Vitamix Vs Food Processor

Are you confused about choosing the right appliance for your kitchen? 


Do you want to upgrade your kitchen with something value for money?

When it comes to buying, everyone wants the best for their kitchen. Vitamix machines and Food processors are game changers and can make our life easy. They are ideal kitchen tools with modern technology and smart features inbuilt which makes our day-to-day kitchen tasks simple and fast.

But, buying both Vitamix Blender and Food processor is not practical and they both are versatile and differ in their own categories they serve for.  The Vitamix machine is a high-performance blender with powerful speed settings that allows you to refine every texture with culinary precision.

It chops over smooth purees for recipes such as thick vegetable soups or creamy curries. On the other hand, food processors are at par in slicing, shredding, and grating ingredients as they have additional disks to cut the food items. Food processors can also turn butter into a thick dough while a Vitamix would just gum it all together.

Vitamix vs Food Processor

Vitamix and Food Processor machines are both a quintessential kitchen tool which excels in their respective fields.

Like, Vitamix wins in preparing smoothies, purees, and mouth-watering desserts whereas Food Processors are at par in labor-intensive tasks like slicing and shredding, as it comes with several attachments made for various functional purposes.

They both use powerful motors and blades to accomplish the task but in different mechanisms. But typically, Vitamix blender is a game-changer with more horsepower and which wins over Food Processors in blending foods quickly whereas the latter has removable razor blades which make slicing food items super easy and convenient, plus it comes with several disks and attachments which is made for different complex works.

If you’re confused in choosing the right tool for your kitchen then, you must think about the type of cooking you usually prefer. Like, if you’re more into smoothies and beverages or more into liquefying food ingredients then, Vitamix Blender will be the definite choice. And if you want to use an appliance more for chopping and slicing veggies, shredding cheese and butter, preparing thick pizza dough then, go for the Food Processor.

It is obvious that most of us have minimal storage space or cannot afford both the appliances. We just want something versatile and value for money that could perform all the household tasks perfectly. Perhaps, nobody can win over each other as both are meant for different tasks, but few high-speed Vitamix blenders can do the job of the Food processor if they have interchangeable blades.

The right choice lies in comparing the features, reviews, pros, and cons of each of the kitchen appliances listed below according to your usage. The better appliance is the one which will fulfill all your necessities. 

Vitamix Blender Review

The Vitamix blender is a versatile, reliable, and powerful blender ideal for all your blending requirements. The Vitamix bender series lies among Amazon’s top best-selling countertop blenders. Vitamix is more of a convenient machine that is easy to clean as its blades remain intact and wash off the residue with dish soap and warm water.

It also has a pulse feature that chops over smooth purees for recipes such as thick vegetable soups or creamy curries and can produce bar-quality ice in around 30 seconds. Vitamix has a very strong and powerful motor which makes it stand out from other blenders. Vitamix wins in preparing smoothies, chutneys, yummy desserts and serves most of the kitchen purpose. 

Vitamix Blender is a worthy investment to put in for the long run as it will serve all the purposes of your house.



  1. Self-cleaning.
  2. In-built smart system technology.
  3. Remarkable build quality.
  4. Excellent at making smoothies, soups, and bar-quality ice.
  5. Comes with a solid 5-year warranty and 10 years of warranty for the high-end models.



  1. The blades are laser cut so it’s not sharp.
  2. Bulky design
  3. Noisy
  4. Non- removable blades.


Top Three Vitamix Blenders In The Market

1.) Vitamix Explorian Blender

Vitamix Vs Food Processor

Want a budget-friendly blender?

Then, Vitamix Explorian is good to go and offers pretty much everything. It comes with durability, versatility, a powerful motor, and a 5-year warranty. It is known for its compactness and is the best on a budget.

It is the top-selling Vitamix blender on Amazon.

2.) Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix Vs Food Processor

If you’re looking for something best for home use and for your day-to-day cooking then Vitamix 5200 from the Legacy series is a professional and excellent blender that comes with seven years of warranty.

It is a blender that will serve you with your breakfast in the morning to soups at night. It is made for daily use and has an in-built safety mode that enables it to shut down automatically to prevent damage. This machine is the best value for money.

3.) Vitamix 750 Blender

Vitamix Vs Food Processor

Are you looking for a blender for professional use?

Then, Vitamix 750 will be the right choice as it comes with a powerful motor of 1640 watts, a 10-speed dial, and a pulse mode. This machine is known for its convenience and reliability. It is perfect for the people who want a blender occupying minimum space and offering the best features at this price point. This blender comes with the best features but with no additional technology.

Out of these three mentioned, if you’re looking for a Vitamix Blender with the newest and advanced technology. Then, go for VITAMIX A5200 BLENDER which comes with a five-star rating on Amazon. It has five program settings, auto-adjust function, minimal size, and built-in digital time and speed control.


Do you consider Vitamix as overpricing and not worth your penny?

Then, I must tell that this investment could be considered worth the financial implications due to its impressive durability. Quite a few individuals have purchased this product and have been beyond satisfied. This bender is worth every penny because it is of high quality and reliability.

If you buy cheap, you’re likely to buy twice. So, if you’re looking for something best for your kitchen, always consider its quality and durability.  And, when it comes to Vitamix blenders you always get what you pay for.


Food Processor Review

A food processor is a multi-utility and multi-tasking kitchen tool which easily grinds, minces, shreds, and chops all the ingredients in adequate proportions. Having a food processor at home is like having a cook assist to prepare the salsa, tomato purees, fruit shakes in just 10 to 15 seconds.

It slices and chops the veggies in the finest manner possible, makes sure that the consistency and texture are maintained and not over-processed. It comes with additional disks and attachments which perform different functions from whipping an egg to slice the potatoes for French fries. It has separate attachments for preparing citrus and vegetable juices which makes the items ready in a minimum time.

 Food processors do not require any liquid for processing the food ingredients, unlike the Vitamix Blender which demands it for proper blending.



  1. Removable and larger blades.
  2. Best for chopping, mincing, grating, and slicing food items.
  3. Wide mixing bowls.
  4. Several attachments and additional disks for different functions.
  5. Time-saving.
  6. Versatile.



  1. It cannot load up the ingredients full in its container.
  2. Cannot blend liquids
  3. Cannot process heavy food items.


Top Three Food Processors In The Market

1.) Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor 1000

Vitamix Vs Food Processor

If you’re looking for a quality product then, look forward to Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor 1000. It is the most-liked and appreciated product sold on Amazon only at $89.99. It is the most powerful food processor of 1000 Watts sold under $100, which can grind the toughest ingredients easily. It is known for its performance and versatility. It has 4 Auto-iQ Preset modes which can do slicing to shredding just at one smart touch. It comes with a dishwasher safe and self-cleaning function which makes cleaning very quick and simple.

2.) Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor

Vitamix Vs Food Processor

This food processor is the most versatile significant kitchen tool which comes with many features and benefits. It has a 14 cup capacity which is durable and can handle labor-intensive works. It is sold on Amazon at $199 with the highest reviews and ratings. Along with this, it has a stainless steel slicing disc which offers a medium range of shredding and chopping. It has a powerful motor of 720 Watt which makes it handy and super fast in chopping a whole food item in just a few seconds.

3.) Black+decker 8-cup Food Processor

Vitamix Vs Food Processor

This food processor is known for its reliability and quality. It comes with an 8 cup capacity and 2 years of warranty.

It is sold on Amazon at $32 with high ratings and reviews. It has a removable lid which makes cleaning very easy and simple. The large stainless steel blades are convenient and long-lasting. It has a power of 450 Watts which is useful for shredding and cutting purposes.

Out of these three, if you’re looking for something ultimate, versatile, compact, and which can handle complex tasks in seconds then, go for the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor. This product is known for its versatility in handling multiple tasks and its outstanding performance. It comes with an adjustable 24 settings slicer range which can turn ingredients thick or thin.


Food processors are considered an essential tool for every modern kitchen.

But, the question is should you buy one?

Before, choosing the right one, do consider the pros and cons of the appliance, its versatility, and features. Food processors are at par in handling thick texture like butter, nuts, and dough. It is gaining popularity day by day due to its advanced technological functions built in the high-end appliances. Food processors have the additional advantage of having several disks and attachments for serving different functions. Now, it’s up to you to consider the whole scenario while making the right decision. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) When should we use a Vitamix Blender?

A.) Vitamix Blender is known for its versatility in blending tasks. If you’re more into soups, desserts, smoothies, and purees then, it is advisable to use the Vitamix Blender as it is at par in blending the food items because of its powerful motor and multi-utility functions.

Q.) When should we use a Food Processor?

A.) Food Processor is a significant kitchen tool that is known for its consistency and texture it leaves after chopping, grating, slicing, and mincing. It has adjustable disks to finely chop and grate food ingredients. It is the most reliable and efficient tool to use when you have more complex tasks to do at a minimal time.

Q.) Which is better- Vitamix or a Food Processor?

A.) Vitamix is at par on blending and is good in handling more liquids like smoothies, purees, soups, etc due to its optimized blades. It comes with a powerful motor and a self-cleaning function that cleans itself with warm soap water which makes it versatile and superior to a Food Processor in many ways.

Q.) Can I use my Vitamix blender as a Food Processor?

A.) Yes, you can use your Vitamix blender in place of a Food Processor in chopping and grinding jobs but it cannot replace it in slicing works as a Vitamix has blunt laser-cut blades. Vitamix does well in most of the household works and can prepare a variety of dishes but lacks behind in slicing food ingredients.

Q.) Which will last longer- Vitamix or a Food Processor?

A.) Vitamix is known for its durability and built-in quality which stands out from most of the standard Food Processors. Food Processors mostly come with weaker disks and attachments which break over time and cannot last long.

Q.) Which Food Processor blender combo is the best?

A.) The latest Food Processor blender combo is a game-changer that uses a high-powered base motor that does the work of both a blender and a Food Processor. Instead of buying a Food Processor separately, you can purchase the 12-cup food processor from Vitamix which is the perfect combo product for the kitchen.

Q.) Should I get a Vitamix or a Food Processor?

A.) The answer really depends on you and the reason for which you require a kitchen appliance at home. A blender and a Food Processor both are different and versatile in their own categories, so buying either of them would not make you regret it unless you consider the reason or purpose of purchasing.

Q.) Do you need both a blender and a Food Processor?

A.) Blender can handle mostly liquids like smoothies and purees way better than a Food Processor whereas a Food Processor does the job of grinding, chopping, and shredding. So, if you consider both the cases then you will require both a blender and a Food Processor. But, mostly a sharp knife can do the chopping and grinding tasks easily, whereas we cannot compromise in blending as nothing can beat the fine texture from a Vitamix blender.

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