Vitamix Blender 6300 Review

Blenders have become an important essential equipment in the kitchen.  In a matter of minutes, you are able to create the best tasting cold or hot beverages for either yourself or a gathering. Blenders are convenient and easy to operate and there are a variety of blenders on the markets, some better than others.

Vitamix has been responsible for creating many of the best-selling quality blenders that can be found on the market such as for example the Vitamix 7500 or the subject of this article Vitamix 6300.

The 6300 is one of the best recommended models from the Vitamix C-Series line. If you enjoy creating great tasting beverages at the push of a button with minimal effort then the Vitamix 6300 is the product for you. This article will review the Vitamix 6300 in order to help you make an informed decision on whether to purchase this model or not.

Table of Features

Dimensions H: 20.3 in/ 51,4 cm

W: 8.8 in/ 20,3 cm

D: 9.0 in/ 22,9 cm

Weight 11 pounds
Motor power 1470 watts/2 hp
Electrical 120 V
Jar capacity 64 ounces low profile
Blade Thick hammer stainless steel blades
Colour Silver, white, red, black
Warranty 7 years
Pulse Function Yes


Features Of Vitamix Blender 6300


The Vitamix 6300 blender is manufactured with very powerful blades that will be able to blend a variety of ingredients into a fine mix. It is manufactured with the same type of motor as with the Vitamix 7500 that is 2hp. This powerful motor means that the Vitamix 6300 is a bit on the noisy side however the end recipe will make you overlook that con

Dimensions and Weight

The Vitamix 6300 has a height of 20.3 in/ 51,4 cm, width 8.8 in/ 20,3 cm and a depth of 9.0 in/ 22,9 cm. This makes this blender quite tall meaning that your kitchen cabinets would have to be 22 inches or higher, not good news for those who have average and low hanging cabinets. Unpacking and packing away your blender before and after use is a hassle which is why many blenders once purchased spend the rest of their lives on their owner’s kitchen counter underneath the kitchen cabinet. For this reason, it is very important that you consider the height of your kitchen counter top and if it’s under 22 inches you can consider another quality Vitamix model 7500 or look at blenders in the G-Series.


When it comes to cleaning, the Vitamix 6300 has two methods. The first method is using the pulse option on the blender. This will require you to add some water (preferably warm) inside the jar mixed with a bit of soap and then use the pulse function and allow the blender to “self-clean”. This method, however, isn’t recommended because many blender users have realized that this method doesn’t do a thorough job and over time particles left over from your ingredients may behind to discolor your jar. With this in mind, the best method to ensure that your blender is cleaned thoroughly is to manually use a sponge and give it a good scrub down. This also ultimately stops the build-up of odor in your jar.

Preset Programs

The Vitamix 6300 blender is a versatile blender that tries to cater to the needs of all its customers. This was evident in the 6300 pre-set programs that catered to those who want to create smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups. To use these functions, you simply press on what you want to make for example smoothies, and the blender will set itself and begin with your intended recipe. The 6300 also has other settings such as the 10 variable speed settings which will allow you to manually control the speed that your ingredients are blended and the pulse setting. The pulse setting is used to activate the machine temporarily or quickly refresh ingredients in the jar.

Blending Jar

The Vitamix 6300 is manufactured with a strong container originally designed for C-Series blenders. The jar is made of BPA-free glass that’s engineered to withstand the vortex as the ingredients are being blended. This vortex ensures that the ingredients are blended into a consistent mixture. This is an appealing blender because the jar is good enough to suit large families or ingredients made in large quantities. However, the size of the jar is also downfall in the sense that it will be difficult to store it in a standard cabinet


  • Motor Base
  • Classic 64-oz jar
  • Cookbook
  • DVD
  • Classic Tamper


The Vitamix 6300 has a 7-year warranty states that it covers the motor base and all other containers that are purchased together. If any of these stops working due to a defect in the material or as the result of frequent household use, Vitamix assures its customers that within 30 days their blender will be repaired free of charge. The warranty further states that however in the event that they are unable to repair or replace the damaged components they will either reimburse you your full amount or opt to give you a brand-new machine instead. They also give you the option to choose either of the two aforementioned choices, allowing you to give them written notice of whether you want a new blender or your money back.

Pros & Cons

As with every product on the market, the Vitamix 6300 has both its pros and cons that may either encourage or discourage you from making the purchase. The first of these pros is that the 6300 model is a versatile blender that enables you to make a variety of ingredients that are both wet and dry. It’s able to go from producing hot soups for cold winter days to frozen desserts on a hot day and even better yet you can make smoothies too. Some other ingredients that you can possibly make include Guacamole, Salsa, Bread dough, and Peanut Butter.

Every product has its con with every pro that it has and the Vitamix 6300 is no different. One of the first cons is that the Vitamix 6300 resembles another one of Vitamix’s products being the Vitamix 7500 in the sense that their noise levels are alike. The noise is caused due by the powerful motor that moves at tornado like speed however the noise doesn’t last very long and the end product is enough to make you overlook the noisiness.

Another con that has been documented on many review platforms is that the Vitamix 6300 has a tendency to overheat during the blending process. The Vitamix 6300 as stated before has the same powerful motor as the Vitamix 7500 however the downfall is that its cooling system is not as efficient as that of the 7500 for the kind of motor it has. This heating problem however is easily dealt with, this can be done by adding ice cubes to every recipe and this will keep the container from overheating

Frequently Asked Questions About Vitamix 6300

Q.) How, if possible, can I reset my Vitamix 6300?

A. In order to reset your Vitamix 6300, you will need to do first of unplug the blender and take off the jar. After that, you will need to blow hot air (preferably with a blow dryer) into the mid-section of the blender near the cool setting. If it’s the motor that went off then you will need to reset it by pressing the reset button at the bottom of the motor base

Q.) Does this Vitamix blender come with a tamper inside the box?

Yes, Vitamix 6300 is manufactured and packaged with a tamper

Q.) Is it possible for me to be able to use the manual settings on the Vitamix to make smoothies instead of the pre-sets?

Yes, the Vitamix 6300 allows you to use its manual setting, you simply need to set the variable speed to 1, switch it on and increase the variable speed as recommended on your recipe

Q.) How long is the warranty on the Vitamix 6300?

Vitamix 6300 has a 7-year warranty that covers the motor base and all other containers that are purchased together, and Vitamix ensures its customers that should this blender face any defects caused by regular usage, they will either replace it with a new blender or refund you your money back

Q.) Why does my Vitamix emit an odor? It has a strange smell

There are two possible reasons for this. The first is that your blender may be overheating and when this happens a burnt odor will be emitted in order to caution you, when this happens turn off the blender and unplug it. The second reason is that the jar is not being cleaned out properly. Overtime ingredients that stay in there can cause discoloring and odors

Q.) Can I use my Vitamix blender to make juice?

A. No, blenders can make juice but not of a good quality because it works differently from juicers. Blenders mix both liquids and pulps together whereas a juicer will separate the liquid from the pulp. So technical you can make juice but it will not be of the same quality

Q.) The Vitamix 6300 has a 64-ounce jar will I be able to make smaller batches?

A. Yes, with the Vitamix 6300 you are able to make any size of portions, you will just need to reduce the number of ingredients you add to your recipe


Vitamix creates some of the best blenders on the market. The Vitamix 6300 is another one of those great blenders to have been created by Vitamix and maintains the company’s reputation of manufacturing only the best quality products for its large customer base.

The Vitamix 6300 is manufactured with some great features such as for example the three pre-programmed settings which are labeled on the blender as Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Cold desserts. These settings enable you to make the best quality recipes at a click of a button all you need to do is add all of your ingredients into the blender.

These settings are accompanied by a variable speed setting that enables you to alter the speed at which the blender blends ingredients together, another great feature the Vitamix 6300 has is its pulse function.

This Vitamix product has many pros however there are some cons that you will need to take into consideration when deciding on purchasing this blender. The first noticeable con is the price tag which is quite pricey, much more than the average blender on the market.

The noise level of this blender is also loud however it is not the loudest out there, it is a powerful blender’s motor which is 2hp seems to work to its disadvantage because it is the main culprit of the noise. Vitamix 6300 has also garnered a negative reputation from its customers who have all complained that it heats up during the blending process and emits a burning odor as if it is short circuiting.

This overheating has the potential to lower the lifespan of the blender. Storing this product is another issue that you have to consider when making a purchase because it is heavier than the average blender and its height makes it too tall for many standard kitchen cabinets.

The Vitamix’s pulse, variable speed, and pre-programmed settings and just the overall quality of this Vitamix product compensate for the many cons associated with this product and it is ultimately up to you to weigh the options and decide whether it is worth buying and if it suits your needs.

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