Vitamix 750 vs Vitamix A3500

The Vitamix 750 forms part of the Vitamix professional blender series. The Vitamix 750 has been steadily increasing in popularity all over the world. Ultimately the Vitamix 750 is an upgrade that was derived from the Vitamix 7500.

On the other hand, the a3500 Vitamix blender forms part of the ascent smart blender series of the Vitamix brand. The ascent series blenders are all state of the art blenders with innovative features that would leave you awestruck.

However, when compared to one another, which blender is better? I will discuss the differences and similarities to help you decide which of these blenders is the better blender.

Comparison Table Of Vitamix 750 vs A3500

  The Vitamix 750 The Vitamix a3500
Motor 2.2 HP 2.2 HP
Weight 14.92 lbs 12.46 lbs
Heating Technology
Variable speeds
Pulse Technology
Blending jar 64oz 64oz
Preset cycles 5 preset cycles 5 preset cycles
Dimensions 7.7 x 9.4 x 17.4 inches 11 x 8 x 17 inches
Weight 12.46 pounds 14.92 pounds
Warranty 7 years 10 years
Blending blades Hardened stainless steel Stainless Steel

Color Options





Copper metal


Black stainless-steel

Brushed stainless steel

Accessories Tamper

Recipe Book

Blender base


Recipe Book

Self-detect blending jar
Digital Timer
Wireless technology

Similarities between Vitamix 750 and Vitamix a3500

Motor Power

The Vitamix 750 and the Vitamix a3500 are both powerful blenders. They both possess 2.2 HP motors that can completely pulverize anything that you place inside the blending jar.

Although they both have motors with 2.2 HP, the wattage differs. The 750 Vitamix blender possess a higher wattage than the a3500Vitamix blender. Its wattage is 1600W, while the Vitamix a3500 has a wattage ranging at 1140W.

This powerful motor coupled with the hardened stainless-steel blades of the Vitamix 750 is truly something to behold. This combination provides such incredible texture consistency that is unaltered even by tough ingredients. You can enjoy some peanut butter within minutes.

Despite having a powerful motor, the Vitamix 750 is 40% less noisy than conventional blenders.

The Vitamix a3500 is not only adored for its beautifully elegant design but also its impressive performance, driven by its powerful bender.

Preset Blending Cycles

Both blenders have five preset blending cycles that make cooking a walk in the park. The preset cycles that have been built into the Vitamix a3500 are spreads and dips, self-cleaning, smoothie, frozen desserts, and hot soup. The preset cycles that have been built into the Vitamix 750 are soup, self-cleaning, smoothie, frozen dessert, and purees.

These preset cycles make these Vitamix blenders so much more convenient to use. They eliminate the guesswork that you would typically have to undergo before making certain recipes because there are buttons for them. These preset cycles will help you to save time. In terms of the Vitamix a3500, these preset cycles coupled with the digital timer add up to the maximum convenience.

Variable Speed and Pulse Technology

Both blenders come with variable speeds that can be adjusted by means of a speed knob. These variable speed controls offer you complete control over your blends. You are able to adjust the speed while the blender is being used.

The Vitamix 750 and the Vitamix a3500 both have been equipped with pulse technology. The pulse technology gives you added control to achieve your desired texture.

Heating Technology

These blenders are both able to process and generate hot blends. They generate heat by making use of their blades. The blades rotate at high speeds to generate maximum friction. The friction generated by the blades creates heat that the blenders use to make hot soup. This function eliminates the need to blend your ingredients then heat the mixture afterward.

Self-Cleaning Function

Vitamix prioritizes convenience when developing blenders. They have made both these benders convenient by including a self-cleaning option. This option allows you to save time and avoid the hassle of cleaning the blending jar by enabling the blender to clean itself.

To use this function, all you have to do is drop some dishwasher soap in the blending jar along with some water, then select the self-cleaning preset cycle. Your blending jar will be clean within a minute.

Differences between Vitamix 750 and Vitamix A3500

Dimensions and Weight

The Vitamix a3500 has an elegant silhouette-like design. It is also taller than the Vitamix 750, while the Vitamix 750 is wider than the Vitamix a3500. In addition, the Vitamix a3500 is heavier than the Vitamix 750. The exact dimensions and weight are as follow:

The Vitamix 750

Dimension: 7.7 x 9.4 x 17.4 inches

Weight:  12.46 lbs.

The Vitamix a3500

Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 17 inches

Weight: 14.92 lbs

Control Designs

The Vitamix a3500 has touchscreen controls on it. Like many other Vitamix blenders, the use of conventional buttons has been long forgotten. The touchscreen buttons have built-in LEDs that make them look more modern. The blender can be turned on by touching the touchscreen controls. However, it cannot be activated by slippage.

These controls have been built in such a way that they can be navigated by beginners and blender connoisseurs. The touchscreen control eliminates the troublesome motion of having to find ways to clean the dirt that accumulates between conventional buttons.

The touchscreen panel can be cleaned rather easily. All that is required of you is to wipe the panel and it will be clean.

The Vitamix 750 is equipped with switches and a main rotating dial to control the blender. This is slightly less impressive than the touchscreen controls, but this type of control panel is preferred by many people. Although it is not as state of the art as the touchscreen control, it does allow you to save time by simply rotating the dial.

Wireless connection

One of the features that are most impressive about the Vitamix a3500 is the available wireless connectivity that it offers. You can connect your smartphone to your blender by making use of the enabled blender Bluetooth. You will be able to control your blender by making use of this application.

It does not stop there, the Vitamix a3500’s wireless technology is even more impressive! You will be able to keep track of the nutrients in the food that you blend in your Vitamix a3500. You can also unlock your blender with your smartphone application.

The Vitamix 750 does not have this wireless connectivity.

Digital Timer

The state of the art Vitamix a3500 has taken convenience to a whole new level with the digital timer that has been built into it. This digital timer function under the variable speed controls too. When you adjust the speed of your blender, during the blend, the digital timer will automatically adjust accordingly.

The timer eliminates the need to have an external timer. With an external timer, you could forget about your blend or get caught up doing something and your food will not have the desired texture. Once the time on the built-in digital timer hits zero, your Vitamix a3500 blender will automatically stop blending.

The Vitamix 750 is not equipped with a digital timer.

Stainless-steel Blades

The Vitamix 750 and the Vitamix a3500 are both have stainless steel blades. These high-quality blades

Are perfectly coupled with the powerful motors.  Although both blenders have similar

Stainless-steel blades. The Vitamix 750 has hardened blades that are capable of pulverizing any ingredient.


Blenders are not items that you purchase from day to day, they are a long-term investment. To secure your investment, you should have a warranty on it, and the longer the warranty period, the better. The Vitamix a3500 offers a ten-year warranty, while the Vitamix 750 offers a seven-year warranty.

These blenders have been made to be as durable as possible. With adequate care, these blenders can easily last for ten years. The extra three years of warranty makes the Vitamix a3500 more durable than the Vitamix 750.

Color Options

The Vitamix 750 offers two color options, namely, black, and grey. Both these colors are beautiful, but it would be great for a professional setting.

The Vitamix a3500 has several color options. Whether you prefer darker colors or lively colors, there would be a Vitamix a3500 that will correspond to your preference. The available colors are black, white, copper metal, red, black stainless-steel, and brushed stainless steel.


Within the Vitamix 750’s box, you would find a 64oz blending jar, a tamper, a book containing recipes, a blender base that contains your motor, and a beginner’s manual. While in the box of the Vitamix a3500, you would find a 64oz blending jar, tamper, and book containing recipes.

Self-Detect Blending Jar

The Vitamix 750 and the Vitamix a3500 both come with a 64oz blending jar. These jars are ideal for family meals or professional use at restaurants. These blends are ideal to make large batches.

The 64oz blending jar that comes with the Vitamix a3500 differs from the one that comes with the Vitamix 750. The one that comes with the Vitamix a3500 is a self-detect blending jar. This means that as soon as you attach the blending jar, the blender will detect this jar and automatically recognize its size.

In addition to recognizing the size of the blending jar, your Vitamix a3500 will also adjust all speeds and times to suit the size of the attached blending jar. This forms part of the state of the art Vitamix ascent series smart blending features.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Vitamix 750 vs A3500

Q.) How many years’ worth of warranty do I get on the Vitamix a3500 and 750?

The Vitamix a3500 offers a longer warranty of ten years, whereas the Vitamix 750 only offers a warranty that lasts seven years.

Q.) How should I go about cleaning the Vitamix a3500?

Vitamix a3500 is one of Vitamix’s self-cleaning blenders. You would hardly have to undergo any guesswork with this process because there is a self-cleaning preprogrammed cycle. All you have to do is put a few drops of your favorite dishwashing soap into the blending jar then select the self-cleaning preprogrammed cycle.

Your Vitamix a3500 blender will be clean within a minute. This cleaning process can also be implemented with the Vitamix 750 because it is also a self-cleaning blender.

Q.) Do these blenders, the Vitamix a3500 and the Vitamix 750, work at 220V?

No, these blenders should not be used at 220 volts. It is recommended that you use the Vitamix 750 and the Vitamix a3500 at 120 volts.

Q.) Can I make pancake batter in the Vitamix 750?

Yes, you can make pancake batter with the Vitamix 750. You can virtually make anything that you want in the Vitamix 750 because it forms part of the professional series. One of Vitamix’s main goals is to ensure that their blenders are as versatile as they can make them.

It would be safe to assume that blenders that are built for professional use would be highly versatile. Pancake batter is practically child’s play for this high-spec professional blender.

Q.) Can I use my Vitamix a3500 blend hot ingredients in blending jar?

Yes, you can blend hot ingredients in your Vitamix a3500 blending jar. Your Vitamix a3500 blender can heat mixtures to 170 degrees. However, you should avoid blending ingredients that exceed this temperature. Doing so could damage your blending jar.

Q.) Would a tamper from another series work with my Ascent series Vitamix blender?

Yes, you can use a tamper from another series with the Ascent series blenders but there are a few conditions. The tamper should correspond to the blending jar size. If you had a tamper from a G-series 64 ounce blending jar, then that tamper can work with the Ascent series 64 ounce blending jar.

Q.) Will my tamper holder, from a previously owned Vitamix blender, work with the Vitamix a3500?

The standard tamper holder is solely compatible with the C-series and the G-series Vitamix blenders. However, Vitamix is developing a tamper holder that can work with the Vitamix Ascent series.

Q.) Can I use my old containers on my Vitamix a3500 motor base?

No, you cannot use an old container with the Vitamix a3500 motor base, unless the old container is a self-detect container. The previous Vitamix blending jars are not equipped with self-detect technology.

If you attach such a blender to the Vitamix a3500 motor base, the blender will not start because the blender will not be able to recognize the attached blending jar and adjust the settings accordingly.

Q.) What is meant by Self-Detect?

The self-detect technology is a cornerstone of what makes the Vitamix Ascent series so distinct from the other Vitamix series and other blenders in general. Self-detect means that your blender will automatically recognize the blending jar that is attached to it as soon as it is attached.

Once the blending jar has been recognized, the blender will adjust all the speed settings according to the size of the blending jar that is attached to it.

The self-detect technology also provides you with some safety functions. If the jar that is placed on the motor base is not properly attached, your Vitamix a3500 will not start. The same is true if the removable blades are not set properly.

Q.) Can I extend my warranty on these Vitamix blenders?

Yes, you can extend the warranty on your Vitamix blenders. To extend the warranty, you will have to contact the supplier and you will also have to pay for this warranty extension.

Q.) Why is my hot soup function no longer working on my Vitamix a3500?

Smaller blending jars do not have vented lids to allow the steam to flow out like the larger blending jars. If you are using an 8oz blending jar or even a 20oz blending jar, that hot soup function will automatically be disabled because of the absence of a vented lid.

Q.) Why does the digital timer on my Vitamix a3500 count up sometimes and on other occasions, it counts down?

The digital timer on your Vitamix a3500 will count down when you are using the preprogrammed cycles. As the blender is in use, the timer will count down and display how much timer is left until your mixture is ready. Once the timer hits zero, the program will end, and the blender will automatically stop blending.

The digital timer on your Vitamix a3500 will count up when you are making use of variable speeds. The timer will display how long the blender has been in use. This eliminates the need for an external blender when making longer blends such as soups.

Q.) Can I adjust the digital timer while the blender is running?

No, you cannot adjust the digital tier while the bender is in use. If you want to adjust the timer, you will have to stop the blender and enter the desired time then run the blender again.


The Vitamix 750 and the Vitamix a3500 are both high-end blenders. The one is a professional blender while the other is a smart blender. When deciding which one of these high-end blenders is better, you should consider your needs.

These blenders are more or less the same price. They have the same basic functionality but differ in terms of their convenience.

In my opinion, the Vitamix a3500 blender is better because of the added convenience it provides with the self-detect, wireless and digital timer technology that it has been equipped with. The design of the Vitamix a3500 is also more appealing with its silhouette design and the LED touchscreen buttons.

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