speeds, such as guacamoles and salsas, can be a complicated procedure with this setup. Since it has one speed (high), preparing recipes with the desired texture becomes difficult.


Care and Cleaning


The steps below will help you prepare your blender for its first use. As a result, the container will be thoroughly cleaned and the motor will get a chance to break in.

  1.  Partially fill the container with lukewarm water, including a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent.
  2.  Push or snap the 2-part lid into a locked position and place the container on the base of the motor.
  3.  Turn the time dial to:20.
  4.  Press the “start/stop” switch and let the blender run through the timed cycle.
  5.  Finally, rinse and drain the container properly.
  6.  Tamper, Lid, and Lid Plug
  7.  Separate and wash the lid and lid plug in warm and soapy water.
  8.  Now rinse, clean, and dry the parts under running water.
  9.  Finally, reassemble all the parts before use.

Note: To guarantee effective and continued performance, we advise you to not place the container, tamper, lid, or lid plug in the dishwasher.



This blender comes with a 22 oz. container. As an addition, there is a flip-top beverage bottle. Pouring smoothies into a glass before going to work is a perfect use for this container.

It comes with a number of other accessories that range from different sizes of blender jars to smaller parts such as juice filtering bags and spatulas.

Blenders with this feature come in 3 sizes: 32 oz., 48 oz., or 64 oz. sizes. Moreover, one of the jars includes a different type of blade that can more easily blitz raw nuts and dough recipes.

Additionally, you can find Vitamix packages with multiple jars on Amazon, Costco, and in a few other stores. It is wise to check around for such deals occasionally before buying, since they are available occasionally.



Vitamix 6000 parts The Vitamix 6000 model has a 64-ounce glass container on top of the motor base. 

This unit has a width of 7.25 inches, a depth of 8.75 inches, and a weight of 10.5625 pounds. 

In general, the combined height is greater than the standard height of a kitchen cabinet.

Furthermore, this motor comes with a 6-foot power cord that is wrapped up and stored under the motor base so you can leave it out as required.

The Vitamix 6000 new model is available exclusively on the Vitamix website in Black color and on QVC in 8 different colors: red, cobalt blue, cinnamon, black, creme, white, slate, or turquoise.

Furthermore, the package comes with a Creations recipe book, a flip-top beverage bottle, as well as the Vitamix patented tamper.



The Vitamix 6000 review clearly demonstrates both the good and the bad of this machine.

This blender was designed primarily for ease of use, and it delivers on that promise well. 

When you use it to prepare smoothies and soups, it gives consistent results every time.

Due to the lack of a speed control feature, its functionality can be limited on some tasks compared to other models. The cookbook’s recipes work well with it. I’d like to point out that it can handle any recipe you find on the internet, as long as you experiment with the pulse button and time settings.

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