Vitamix E310 vs 5200 In-depth Comparison [REVIEWED 2022]

The Vitamix E310 belongs to the Explorian Series and is one of the newest machines. Furthermore, it is a more advanced model than the Vitamix 5200 (previously C-Series). If both machines produce the same smoothies, soups, and baby food, why would someone choose one over the other?

In terms of technical specifications and pricing, Vitamix machines are excellent machines to own. Throughout its history, the company has strived to create a quality product for every customer and to pay close attention to every detail.

However, there are a lot of similarities between Vitamix E310 and Vitamix 5200. Thus, it is crucial that you fully understand the steps in order to avoid disappointments in the future.

A classic blender has the advantage of a larger container for when you need to make large quantities. People also feel that the blender’s quality is better than that of the more recent releases. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many people still use it for household purposes.

Although its price is high, a significant portion of the population considers it to be underpriced. At that price point, it would be nice to at least have automated blending capabilities, even if the machine’s quality and long warranty remain unmatched.

With the Vitamix E310, you can get a very similar performance to the C-series blenders at a much more affordable price. Therefore, purchasing a blender instead may make more sense if you are unable to raise $450 in one go.

Vitamix E310 vs 5200 Side-by-Side Comparison


Speed and Controls


There are 10 settings on Vitamix Explorian E310’s speed dial and a pulse mode switch. A variety of textures can be created by simply adjusting the speed. The dial can be rotated at any time during the blend.


The 10 speeds allow you to create the smoothest purées or the heartiest soups with culinary precision. You can also select ‘High’ or ‘Variable’ settings, which activate the fastest and smoothest speeds, respectively. While the manufacturer does not offer a pulse setting, you can use the on/off switch to achieve the desired level of consistency.

Almond Butter


We recently retested this blender’s almond butter performance to ensure that it continues to meet its original high standards. The result was smooth and spreadable, just like we had expected. Its score remains the same.

This blender is perfect for making almond butter. To spread butter that is smooth and spreadable, it will only take less than a minute.


There’s a lot of noise, but you have to deal with it. Peanuts are blended into delicious peanut butter.  It takes about three minutes to make a smooth, spreadable almond butter. If all the almond chunks are not incorporated, you may need to use a tamper. The 5200 scored an 8 out of 10 over the Vitamix A2500, Cuisinart Hurricane Pro, and Vitamix Pro 750, which all scored perfect 10.



It’s easy to make delicious smoothies using the Vitamix E310. In less than a minute, you can make a silky smooth smoothie. As a result of friction during the blending process, this particular drink was warmer than others. This blender has exceptionally sharp blades and a funnel-like design that makes it ideal for creating creamy purees, and smoothies are no exception.


When it comes to smoothies, the Vitamix 5200 is fantastic. In about a minute, it produces a well-blended smoothie.  Green smoothie made with the 5200 poured right through the sieve without any problems.

Crushed Ice


This blender does a fantastic job of crushing ice. This machine produces bar-quality ice in less than a minute, though the ice isn’t as smooth as it is with the Vitamix 5200 or A2500.


It was once again a good performance for the 5200. In less than 20 seconds, this blender crushed an entire pitcher of ice in the absence of any liquid. Make sure not to add more than a few ice cubes at a time so there are no chunks in the final product.




Explorer E310 blender only has a footprint of 11 inches by 8 inches/ 28 cm by 20 cm and does not occupy much counter space in your kitchen. This base unit fits under cabinets up to 18 inches/46 cm high and has a profile of 18 inches/46 cm. The 4.5ft cord is neatly tucked under the base of the machine.


This Vitamix machine is a standard size with a footprint of 8.75 inches x 7.25 inches, and a height of 20 inches including the pitcher and lid. The weight of the device is about 11 lbs. You should know that this machine won’t fit under the standard kitchen cabinets.

Its 60 Volt, 3-pronged, power cord measures 6 ft. in length, with the remaining section conveniently tucked away under the base.

For stability, the unit has rubber feet which keep it on the counter during processing.

With all accessories, user manuals, and cookbooks, the shipping weight comes to 16.1 pounds.

Build Quality


The build quality of this blender is excellent. Metal and plastic combine to make this sturdy machine similar to the Vitamix A2500. It looks and feels very premium and high-end, and it doesn’t have any noticeable flaws.


There is no doubt that the Vitamix 5200 is built to last. It is primarily made of metal and plastic, which makes it feel solid and sturdy. As well as being long and thick, the power cord is thick. It feels like a premium blender overall.

Main Jar


In comparison to the larger 64-ounce full-sized containers that come with the Explorean E320 and the Vitamix 750, the Vitamix E310 container is medium-sized (48 ounces).

This Vitamix E310 medium container is usually an excellent choice for most blending jobs, because it is shallow so it will fit under your kitchen cabinets more readily than taller containers, since it measures just 18 inches above its bottom level while most kitchen cabinets have higher shelves.

In some cases, you may require a larger container. The company does not recommend using large containers with the E310, even though Vitamix sells them separately. Large containers are not designed for the E310.


This model comes with a 64 oz high-profile container. With its 20-inch height, it may be hard to fit under a kitchen cabinet of average size. Our recommendation would be to check out the Vitamix 7500, Professional Series 750, and 780 models, which have a lower-profile container.

When preparing food just for yourself, the 5200’s container can handle smaller batches. For smaller batches, you do not need to purchase a separate 32 oz or 48 oz container. The height of the jar is 17.5″ without the lid.

Copolyester is used in the pitcher to make it impact-resistant. New and advanced materials are free of BPA. Food and drink containers made of copolyester have been approved by the FDA.

An antislip rubber pad supports the container. In comparison to other models, this model is more stable as it reduces vibrations while it works.



The E310 blender features a 48 oz narrow-body jar with 3 inches of blades.

All blades are laser-cut from stainless steel of aircraft quality, while the drive system is all metal to ensure perfect work. Vitamix machines all have ball bearing blade systems, which means they are more efficient, have a longer life expectancy, and use less energy.


Vitamix 5200 Standard blenders have a 3inch container, four four prong “wet”-type interlocking steel blades, and hardened aircraft quality stainless steel blades. A hardened plastic drive socket secures the blade to the container’s outer side. In order to remove the blade, you will need an additional wrench (which is not included with the set). There is no need to remove the blade, since it became blunt with use, was designed to be dull as a butter knife, and does not need to be sharpened.

The “wet” blade can be used to blend liquids, blend frozen ingredients, create sauces, soups, purees, batters, wet chop grain, grind it dry, and knead it. If you do a lot of grinding, milling, or kneading, you can purchase a dry blade container.



This lid is the same as the one for the Vitamix 5200. It is clipped onto the jar with two tabs to help keep it in place. You can remove the middle part, so you have a pretty large opening to add whatever you like during or after blending. Furthermore, it’s dishwasher safe.


This Vitamix 5200’s lid is made of molded rubber and fastened securely with two tabs. There is a two-inch-diameter hole at the center of the lid, which is closed with a clear polyester cap. During the blending process or when adding extra food, the hole is designed to release steam.

Hand-washing is the only method to clean the lid, just like the jar.

Power Cord


There is enough length in the long power cord to reach most of the outlets near your counter. The cable can be stowed away in a compartment when not in use, but it can sometimes be difficult to stow away.


Most outlets are reachable with the long and thick power cord on this blender. You can also store the device when it isn’t needed.

In The Box


The kit includes a motor base, a 48-ounce main jar, a two-part lid, a mini-tamper, and a recipe book.


A six-foot and one-half-amp cord is included with the motor base and 64 ounce container; the getting started guide and DVD; and two 2-peak HP motors.


Programs / Modes


This blender also does not have any modes or programs. When you have reached the desired consistency, you must manually turn off the blender.


Programs and modes are not available in this blender. Check out the Vitamix A2500 blender if you need something with more features.



Dishwasher-safe lids, blades, and tamper are fitted to E310 jar. If you choose to clean it by yourself, you must follow a few simple steps: (1) rinse jug thoroughly, (2) soak it in warm water for half a minute, and add a couple drops of soap, and (3) whirl it for 30 seconds, (4) rinse it once more and wipe it dry with a cloth.

If you blend a thick mixture before putting the jar in the dishwasher or letting the machine automatically clean it, it may need extra hand cleaning to remove all leftovers or a couple of 30-second cleaning cycles to wash the sticky food off.


If you blend liquids or nonsticky ingredients, this machine is generally easy to clean. You only need a few drops of soap to fill up the half-full container, run the blender on High speed for 20 to 40 seconds, and rinse with hot water. As a result of the vortex generated, the blades and container sides will be thoroughly cleansed. Wipe the container dry after rinsing with a towel or cloth to keep it clear and unclouded. A dishwashing brush and soap can also be used to clean the jar by hand.

While the narrow bottom high profile Vitamix 5200 container can be cleaned easily, it is not the best choice if you are processing thick materials such as nut butter or hummus. Under the blades, you cannot wipe out sticky residue with its narrow bottom. Using the under-blade scraper or soaking the jug in soapy water for 1–3 minutes will yield the best results. Once all leftovers are gone, run the blender several times until no more remains.

Dishwasher washing is not recommended for this container.

Extra Features


In terms of features, the Vitamix Explorian blends simply and without a lot of extras. This blender is perfect for blending hot liquids such as soups and sauces. A tamper is also included for mixing thicker mixes.


There aren’t many extra features or accessories on this blender. With its hot blend ability, you can make soups and sauces. Additionally, it comes with a tamper that helps move the food inside the blender during mixing, unlike the KitchenAid Diamond. The blender is, however, pretty straightforward.

Our Verdict

There are many similarities between the Vitamix Explorian E310 and Vitamix 5200. Each of them has a fairly straightforward design, but gives a very versatile performance overall. Pulse mode is available on the Explorian E310, while High and Variable speed settings are available on the Explorian 5200. In comparison to the 5200, the E310 can produce bar-quality crushed ice in far less time. If you blend sticky batches like almond butter, the 5200 is much easier to clean up.


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