What Are The Best Oranges For Juicing?

Fresh orange juice is one of your favorite quenchers. They are also a significant vitamin C source, avoid harm to the skin, help prevent cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and decrease cancer risk.

To obtain all these advantages, you need the best orange juicing. There is a wide variety of oranges on the market, although not all of them are juicy.

In reality, there are over 600 varieties of oranges. But did you realize that certain forms are more potent than others when it comes to orange juicing?

In this post, we will list the world’s best oranges suited for juicing, as well as their respective health benefits.


Best for Juicing Oranges

Some oranges taste tangy while others are sweet. The sort of orange you want to juice can give birth to a particular type of juice. Many people even render connoisseurs with multiple oranges to make a single cup of juice.

There are some finest juiced oranges. I choose them according to supply, juiciness, sweets, and how easy they are to pick.

Another thing to bear in mind is that while you can purchase oranges year-round, their flavor can change depending on the season.

1. Sweet Naval Orange

If you want a sweeter juice, navel orange juice is excellent. This is the most common form of oranges on the market that are large and seedless.

They taste amazing, too. They’re not too sweet, making them perfect as a stand-alone juice.

Navel oranges are found all year round, but winter is the perfect time to buy them.

Navel oranges are readily recognizable since the orange end appears like a human navel. Navel orange juice’s one drawback is that you can’t store it long.

They contain in their flesh limonin, a natural and antioxidant compound. Limonin is exposed to air, and the juice gets bitter, so it’s better to consume it straight away.

Naval orange is known for defending against heart failure, cancer, and diabetes. It also improves blood pressure, immunity, and general health.

2. Valencia

Named after Spain’s city of Valencia, these oranges are available all year long, from April to December. Industrial juice producers choose these oranges because of their sweet tastes and incredible yield.

Valencia oranges produce few seeds that make preparation simpler and allow optimum juice extract.

Nutrients are high in fiber and potassium. These minerals effectively combat cancers and benefit heart function.

For Valencia oranges, you don’t have to think about limonin, so the orange juice lasts longer.

The juice is also vigorous, vividly colored, is a very well-balanced tasty-tart taste that will help you combat the summer sun.

​3. Blood

The blood orange obviously has a rich reddish hue. That’s why it’s called orange blood.

The hue of this orange is so red owing to the existence of a compound called anthocyanin. Vitamin C and A in it enhance skin wellbeing.

The taste of this orange is sweeter, making it a perfect orange for juicing.

This not only brings a fabulous color and taste to your drink; it has a higher level of antioxidant than typical oranges.

This orange is cultivated in Spain and India. Due to strong demand, however, they are now also produced in California and Florida. Yet, these have a limited season, which results in less in different regions worldwide.

​4. Tangelo

The juicy and delicious tangelo is characterized by a firm navel and a rich orange color. Although tangelos are weaker than other oranges, they’re still far more juicy and sweeter and are a perfect competitor for juicing oranges.

This is a particular category, derived from a blend of more succulents Pomelo. Although this variation is totally new, the flavor is always pleasant and juicy.

Tangelos are rich in vitamin A, improving your visual wellbeing and benefiting your teeth and bones from the inclusion of nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, and calcium.

There are currently two forms of tangelos on the market.

Honeybell: This taste is sweet, and it’s pretty juicy. There is also no tartness in these.

Orlando: These are often mildly sweet and tart. However, they have more seed than the previous variety.

Although the fruit is very different from its contemporaries, it is only grown from January to February.

​5. Satsuma

This is part of the mandarin oranges family, which has a sweeter feel and fewer seeds. They are simple to peel and have a less savory pulp.

Satsuma improves digestive health and has an excellent soluble fiber, which regulates cholesterol levels. It also offers mental health assistance.

Only in California and on the Gulf Coast are these oranges grown. The fruit season is also short, and hence the availability is reduced.


Time to purchase Orange

Cultivation methods have improved tremendously. It is why oranges are abundant during the year now. But the best season to purchase oranges continues from November until January.

Still, if you purchase oranges in the year, prepare for the altered flavor. Only regular oranges will produce the best orange juice.

Please ensure they are accessible in deep orange when searching for the best oranges offseason. You may purchase any category, but know the color and constancy of the orange.

In addition,  the weighty oranges are better for juicing to ensure that the fruit you purchase is strong.


Newly squeezed juice vs. store-bought

What are the best oranges for juicing

There will be a major gap between fresh orange juice you’ve juiced at the household and orange juice you’ve purchased at the grocery store.

Store-bought fruit juice can normally last longer than newly squeezed since it incorporates more preservatives. However, you realize the fresh orange juice you produce at home is good and has nothing to add.



Orange is a perfect source of body hydration. Plus, the existence of nutrients and vitamins helps make the skin appear finest.

Oranges have various other health advantages. Although you can appreciate all of these during the year, others are seasonal.

We listed consuming the best orange and juice. Look at the various varieties available and choose the one you want.

Besides the juice’s flavor, there are other factors to remember, such as the ease of peeling your orange, particularly if you intend to juice many oranges at once.

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