Vitamix 750 vs 5200 – Which One Is Better?

Which blender is better between Vitamix 750 or 5200?  It is very difficult to answer as both blenders are very high quality. So let us discuss both the blender’s details, and you find which one is better.

Comparison Table Of Vitamix 750 vs Vitamix 5200


Review Of Vitamix 750

Vitamix 750Specifications

Vitamix 750 Pro vs Vitamix 5200

Dimension17.5″ x 9.4″ x 7.7″
Motor2.2 peak horsepower
MaterialTritan Copolyester (BPA-free)
Container Capacity64 Oz
ColorsCopper metal brushed stainless steel & black
Blades4” diameter sharp, laser-cut blades
PulseIncludes pre-set and pulse feature
Auto CleaningEquipped with auto-cleaning technology
Cooling MotorHas a cooling motor installed in it
Speeds10 variable speeds for different preparations

Vitamix 750 Pro vs Vitamix 5200
Vitamix 750

The 750 blender is a powerful member of the professional series by Vitamix. It stands 17.4 inches tall with the lid on, which can be conveniently placed in kitchen cabinets. You no longer have to go through the hassle of storing the lid separately. Moreover, its 64 Oz container is perfect for serving your family members with some freshly blended juice.

Adding more to its qualities is its ergonomic design. You get a nice black handle that is comfortable to hold onto while using the blender. The container consists of a black lid of the same shade. Forgot to add an ingredient to your blended meal? You can always keep them adding without having to open the entire lid. Vitamix 750 comes with a removable plug attached to the lid. Thus, keep adding in ingredients, even when the blender is up and running.

Side by side, you also get to choose the color of this amazing blender. If black seems too common to you, then check you may go for the copper metal or the brushed stainless steel piece. You get the same container on top, but the square-shaped machine beneath it comes in these 3 classy colors. [read more]

Features & Benefits

By its basic review, you must have understood by now that this blender is a smart investment. The 2.2 horsepower motor accompanied with the 4” laser-cut, stainless steel blades give you an unmatched blend of ingredients. Be it preparing hot soups for wintry dinners or grinding spices for adding into your spectacular delicacies, these blades have got you fully covered.

In addition, the sharp 750 blades are strong enough to grind down seeds with their skins on. You get 10 variable speeds to choose from, which depend on the type of texture and blend you want as the outcome.

Think what else this powerful blender has to offer? Well, the prime attractive feature of it has to be the pre-set function. Make soups, purees, smoothies, frozen desserts with the help of it, or set it up for a self-cleaning session.

These 5 pre-set functions have been carefully built to save and utilize your time. Woke up late in the morning? Fill up the container with some fresh fruits and hit the pre-set smoothie button. In the meantime, freshen up and get yourself dressed. By the time you are done, the 750 will be all set to serve you a healthy smoothie to begin your morning with.

Side by side, it includes a pulse feature for superfast operation. Hold on to the button for a fine grind prepared in no time! Want to know the secret behind this heavy-duty blender’s flawless performance? It is the cooling motor installed in it, keeping the motor cool and well-maintained.

What is it good for?

The word “good” is definitely an understatement considering the fabulous attributes of 750. With it, you get to:

  •         Grind spices at home to add enhanced flavors to your dishes
  •         Make yourself fresh fruit juices with a simple click
  •         Prepare frozen desserts quickly – perfect for midnight munching
  •         Puree fruits and nuts to add to your smoothie bowl
  •         Finely grind nuts and seeds (even with their skins on)
  •         Prepare soups that give you a warm hug

The pre-set feature makes it ever so easy for you. Why do you ask? That’s because you don’t have to stand next to the blender when it’s running. Instead, you may utilize your precious time elsewhere.

Another good aspect of the 750 is the self-cleaning feature. All you have to do is pour in some drops of your dishwasher into it. Then set it to the self-cleaning mode and relax. You get a sparkling, clean blender in less than 60 seconds!

In a nutshell, if you are one of the following, the 750 is beyond good for you:                     

  •         A busy mom/dad juggling between her family and work
  •         A new adult who’s moved out of their home with little or no cooking experience
  •         A workaholic who can’t spare to waste a single second from their busy schedule 

Weak Points

Now that we have discussed all the good points let us address some weak points of the blender. The Vitamix 750:

  •         Is pricy compared to other blenders in the market
  •         Lacks a measuring cup
  •         Has no digital display or touch panels
  •         The blades are irremovable, making it dangerous and difficult to clean manually
  •         Consumes more electricity

Apart from these 5 cons, this blender is an absolute powerhouse in itself!

What the Users Say

Vitamix 750 has an expensive price tag. Most of us would have to save up for it. However, the users of it are thoroughly content with its seamless performance in the kitchen. According to many, it is one of their best investments, which is going to last them long. The premium quality motor, strong built and ergonomic design is worth the money and promises longevity. [/read]

  • Ergonomic design
  • removable plug
  • 2.2 horsepower motor
  • 4” laser-cut, stainless steel blades
  • 10 variable speeds
  • 5 pre-set function
  • Cooling motor
  • Pricy compared to other blenders
  • Lacks a measuring cup
  • No digital display
  • Blades are irremovable
  • Consumes more electricity


Review Of Vitamix 5200

OverviewVitamix 750 Pro

Vitamix 750 Pro vs Vitamix 5200

Dimension20.5" x 8.75" x 7.25"
Motor2 peak horsepower
MaterialTritan Copolyester (BPA-free)
Container Capacity64 Oz
ColorsBlack, red, white, brushed stainless steel & platinum
Blades3” diameter sharp, laser-cut blades
Speed10 variable speeds
DesignErgonomic built & sleek design
LidSmart lid preventing leakage
ControlsEasy operation and cleaning

Vitamix 750 Pro vs Vitamix 5200
Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200 is another smart blender that is apt for households. It contains all the suitable features an amateur home cook would want their blenders to have. If you are looking for a premium quality blender at an affordable rate, then this is the right pick for you. Among the 20 models manufactured by Vitamix, the 5200 has been the top pick<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> of customers. Its flawless performance has won the hearts of all.

The 2 peak powerhouse motor creates a remarkable spinning speed. Combined with the laser-cut, 3” stainless steel blades, this blender is a true ninja in your kitchen. It literally can chop, puree, heat, and blend whatever you throw at it.

Coming to its physical attributes, the Vitamix 5200 is available in 5 gorgeous colors. You get to pick from black, white, red, platinum, and the brushed stainless steel finish. Every color is capable of adding a pop to your kitchen. Moreover, this blender has a tall, slender body. You can put in long veggies and fruits in it, without having to slice them in half.

Furthermore, the 5200 model consists of a 64 Oz, BPA-free Tritan Copolyester container. Therefore, meal preps done via this blender are 100% safe for consumption. All in all, Vitamix 5200 does not only impress you with its outstanding performance but also takes care of your health and hygiene. [read more]

Features & Benefits

Vitamix 5200 is considered to be the best pick by customers. But why is it so? That is because this blender offers quality performance with some added features. It has 10 variable speeds. Each speed is meant for a different preparation. You get to select how finely grinded you want your ingredients to be.

Up next is the self-cleaning feature, which makes its maintenance super simple. Pour in a few drops of dishwashing soap and set it on turbo for deep cleaning. It may not have a pre-set cleaning feature, but the turbo cleaning is pretty convenient as well. It only takes around 30 seconds for you to clean up the entire container.

As an added benefit, you get to save up on your electricity bills with this blender. The Vitamix 5200 may consume less power but does not compromise on its performance.

Speaking of its physical features, the 5200 has a sleek, tall body with an ergonomic lid and handle. Both of them are black in color. The handle has a soft grip to it, using which you can comfortably pour in the contents of the blender into your utensil.

But the black cushiony lid of the container is not just a covering. Instead, the rubber material firmly hugs the edges of the circular container top, preventing spills. You can put in ingredients when the blender is running, without the fear of making a mess. It also subdues vibration waves, preventing the blender from shaking.

In addition, the Vitamix 5200 is extremely simple to operate. It has a total of 11 switches (10 variable speeds and on/off toggle). Thus, it is perfect for people who are not very keen on highly technical machines. If you have a grandma/grandpa who is too tired to cook themselves some good meals, then Vitamix 5200 can be the perfect gift for them.

It does the hard job of amalgamating the ingredients into a perfect mix. All the person needs to do is put in the ingredients and push the speed buttons. The hassle of cleaning has also been minimized. Work less and make yourself some scrumptious foods swiftly with just a few clicks.

What is it good for?

Vitamix 5200 is an all-rounder in your kitchen. It is equipped with all the features you would need to create stunning and palatable dishes. Take a look at what this gorgeous piece from Vitamix is capable of:

Chopping veggies on low speed for making nutritious salads

  •   Grinding seeds and beans so that you can make your bread or coffee from scratch
  •   Pureeing fruits for smoothies or vegetables for warm and thick soups
  •    Heating soups while pureeing the ingredients (no need to warm it in a different pa
  •   Crushing down the ice or frozen sweet treats to create toothsome desserts

Become a self-taught cook by experimenting with this blender. Enhance your culinary skills by mixing and matching ingredients to create something new and exciting. The Vitamix 5200 can crush frozen foods and ice without the addition of water. The hammermill blades are capable of facing any ingredient and dealing with them at the speed you set.

It is a true ninja in the kitchen and a companion for the long run. Vitamix 5200 comes with a 7-year warranty. Looking at the fine built and material quality, you can rest assured that every penny you spend on it is worthwhile.

Weak Points

The Vitamix 5200 has numerous good sides to it. But it also has some disadvantages. First and foremost, the 5200 model is quite loud while running. Therefore, if you are looking for a blender with low or no noise, then this might 5200 may not be your appropriate purchase.

Moving on, this Vitamix model lacks a pulse feature and pre-set programs. It does not provide you with a walk-away convenience when your food is being prepared. Instead, you have to push the various speed buttons to get the perfect consistency of your blend.

Side by side, the laser-cut blades are irremovable from the container. Cleaning them can be a risk as you can cut yourself. Despite the self-cleaning feature, some grains might stubbornly stick to the blades. This might call for manual cleaning, but it’s a rare case.

The Vitamix 5200 is 20.5 inches tall. You may not be able to fit it in your kitchen cabinets instead of storing the container and machine separately. It also lacks a cooling motor, which can make it hot after prolonged use. With the 5200 model, you must take care of the speed. Excessive usage at high speeds may result in burnout of the machine. But then again, it is another rare situation.

The motor is built with premium quality materials, which are not going to falter anytime soon. But you may not have to worry anyway since the 7-year warranty has got you fully covered! [/read]

  • Well within most people’s price range
  • Easy to operate
  • The box includes delicious recipes for you to try
  • 10 different speeds for different preparations
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Less power consumption
  • No pre-set or pulse feature
  • Is tall which can be hard to fit in kitchen cabinets
  • The blades cannot be removed (dangerous for manual cleaning)
  • No cooling motor hence motor may get hot and overworked
  • It is noisy
  • Lacks a juice squeezer & measuring cup

Differences between Vitamix Pro 750 & Vitamix 5200

To make your purchasing decision easier, let us draw out the differences between the two commendable Vitamix models.


Both the blenders have a powerful motor made in Sweden. However, the Pro 750 has a heavy-duty motor when compared to the 5200 model.

Although Vitamix 5200 is an amazing blender for grinding tough ingredients like seeds, ice, and beans, Pro 750 delivers exceptional results. The difference in horsepower isn’t much, but outcomes are. For professional blending, the 750 delivers unbeatable performance and is highly recommended over the 5200 model.


If you are under a budget, then Vitamix 5200 is the perfect blender for you. It may lack automated features like the Vitamix 750, but it definitely is worth what you pay for. Besides the lack of pre-set and pulse features, the price is also low because of the age of this blender.

Vitamix 750 is a heavy-duty blender with impeccable performance. But the Vitamix 5200 is no less and serves its purpose extremely well.


It is no brainer that Vitamix 750 is the winner here. Vitamix 5200 lacks the pulse feature, but it does, to an extent, give you the slight experience of using it. But the 750 models are equipped with this feature and excel in it as well. With the 750, you may enjoy homemade hummus or exotic dips.

Basic Controls

Speaking of basic controls, Vitamix 5200 comes with 11 switches. Minus the on/off switch, it has the 10 variable speeds to help you make an exclusive assortment of meals. But coming to the Vitamix 750 blender has an added pulse toggle and 5 pre-set modes.

Both are easy to operate, but the pre-set modes make 750 a clear winner here. That is because of the ease of walking away with food preparation in the blender still on, given to the customers of Vitamix 750.

Pre-programmed Settings

Vitamix 5200 does not have pre-programmed settings. But Vitamix Pro 750 does. It has 5 pre-programmed settings which are super convenient for the users. The pre-programmed combinations are very casual and are used by us in our everyday lives. Thus, Pro 750 beats the 5200 model here as well.


Vitamix Pro 750 has a height of 17.4 inches, whereas Vitamix 5200 is 20.5 inches tall. Thus, the reduced height of the Pro 750 makes it easier to store in kitchen cabinets or cupboards. Vitamix 5200 may look classy with a slender body, but storing it altogether might be quite difficult. Its users usually have to store the tall container separately from the motor.

Easy to Clean

Both blenders are equipped with self-cleaning technology. But, Vitamix Pro 750 has it in its pre-programmed settings, making it easier for its users. Due to the lack of a pre-set feature in Vitamix 5200, you have to pour the liquid soap into the container and set it in turbo mode. It is pretty convenient as well but fails to beat the high speed, and auto-cleaning feature of Pro 750.

Spinning Speed

It is obvious to us all that the more powerful the motor, the greater the spinning speed. The spinning speed of Vitamix Pro 750 is 270 mph, whereas it is 254 mph for Vitamix 5200. But why are they important? That is because spinning speed determines how much time your ingredients will take to grind, blend, or puree. So Pro 750 again gets the crown here.


For Vitamix Pro 750, the dimensions are 17.5″ x 9.4″ x 7.7″ and for the 5200 model it is 20.5″ x 8.75″ x 7.25″. While the 5200 is taller and slimmer, the Pro 750 is short and wide. In the case of storage, the Pro 750 is easier to store.


Vitamix 5200 comes with plain switches and lacks an indicator. But for the Pro 750, you get indicating lights telling you which stage of grinding or pureeing your ingredients are at. Thus, it is easier for you to understand and allocate your prep time using the Pro 750.


Vitamix 750 weighs 5.67 kg, which is heavier than the 5200 model 4.94 kg. Thus, if you want a lightweight blender that you can move around your homes, then Vitamix 5200 is your right pick.

Power Consumption & Output

If you are looking to reduce your electricity bills, then Vitamix 5200 is the winner here. It consumes 1380 watts, whereas the Pro 570 consumes 1140 watts.


Vitamix 5200 has a stainless steel construction with small bits of tough glass. On the other hand, Vitamix Pro 750 has a Tritan Copolyester built. This makes Pro 750 more durable than 5200, but both the blenders guarantee longevity and highly durable pieces by Vitamix.

Similarities between Vitamix Pro 750 & Vitamix 5200

We already know that Vitamix 750 has had more wins than Vitamix 5200. But if the Pro 750 is beyond your budget then you may consider the 5200. The basic features are pretty similar.


Both have stainless steel, laser-cut blades. However, the blades of Pro 750 are an inch greater than 5200. But that does not make a major difference as your ingredients are blended with finesse using both.


Vitamix Pro 750 and Vitamix 5200 come with lids that are spill-proof. They also have a removable plug through which you can keep on adding ingredients when the blender is running.

Container Capacity

Although they have a different shape, both the containers have a capacity of 64 Oz. Both are built with BPA-free plastic, so storing your freshly grinded ingredients in them is not an unhealthy move. They have the same black lid and handle for comfortable usage.


Both the blenders provide you with 10 variable speeds to grind your ingredients in. They are both suitable for using anywhere, should the place have electricity. They pretty portable considering their weight and ease of cleaning and operation.



Do I get a tamper along with my Vitamix 5200?

Yes, you do. You might not see the mention of tamper in most comparison sites or the actual website, but it is there.

Is 220v enough for running Vitamix Pro 750?

Unfortunately, Vitamix Pro 750 is suitable for 110v, so 220v might not be suitable for it.

Can I use my Vitamix 5200 to make some fresh, homemade ice-cream?

Of course, you can. It is suitable for any frozen dessert prep. Vitamix 5200’s laser-cut blades are so powerful that they can also crush ice and seeds for you. So making ice-cream is definitely a big yes!

What are the 5 pre-programmed settings of Vitamix Pro 750?

Automated cleaning, smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, and purees are the five pre-programmed functions offered by Vitamix Pro 750.

Which is more expensive – Vitamix Pro 750 or Vitamix 5200?

Vitamix Pro 750 belongs to the professional series by the company. It has a robust motor and a pre-setting and pulse feature, making it more expensive than the 5200 model.

How easy is it to clean Vitamix blenders?

Vitamix blenders are equipped with self-cleaning technology. While the Pro 750 has a pre-set cleaning feature, the 5200 doesn’t. But all you have to do is pour some liquid soap and turn to the blenders’ desired speed to clean themselves.

Do the Vitamix blenders come with a 7-year warranty?

You have heard it right. These premium quality blenders have a 7-year warranty but serve you way longer than this.

Which is the noisier blender between the two?

Vitamix 5200 is the noisier version. It is said to be around 40% noisier than the Pro 750.

Which defines excellence between the two models?

Both models excel in their fields. But considering the motor, material, and overall features, Vitamix Pro 750 is the best model so far.

Are product recall an issue with the blenders?

Product recalls are exceptionally rare scenarios with Vitamix blenders. The company serves quality blenders that promise heavy wear and tear and longevity.  The recalls may be an unfortunate case where due to improper or harsh delivery or storage.

How big are the blender boxes?

The blenders are packaged in cardboard boxes according to their shape and size. You can expect a taller and slimmer box for the 5200 model but a wider and shorter one for the Pro 750. The boxes will have a slightly greater width and height to fit the blenders, plugs, and additional recipe books and information guide.

How do these blenders heat soups?

Well, the concept of friction comes into play here. While spinning in at great speeds, the blades create friction between themselves and the soup, boiling it in a couple of minutes.

Will I get a hot smoothie using these blenders?

Nope. The blenders are equipped with different speeds and functions for preparing different foods. Use the correct feature and speed to get your desired outcome.

I reside outside the US. Can I still use a Vitamix blender using my power supply?

Vitamix is a premium brand that ships across the world. Hence, you can use it in your home country with ease, giving you have a stable electricity connection.

Do I get to select other containers, the ones which are suitable for amalgamating my dry goods?

Vitamix containers are not interchangeable. But the models come with containers that are spacious enough for dealing with big batches. But if you have a large number of ingredients to deal with, we would recommend you get the Pro 750 model. It has a powerful motor that won’t tire even after grinding multiple batches.


Wrap Up

To sum up, Vitamix provides quality blenders to consumers. If you want a blender of a lifetime that is best in all aspects, then go for the Pro 750. But, most of us have a budget to consider for which the 5200 model becomes the most convenient option. It is cheap, has the basic features of blending, and durable.

Thus, based on your budget, need, and frequency of blending ingredients, you must choose one of the two Vitamix 750 or 5200. If you want professional, top quality service, then purchase the Vitamix pro 750. If you are looking for a premium quality blender that is affordable, choose the 5200 version with your eyes closed. Both are impeccable pieces by Vitamix and will not fail to impress you.



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