Vitamix 7500 vs 5200 – Side To Side Comparison

Vitamix 5200 vs 7500 First Impression

The uncertainty about Vitamix to design unique and excellent blenders is probably out of question as per performance criteria. Their items are described and evaluated for their top-notch development, adaptability, and proficiency. 

The special brand of Vitamix creates great blenders since 1932, and more than 80 years after the fact they are as yet standing out. The former is the good dealer of all brands of blenders dependent on business numbers, audits, and tributes. The new age of G-Series acquaints 7500 with an attempt and acquire the best position.

In this survey, we will correspond the subtleties of the mentioned blenders to discover which one ends up as the winner. We will investigate frequent highlights, choices, contrasts, and similitudes before I disclose to you the features of the Vitamix brand of blender delightedly.

In the event that you need to continue ahead and simply need to be updated: The brand 7500 of blender is not the old one but newly introduced. However, with regards to picking between a portion of their top items like the samples 5200 and then 7500, even profoundly experienced clients will in general get confounded. 

The disarray comes from the way that when taking a gander at them initially, they look practically indistinguishable. In any case, both blenders vary in a few angles from their engine capacity to restless significant things like shading alternatives. Here we give a straight-on confrontation of the given items to assist in making their disparities understood.

Vitamix 5200 vs 7500 Video Test Of  Frozen Banana and Milk

Vitamix 7500 vs 5200 Review

The Review of Vitamix 5200 

vitamix 7500 vs 5200

The Vitamix 5200 in its outline is the more seasoned of both blender samples, and it was attempted and tried for quite a while which implies to make you sure that you would purchase a top item that many house clients depend on. 

This unbelievable blender sample is of the sort that even proficient gourmet experts teach with and it is available for a significant long time. What’s more, the way that is as yet a standout amongst other being sold Vitamix sample is sufficient confirmation that numerous clients actually trust its administrations. 

While it probably won’t offer an engine that would be amazing same for you jump on the unique Vitamix 7500, and its engine is incredible enough to guarantee quick and productive mixing, and it could cleave down a wide range of nourishments in no time flat. 

Additionally, for the spending customers, it is a much reasonable choice as deciding on it upon the much current 7500 which will make you save heaps of bucks. Also, this is despite the fact that both work nearly the equivalent. 

In any case, numerous clients actually grumble that the moderately taller pitcher doesn’t fit well above different kitchen sections. Clamor is likewise a noted issue corresponding to it which tends to be overly boisterous when mixing.

  • The model of this blender is tested and overviewed.
  • It is comparatively affordable.
  • It has different choices of color.

  • It could be relatively louder.
  • It has taller than other pitchers.


The Review of Vitamix 7500 

vitamix 7500 vs 5200

Vitamix is continually improving its items, and it is the reason that more cooks of house and expert culinary specialists won’t utilize some other branded blender. Even better, their fresher samples same like 7500 consistently attempt to address the downsides and inadequacies of the past ones. 

While the Vitamix 7500 probably won’t have been available however long a 5200, which is gradually drawing in an ever-increasing number of fans. It is generally on account of an all the more remarkable engine that upgrades its general exhibition.

Likewise, something that numerous clients appear to choose and the better regarding this sample is an activity characterized as a fundamentally calmer activity when contrasted with the 5200 and furthermore numerous different blenders in its group out there. 

Many different commands like that of a simpler time of this sample and thus making mixing to a lesser extent issue for you regardless of what dish you are managing are its amazing functions.

What’s more, with the moderately more limited pitcher in the specific one, this sample would fit in most cupboards very easily. Even better, the one will likewise have a more extensive base which other than making sample steadier additionally makes cleanup generally simpler. 

Yet, notwithstanding being with a more present-day blender sample, which is as yet not without flaw as certain clients think that it’s excessively costly provided even that huge contrasts are not there between these two samples. Additionally, for the cohesive people who focus much on appearance, it provides offers of less shading alternatives.


  • It has a motor with more power.
  • It does operate quietly.
  • Larger and easier to operate speed knob
  • It has relatively more price.
  • The choices of colors are limited.


Comparison of Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix 5200

The way that these are both best of Vitamix samples or blenders as of now available must provide some certainty that one can with a top-super and high-quality blender paying little mind to the sample you pick. Yet, in the event that one needs to be certain at settling on the correct decision, here are some central issues to remember.

What Is The Difference Between The Vitamix 5200 And 7500

Another age brings another arrangement of highlights and updates. How about we see it extraordinary. 

  1. The first one has an engine of 2.0 HP whereas the second one has an engine of 2.2 HP. 
  2. The latter has a heartbeat choice; the former doesn’t. 
  3. The former has a switch for fast in particular; the latter doesn’t. 
  4. The height of the former’s pitcher is more than the pitcher of the latter. 
  5. The edges of the letters are one inch more in measurement than the former. 
  6. Shading choices fluctuate and the former has a larger number of alternatives than the latter does.
  7. Overall components of the former are heightened than the latter one. 
  8. Vitamix added the cooling of fan and clamor hosing to the latter that is absolutely not there in latter.

How are both blenders similar?

The brand remains by the “on the off chance that it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset, and what was executed for quite a long time remains. 

  1. The string of power of both brands is six feet.
  2.  The two of them accompany the long term guarantee. 
  3. The pitcher’s limit stays as before of 64 ounces. 
  4. The pitchers of both brands are free of BPA and shatterproof. 
  5. Each branded model has the same speed setting. 
  6. The cutting edges are obtuse, laser-cut treated steel for the two blenders. 
  7. The two of them accompany an unclogged pressure on your fixings in the cutting edges.

Features and Options Details

We should now investigate the highlights and choices of the two brands simultaneously.

Motor Power

The engine is the motor that makes the blender work, thus this is the most essential component since enabling not you to mix anything without it. Fortunately, in the same way as other Vitamix sample blenders, these both accompany some profoundly amazing engines. 

In any case, the sample of blender 7500 appears to have an advantage here more than 5200 in light of the fact that it accompanies an all the more remarkable drive engine contrasted with the last’s pull engine. 

While for ordinary mixing errands that include standard nourishments the drive contrast probably won’t be huge, for assignments that require somewhat more force, the 7500 would be the better instrument for you. 

Likewise, other than being all the more impressive, the sample Vitamix 5700 would incorporate a more effective cooling framework to permit it for running for a long time without being overheated. Consequently, the engine that you jump on this drive is for the most part more proficient and better working.

Size of the Blade

Both of the two former and latter blenders will utilize tempered steel cutting edges, thus you could be certain that you would get the best sharp edges you can anticipate from a sample blender and these edges won’t rust or erode for the quality time of the sample blender and would thus scarcely ever need substitution. 

Notwithstanding, the comparability between the edges on these blenders retards at the material until these would come in various sizes which influences their general exhibition altogether. 

The former blender executes with a more limited sharp edge than which you jump on the latter. The edge would be 3-inches in length and furthermore fits at a moderately higher point on the grounds that the more modest pitcher width doesn’t permit this for being found lessened. 

With a sample of the latter blender, you might get an additional inch over the cutting edge and gratitude to the more extensive base plan, the edge likewise goes down a little bit more, and this provides it somewhat better hacking and mixing power. Consolidating it with a more impressive engine will provide an incredible blender.

The Capacity of the Pitcher

With regards to the pitcher limit, this might be observed in light of the fact that the two blenders will accompany a 64-ounce item pitcher bigger than what you jump on most others in their group. 

In any case, the likeness between the different pitchers will conclude at the limit since they meet in various plans. The Vitamix sample 5200 accompanies a tight and tallest pitcher while a sample of the 7500 has more limited and moderately more extensive. 

However, a pitcher on the other hand of the 5200 sample blander is approximately 20.5 inches in length which accompanies a few downsides, for example, enabling the blender to be excessively tall to find a way into some kitchen cupboards and furthermore makes it somewhat insecure. 

Vitamix sample 7500 solves these problems by diminishing the pitcher stature to 2.5 crawls to permit this being fit in most cupboards and furthermore strengthening the base more extensive to add some solidness to the sample blender.

Execution Measures

One important thing that is loved a lot by numerous individuals with sample Vitamix brand of blenders is the fact that these generally accompany straightforward controls that anybody can undoubtedly sort out. Furthermore, this is likewise valid for the samples of Vitamix brands 5200 and the 7500. 

When taking a gander at theirs controls unexpectedly, you might not notice any distinction, yet these are not totally equivalent to a couple of differentiations when you look definitely. 

The two blender samples would have the changed speed control which permits you to pick between 10 distinctive speed alternatives and obviously the two flip beautiful switches on both the privilege and the left side. 

In any case, on the left flip switch, the Vitamix 7500 will likewise incorporate a heartbeat work something you won’t jump on the 5200. And keeping in mind that you can even now utilize the beat work on the 5200, for this blender, you should utilize the on/off switch. 

Another distinction with regards to the controls is that the variable speed handle on the 7500 is essentially bigger which is intended to make it simpler to utilize.


This is practically difficult to track down a blender that could not make any commotion whatsoever is given the work component, thus as well as can be expected hope to achieve is the thing which makes as meager clamor as could be expected under the circumstances. 

Here is the sample model 7500 appears to have a critical edge as it has been worked to be up to a great 40% calmer than the Vitamix 5200. 

The producer utilizes some commotion stifling innovation to guarantee that the 7500 executes with negligible clamor while as yet keeping up the first-rate by and large execution that puts the Vitamix sample blenders on the map. 

Yet, it is additionally worth remembering that the calmer activity is just for accommodation and doesn’t improve the blender’s general presentation, thus in the event that commotion isn’t a worry to you, at that point this probably won’t be a significant thought.

Choices of the Color

For some home based cooks and the other kitchen apparatus clients, for example, culinary experts, the presence of their machines is nearly as significant as their beauty and general execution. While shading probably won’t influence how the blender performs, for certain clients, it very well may be the solitary motivation behind why they chose to pick both samples to put over one and below the rest. 

Similarly, as it has demonstrated, the standard with the vast majority of their items, Vitamix attempts to oblige various types of clients with their samples of 5200 and the 7500 blender models, in this way they would make them in different tones. 

Notwithstanding, the more seasoned 5200 model gives moderately more shading alternatives than the 7500 as you can get it in 5 choices contrasted with the last’s 3 shading decisions. You can get the Vitamix 5200 in the dark, the white, the red, the platinum, and the hardened steel while the model sample of 7500 is just accessible dark, white and red. 

Hence still around shadings, the sample 7500 is a generally fresher model, thus for upcoming model updates, the producer may give more shading alternatives.


With both samples of the Vitamix 5200 and the 7500, what you wind up paying for your blender will generally rely upon where you are purchasing, and furthermore the shading you pick on the grounds that most models have various costs for various tones. 

Provided that it might be the more up to date of the two models and will accompany an all the more remarkable engine, it should be clear that the 7500 will cost generally more than that what you can pay for the more established model. 


Q1: What size does it enclose?

A1: Enormous enough for your feline, more modest than your vehicle. Once more, I don’t have the foggiest idea why this inquiry is repeated so frequently, so permit me to respond to it. The delivery box roughly (17 x 12.5 x 15) inches (plus or minus a quarter inch each). On the off chance that their case will be bigger.

Q2: How on the planet a blender does prepare soup?

A2: A little power we call grating. Running the soup substance in the blender for around five to ten minutes (clamor, you better respite your DVR) will bring about serving temperature soup directly out of the blender. The erosion of the cutting edges will at last warm the soup and permit you to have a warm supper. That being stated, it is quicker to utilize your oven or microwave, however, that implies another grimy dish, so it is up to you.

Q3: Will it at that point warm up the smoothie, I don’t need a warmed one!?

A3: No, it won’t warm up the smoothie. The smoothie mixing takes only a couple of seconds. Not close to sufficient opportunity to warm it up. Except if you prepare a pecan and tree husk smoothie, the edges will not have enough opportunity to warm up.

 Q4: Can the resident of the US use a specific blender with his power supply?

A4: Not a chance. On an individual note, one wouldn’t get the connector. While many individuals have, the security, insurances, and force sources simply aren’t solid for their own true serenity. On the off chance that they are for yours, pull out all the stops.

Q5: ‘’Are there other pitcher choices? I do a lot of dry products, will these pitchers work?’’

A5: Slow down. Each in turn, if it’s not too much trouble indeed, there are numerous other pitcher alternatives. You can purchase various pitchers for various necessities. 

To address your other inquiry, truly, they will mix dry products. In any case, in the event that one does this a great deal, I would strongly suggest you buy a dry mix pitcher. Wet mix pitchers have marginally more slender dividers and over the long run, the dry merchandise will corrode them. It expands the microorganism’s development and endorses them many difficulties in cleaning. 

Conclusion – Vitamix 5200 Vs 5300 Which Is Better

Anybody that takes strict notice about the blenders will concur that you could never turn out badly with Vitamix as the organization makes the absolute best quality items available. Consequently, you will in any case be acceptable whether you pick the Vitamix 5200 or 7500. 

The 7500 appears to address the greater part of the inadequacies of the 5200, thus it beats the competition in the vast majority of the classifications in our standoff above. 

In the event that you are happy to spend the additional bucks to get a more current blender with a couple of overhauled highlights, for example, a different heartbeat work and an all the more remarkable engine, the Vitamix 7500 will be a decent purchase. 

However, on the off chance that these updates don’t appear to be essential to you and incline toward something more moderate, you will be alright staying with the attempted and tried Vitamix 5200.

Anyone that contemplates blenders will agree that you can never turn out severely with Vitamix as the association makes the most perfect quality things accessible. Therefore, you will regardless be adequate whether you pick the Vitamix 5200 or 7500. 

The 7500 seems to address most of the insufficiencies of the 5200, hence it beats the opposition in by far most of the groupings in our deadlock above. 

If you are glad to spend the extra bucks to get a more current blender with a few updated features, for instance, an alternate heartbeat work and an even more surprising motor, the Vitamix 7500 will be a good buy. 

In any case, in case these updates don’t seem, by all accounts, to be basic to you and grade toward something more moderate, you would be okay remaining with the endeavored and attempted Vitamix 5200.

Regardless of which model you pick, be quiet knowing these are two of the most famous models Vitamix sells in the C-Series and G-Series. They are best in class, all around made, and intended to endure forever. 

There’s an extraordinary motivation behind why they sell these two specific models by the truckloads. Really, both are champs and there will be different reasons adjacent to blender highlights and capacities that typically cause somebody to pick one over the other, with cost, as a rule, the central factor. 

On the off chance that the additional cash isn’t a factor in your buy choice, I’d suggest going with the Vitamix 7500 decisively. The progressions of this more up to date model are a huge improvement over the six-year-old 5200. 

In any case, the cash a piece of this condition can be a major hold up for certain individuals. Spending an extra $80 on an all-around costly apparatus can be somewhat difficult to stomach. In the event that that is the situation, our suggestion is to investigate the Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Next Generation model. 

This ensured, processing plant revamped bundle contains an almost spic and span Vitamix 7500, Professional Series 300, or Creations Elite, which are all basically a similar base model. You’ll likewise get a spic and span holder, alter, and formula book set. The distinction here is that reconditioned Vitamix models just boat with a five-year guarantee, rather than the standard seven. 

An industrial facility revamped bundle can save $90 over the expense of the new Vitamix 7500, which for most, is sufficient to legitimize the acquisition of the cutting edge model. 

Still not certain which Vitamix is appropriate for you, perused our full breakdown of all Vitamix models. Additionally, return to mind our advancement for other blender examinations. In the event that you haven’t decided that Vitamix is the correct brand for you, look at our Blend Tec versus Vitamix examination.

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