Vitamix E310 vs Vitamix 5300

Vitamix can easily be considered to be one of the best in the kitchen blender making business. They offer blenders that can satisfy every need. Vitamix has released several blenders in an attempt to cater to all blending needs. When opting to purchase a blender, Vitamix will undoubtedly have a blender that can satisfy your needs with impeccable precision.

The Vitamix e310 is a compact but powerful kitchen blender that is more storage friendly. On the other hand, the Vitamix 5300 offers a larger capacity than the Vitamix E310. But which blender is better?

I have compiled a comprehensive comparison of these two Vitamix blenders to help you decide which blender is better suited to satisfy your needs.

Comparison Table Of Vitamix E310 and 5300

  Vitamix e310 Vitamix 5300
Blades Sharp four-point stainless steel Sharp four-point stainless steel
Heating technology
Jar Capacity 48oz 64oz
Variable Speeds ten ten
Dimensions 7.25 x 8.75 x 17.25 inches 7.25 x 8.75 x 17.25 inches


Motor power 2 hp 2.2 hp
Speed Not as fast Faster
Warranty Five years Seven years
Blending Jar 48 ounce 64 ounce
Accessories Motor base


comprehensive recipe book

Motor base


Beginner’s guide


Dishwasher safe
Price Not as Pricey Pricier



Similarities Between Vitamix E320 and Vitamix 5300

Pulse Technology

Both blenders come with pulse technology. This pulse technology is included in a vast majority of Vitamix blenders. This pulse technology allows you to have a consistent texture. It is ideal for making chunky recipes or making a thick blend.

Heat Functionality

Neither one of these blenders can generate heat to produce hot blends. This means that you cannot put ingredients in these blends and make hot soup from scratch. However, both blenders can blend hot ingredients, they just cannot produce their own heat.


Both blenders have sharp blades. The blades have four ends and are not removable. These blades coupled with the powerful motors can pulverize your ingredients to perfection.

Variable Speeds

The e310 Vitamix and the Vitamix 5300 both have ten controllable speed controls.


Both blenders come with tampers to make your blending process easier.

Differences Between Vitamix e320 and Vitamix 5300


One of the main reasons why people opt for Vitamix blenders is their distinctly powerful blenders. The motor power differs between different Vitamix series and also between blenders in the same series.

The Vitamix 310 has a 2-horsepower motor. While the Vitamix 5300 comes with a 2.2-horsepower motor. Even though the Vitamix e310 is smaller than the other Vitamix models, it still has a rather powerful motor. On the other hand, the Vitamix 5300 has a more powerful motor than the Vitamix e310. This means that the Vitamix 5300 can achieve a greater range of textures than the Vitamix e310.


Although both blenders offer variable controls to operate the speed. The Vitamix e310 has 10 speed controls. These variable controls allow you to adjust the blending speed even during the blend. These controls give you full control over your blends. The speeds can be adjusted with little effort by making use of a rotating speed dial.

As is indicated by the difference in motor power, the 5300Vitamix is more powerful when being compared to the Vitamix e310 which means that it is able to operate at greater speeds than the Vitamix e310. You will be able t blend things or achieve textures that you can not with the Vitamix e310.


The Vitamix e310 is a smaller, more family and storage friendly blender. This blender can fit under your counter. However, the Vitamix 5300 is larger, as are the typical Vitamix blenders. The exact dimensions are:

Vitamix E310: 7.25 x 8.75 x 17.25 inches

Vitamix 5300: 7.25 x 8.75 x 17.25 inches


The Vitamix e310 offers a five-year warranty, while the Vitamix 5300 offers a seven-year warranty. The two extra years of warranty offer greater security on your blender. When dealing with blenders as expensive as Vitamix blenders, knowing that you have two extra years of warranty can honestly take some weight off your shoulders.


The Vitamix e310 comes with a 48oz blending jar. The blending jar is ideal for blending small family beverages or meals. The Vitamix 5300 has a 64oz blending jar that can be used to process large batches. If you have a larger family or intend on making larger batches, the Vitamix 5300 would be ideal for you.

The larger blending jar that is offered by the Vitamix 5300, allows you to save time by blending larger batches at once. However, if you have a smaller family or only intend on processing medium-sized batches, the Vitamix e310 would be best for you.


The Vitamix e310 comes with a tamper, comprehensive recipe book, and the 48oz blending jar. The Vitamix 5300 comes with a tamper, a beginner’s guide, a motor base, and a 64oz blending jar.

Both these blenders offer a basic array of accessories.

Cleaning Ease

Everyone wants a blender that is simple to operate and simple to clean after using it. The ideal blender is one that can make exactly what you want and can be cleaned within minutes. The Vitamix e310 has been built in a manner that enables it to clean itself. All you have to do is drop a few drops of dishwashing soap along with some water then run the blender and allow it to do all the dirty work for you. Not only can the Vitamix e310 clean itself but it is also dishwasher safe. Both the jar and the blades are dishwasher safe.

The Vitamix 5300 can also perform some self-cleaning but the 64oz blending jar is not dishwasher safe. The four-point sharp blades are also not dishwasher safe. This creates a rather uncomfortable and possibly dangerous situation. The blades have been made razor-sharp, yet not dishwasher safe. It is quite possible that the self-cleaning function will not leave your Vitamix 5300 looking spotless and you would have to clean it manually. The blades could harm you if you are negligent while cleaning them.


The Vitamix e310 is smaller and less powerful than the Vitamix 5300. These differences also make up the price difference. The Vitamix e310 has been designed to be a more affordable home blender for families. Vitamix blenders are generally expensive and are a form of luxury but the Vitamix e310 allows you to save a few dollars while treating yourself to luxury.

However, the extra two years of warranty, more powerful motor, and the more sophisticated design of the Vitamix 5300 could be worth the extra few bucks. When purchasing an expensive machine such as a Vitamix blender, you should aim to maximize your warranty because of the security it gives you. The Vitamix5300 motor housing also gives this blender longer durability than the Vitamix e310 which makes it worth your money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vitamix E310 vs 5300

Q.) Does the Vitamix e310 come with preprogrammed blending cycles?

No, the Vitamix e310 does not come with built-in pre-programmed cycles. However, the Vitamix e310 has controllable variable speeds. These controls allow you to fully control your blends even when the blender is in use. It also comes with pulse technology for added control.

Q.) Do the Vitamix e30 and the Vitamix 5300 come with built-in timers?

No, the Vitamix e310 and the Vitamix 5300 do not come with built-in timers. However, if this is an issue, you can purchase an external timer and make use of the variable controls to counter this issue.

Q.) How well does the Vitamix 5300 operate when blending frozen ingredients?

It is able to cut frozen goods with great ease. The blender is quite powerful so frozen ingredients such as frozen fruits and vegetables are no trouble for this powerhouse blender.

Q.) How long would it take me to make Almond nut butter with the Vitamix e310 and the Vitamix 5300?

It would take about a minute to make a perfectly smooth almond nut butter with the Vitamix e310.

It would take approximately three minutes to make a chunk-free almond nut butter with the Vitamix 5300.

Q.) How would my daily use of the Vitamix 5300 affect its durability?

Your Vitamix 5300 will last for many years even if it is used daily for years. With proper care, your blender can last many years. Once you start using your Vitamix blender, you would not be able to imagine cooking without your Vitamix blender.

Q.) Which of these blenders have a longer power cord?

The 5300 Vitamix blender comes with a longer power cord of 6.2 ft. than the Vitamix e310 that has a cord length of 3.9 ft.

Q.) Is the Vitamix 5300 dishwasher friendly?

No, the Vitamix 5300 is not dishwasher friendly. However, it can be cleaned by making use of the self-cleaning functionality.

Q.) Is the Vitamix e310 dishwasher safe?

Yes, The Vitamix e310 is dishwasher safe. It is also equipped with self-cleaning functionalities for maximum cleaning convenience.

Q.) Why is my Vitamix blender releasing a burnt odor?

When you blend heavy loads, the motor will emit this burning odor. When your blender overheats, it will also emit a burning odor. To counter this, you should switch off your Vitamix blender for approximately 45 minutes to allow it to cool down for a bit. If the room temperature is high, the 45 minutes may be extended. To manually cool your blender down, you should remove the blending jar and unplug the blender, then use your hair drier on the cool air setting to blow cool air directly into the center of the motor base.

Q.) How long are the warranties on the Vitamix 5300 and the Vitamix e310?

You will receive five years of warranty with the Vitamix e310 whereas you will receive seven years of warranty with the Vitamix 5300. These warranties can be extended when you contact the manufacturer. However, the warranty extension will cost you a few bucks.

Q.) Does my Vitamix 5300 come with preprogrammed blending cycles?

No, the Vitamix 5300 is not equipped with preprogrammed blending cycles but it is equipped with variable speed controls and pulse technology functionality.

Q.) What can I do to prevent my Vitamix blender from overheating?

Access quantity that you placed in the blending jar:

When your blender is too full of large and heavy ingredients, it may hinder your Vitamix blender’s performance. You should try to reduce the ingredient quantity that you place inside your blender. Your blender will perform better and without the excess strain on the motor, the motor will function at safe temperatures instead of overheating.

Make use of the tamper:

If your ingredients are not flowing freely inside the blending jar, your blender will overheat. To prevent this from happening, but the tamper from the gap on your lid while the blender is running. The tamper will direct the food away from the jar walls to the center so that they can be in direct contact with the blending blades.

Q.) Why is my Vitamix blender refusing to start?

All Vitamix blenders are equipped with Automatic Overload Protection, in an attempt to protect your blender from overheating. If your motor overheats then you should switch off your Vitamix blender for approximately 45 minutes to allow it to cool down for a bit. If the room temperature is high, the 45 minutes may be extended.

To manually cool your blender down, you should remove the blending jar and unplug the blender, then use your hair drier on the cool air setting to blow cool air directly into the center of the motor base.


Both Blenders are highly impressive. The best blender for you would be the one that best satisfies your needs. The Vitamix e310 is a perfect fit for a small household. I say household because it has been designed to be a household blender.

Especially if you have an issue with space, the Vitamix would be perfect for you because of its smaller design. This blender is also more affordable and would be kinder to your budget. The Vitamix e310 has the added advantage of being dishwasher safe.

However, if you are on the hunt for a more powerful and bigger blender then you should opt for the Vitamix 5300. This blender would be ideal for a larger family or if you want a blender with greater output levels and your budget is no obstacle.

Both blenders are exceptionally durable, so choose your blender wisely because it will be around for quite some time.


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