Wolf Blender vs Vitamix: Deep Comparison [Reviewed 2021]

Wolf blender vs Vitamix, which of them is the best? We go back to the old debate! However, today, we seek to put the debate to rest with evidence and facts. Buying a high-powered blender isn’t an easy task. Of course, no one wants to spend their hard-earned money on a flop.

That’s probably the reason why you are closely following this battle of wolf gourmet blender vs Vitamix. If you are going to purchase a blender, you want it to deliver the best services. Never settle for less! Wolf blender and Vitamix are popular brands.

But we still want to know the best. What is the difference between the two brands? Or better, what are the similarities between the two blenders? In most cases, wolf blender and Vitamix possess similar settings. Their functions are almost identical.

However, the Vitamix comes with self-cleaning features. That’s definitely one of the benefits you enjoy when you settle for Vitamix. In our guide, we shall examine the two brands on different parameters. We have picked the best models in both brands for easy comparison.

In this head-to-head battle, we seek to unravel the mystery and put the debate to rest.

Wolf blender vs Vitamix Comparison

Why would you want to invest in any of these amazing blenders? From a personal level, I consider these two gadgets more of hybrids than blenders. They offer excellent blender functions and also work perfectly as food processors. Blenders do a lot in the kitchen.

We all want to eat healthily. But we don’t know where to start. To stay in shape, you need natural foods. But the budget could be a hindrance. With the right blender, you enjoy excellent services at an affordable price. You make simple but healthy meals at any time of the day. Nutritious meals become your friend.

Wolf blenders and Vitamix have many similarities. Let’s take a closer look at the table below!

FeaturesVitamixWolf Blender

Vitamix vs Wolf Blender

Vitamix vs Wolf Blender


Check On

Check On

Capacity64 oz64 oz
Programmed settings
Ease of use
Recipe Included
Pulse Features
Soup Warming
Blending Frozen Ice
Stainless Steel Blades
BPA-Free Container
Warranty5 Years7 Years
Horsepower2.2 HP2.4 HP
Noise LevelsLowLowest
No. Of Settings54
Selling FeatureSelf-CleaningNoiseless


Wolf Blender vs Vitamix! Which One Won?

From the table comparison, which brand do you choose? Well, it is possible that you are still on the fence. The two brands are, undeniably, amazing. They both offer incredible performances. However, from our expert inspection, we settle for the Vitamix.

Wolf blender might have won on many aspects, but still, we have to get professional. The two machines deliver excellent services, but Vitamix carries the day. However, it also depends on your preferences and budget. Vitamix is an American brand that guarantees quality.

They offer a five-year warranty. On the other hand, Wolf gourmet blender is a Chinese brand that offers a 7-year warranty. Both have their main selling feature. For Vitamix, the self-cleaning function should be the main selling point. As for the wolf blender, the noiseless operation is its major selling feature.

The Vitamix is powerful. It chops and blends. The product is perfect for veggies and hot soups. Someone told me the Vitamix is powerful enough to break food into molecules. Well, I don’t know whether that statement is true. Clearly, it was an exaggeration. However, there’s no doubt that the brand creates amazing blenders.

On the other hand, the wolf blender is equally amazing. It looks like a high-end unit. In fact, it is more than just a glorified blender. It looks shorter than the Vitamix. Therefore, it easily fits under the kitchen top cabinet. It also features an excellent LCD control panel for easy operations.

The LCD panel crams the previous functions and doesn’t need regular reminding. For instance, it remembers the selected speed and blending time. It also remembers different program settings. However, the LCD isn’t the coolest feature I noticed about the Wolf Gourmet blender.

The unit also boasts some thoughtful additions. For instance, it includes a filler cap that boasts nice calibrations for easy measuring of ingredients. It is perfect for mixing cocktails and other mixtures. The cap also includes an emulsion cup.

Therefore, you enjoy the convenient and easy adding of ingredients into the jar. Therefore, this is a foolproof gadget. Having looked at the two gadgets in a glance, I guess some people are still on the fence. It is understandable.

However, let’s delve deeper into these gadgets to unravel more similarities and differences. After that, you will have a clearer image of what I’m talking about.


Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Wolf Blender vs Vitamix

The Vitamix brand introduces a number of amazing models and it all boils down to what you need. Some people opt for low-cost models. Others settle for the high-end models. In this comparison, we only picked the best for fairness’ sake.

Vitamix is an amazing manufacturer of high-grade blenders. Looking at this model, you’ll notice some impressive features. For instance, the product introduces an array of amazing functions that make it better than most of its competitors.


64 oz Capacity

Looking at this model, it strongly delivers a 64 oz capacity making it better and more reliable. Although this isn’t the largest size on the market, it is still impressive. It allows you to create enough supply for a crowd. Therefore, the Vitamix 750 series is perfect for a family. The size also makes it ideal for a group of friends.

Variable Speed Dial

The Vitamix blender delivers impressive features making it more of a hybrid. It offers impressive functions with foods. The product is more of a hybrid between a blender and a food processor. It offers multiple adjustable options.

Low Profile Design

This Vitamix blender is considered a low-profile masterpiece. With the compact design, the unit takes up less space. However, that doesn’t make it small. It is compact but not small. For that reason, the product offers enough supply for everyone but doesn’t eat up much space in the kitchen. It features a sleek and simple construction making it a perfect addition to your kitchen utensils.

120V Rating

The Vitamix 750 professional series blender is rated 120V. IT doesn’t consume much juice like other brands. However, the voltage rating might be a limitation for people living in areas with a higher output voltage.

Incredible Blades

The Vitamix 750 series blender boasts incredible hardened stainless steel blades that deliver premium performances. The high-grade blades chop and slice through different ingredients with ease. They can handle virtually anything you toss at them. That’s impressive!

Consistent Blending Results

You must have come across some blenders that give uneven blending results. You didn’t like them, did you? Well, the Vitamix blender guarantees uniform texture and results. There are no chunks of ingredients left behind like it is the case with most floppy brands. You enjoy the complete blending of all your ingredients.

Pulse or Blend Functions!

The Vitamix blender offers excellent functions with the advanced pulse and incredible blend functions. The amazing and simple settings offer pretty simple operations.

Self Cleaning

One of the giveaway features of the Vitamix blender is the self-cleaning function. Who are lovers cleaning? I believe everyone would love to reduce their cleaning tasks. That’s why the Vitamix blender becomes popular. It offers an easy self-cleaning function. You don’t have to spend the whole day scrubbing foods stuck on the device.

You only add soap and water. After that, the gadget gets down to work. It never gets better than this especially for anyone who doesn’t fancy hand washing like me.


This is a versatile blender. It handles normal blending functions and also deals with frozen fruits. For that reason, this is a versatile unit. It gets the work done quickly and more effortlessly. The blender also grinds coffee with ease. With the versatile design, you enjoy different functions. It might even replace most of the countertop appliances, rendering them “useless”.

7 Year Warranty

Most companies offer mouth-watering warranties. However, seven years is an amazing thing for the Vitamix brand. With a cover that spans a whopping seven years, you are covered for the entire duration.


Wolf Blender

Wolf Blender vs Vitamix

We want to compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges. So we picked the best Wolf blender model. There are several gourmet blenders out there. For that reason, it all depends on the model you choose. So we are discussing wolf blender vs Vitamix 750 here.

The model we picked delivers impressive performances. It compares to the Vitamix in terms of functionality and capability. However, they also differ in some aspects.


64 Ounce Capacity

This is a large blender that offers enough supply for many people. The large 64 oz capacity makes it ideal for your different needs. If you are keen, you must have noticed that the Vitamix boasts a similar capacity. For that reason, the two blenders match on that aspect. The size makes them perfect for your daily needs.

Sleep and Compact

This blender boasts a sleek and compact design making it perfect for your daily needs. IT doesn’t eat up too much space. For that reason, you enjoy amazing services. It takes up less space in the kitchen. However, the compact size doesn’t make it small. It is large enough for your family. Since the blender takes up less counter space, you have enough space for other items.

Tough Blades

This blender boasts top-grade blades. The hardened high-quality stainless steel blades guarantee utmost performance. They slice and crush through any ingredients you toss at them. Additionally, the blades also last long and they don’t rust.

High Horsepower

This unit delivers impressive horsepower ratings. It is slightly higher than most common brands. However, at 2.4, I find it a little low for tough ingredients. It could do with a little improvement.

More Settings

Like Vitamix, the wolf gourmet blender boasts excellent programmed functions that offer easy operations. For instance, the unit boasts excellent ice-crushing settings. It also prepares hot soups and smooth purees with ease. The advanced smoothie feature also adds to the excellent features.

In short, the product guarantees amazing performances with many settings. It allows you to perfectly customize the different functions to suit your different needs. With the many settings, you achieve desirable textures. You also enjoy full control of the blending process.

High-Grade Canister

This isn’t one of those blenders whose canister breaks within a few days. The product boasts a top-grade canister that delivers top-tier performances. The canister also features safe and high-quality food-grade material making it better and more reliable.

5 Year Warranty

Unlike Vitamix, the Wolf blender offers a five-year warranty. Therefore, you enjoy protection for the five years after the purchase. With that, you are assured of amazing functions. You also get replacements in case of any defects within the duration.

Excellent Crushing Ability

The Wolf blender is a badass when it comes to crushing. It delivers high crushing power that offers uniform results. For that reason, you never have to worry about chunks of materials remaining behind after use. It crushes all the ingredients to offer perfect results.

Quick and Efficient

When it comes to chopping veggies, grinding coffee, or churning butter, the Wolf blender delivers quick and easy operations. It also grinds grains with ease.

Quiet Operations

Noisy blenders are quite an inconvenience. However, with this blender, you enjoy noiseless services. It guarantees excellent and quiet services.

Quick and Easy Setup

This unit features a simple design. For that reason, it offers easy uses. It doesn’t require complex operations. In most cases, the unit doesn’t require monitoring. It works without supervision.


Vitamix Vs Wolf Blender – What’s the Difference?

The similarities between these two blenders are many. But we all want to know how they differ. First, we start off with a basic overview of the two blenders. Then proceed to the more detailed features. On a general overlook, we notice that these two blenders have many similarities. Of course, both are high-powered blenders.


Looking at the horsepower, notice that the Wolf gourmet blender carries the day. However, there isn’t much difference between the two units. Although it isn’t a huge difference, it still makes some functional significance. The Wolf Blender offers 2.4 horsepower while the Vitamix offers 2.2 horsepower. Someone will say that the difference is negligible. Well, they could be right. But on a more practical note, a difference of 0.2 in horsepower could make a huge difference. Therefore, on the horsepower, we give it to the Wolf gourmet blender.

Winner: Wolf Blender


Most people overlook the warranty duration and terms. In the end, they are disappointed. When buying blenders, or any other gadget, look at the warranty duration and terms. A close look at the two blenders reveals that the manufacturers have really tried to juice up their warranties.

For instance, the Wolf blender comes with a warranty of 7 years. Imagine enjoying a cover for seven years! That’s quite impressive. On the other hand, the Vitamix offers a 5-year warranty. Well, five years is quite a long time. However, in this battle, we have to give credit where it is due. On the warranty, we still give it to Wolf blender. Seven years is quite impressive.

Winner: Wolf Blender

General Appearance

From the look, you’d definitely be drawn to Vitamix. Not because the Wolf blender doesn’t look nice. But there’s something about Vitamix. The badass look makes it great. It looks more attractive and appealing. And yes, the blender also comes with the trademark features of other Vitamix models making it amazing.


Does the country of origin matter? Well, maybe some people don’t really mind. However, if you consider the country of origin, the two blenders are from two manufacturing giants. For instance, Vitamix comes from the USA. On the other hand, the Wolf gourmet blender comes from China.

Although the most important thing is how the unit works, some people have preferences when it comes to the country of origin. Generally, most buyers trust products manufactured from the USA.

Ease of cleaning

Everyone wants a device that offers easy cleaning. How about one that cleans itself? Well, the main selling point for the Vitamix blenders is the self-cleaning feature. Unfortunately, Wolf blenders lack the self-cleaning feature. For that reason, if you want a gadget that offers easy cleaning, you might want to settle for the Vitamix blender.

Winner: Vitamix


While the two blenders offer noiseless operations, the Wolf blender proves to be quieter than most other brands. Compared to the Vitamix 750 series, the Wolf blender proved quieter. It produces less noise and still delivers efficient performances. Of course, Vitamix also offers noiseless operations. However, we still give it to the Wolf Blender on the noise feature.

Winner: Wolf Blender


Here we go again. Personally, I hate comparing two products on their prices. However, when combined with other features, the price could be helpful. But, it should never be sued as the only consideration for purchase. Some affordable blenders offer impressive performances. Therefore, it’s wrong to assume that the most expensive blender is the best.

Back to our two brands! Generally, there are many models available for each brand. However, looking at the best, you notice that Vitamix is generally more expensive than the wolf blender. It all boils down to quality and brand name. Vitamix is a big name. The features you get from the Vitamix also match the higher price.


Wolf  Gourmet High Performance Blender vs Vitamix! What are the Similarities?

The Capacity

Vitamix vs Wolf Blender

You must have noticed that the two blenders boast a similar size. They offer a 64 oz capacity making them better and more reliable. The blender capacity is ideal for your different needs. For instance, 64 oz is enough for several friends and a family. Therefore, these blenders are ideal for families and friends.

Excellent Blades

Vitamix vs Wolf Blender

These two blenders boast high-grade blades that deliver impressive performances. The high-quality stainless steel blades guarantee the utmost performance and durability. They don’t rust. And yes, the blenders grind and slice any ingredient you toss their way. For that reason, the incredible blades are a similarity for most people.

Wolf Blender vs Vitamix TESTS:

We put the two brands to test. We also reviewed some tests conducted by buyers and came up with solid results. How do the two blenders perform when tested with different products? Do they offer similar functions?

Making Smoothie

We used the wolf blender and the Vitamix to create a smoothie. Although the two blenders delivered impressive results, there were a few noticeable differences. For instance, the Vitamix crushed the frozen fruits with ease compared to the Wolf Blender.

However, the Wolf blender offered noiseless operations compared to the Vitamix. For that reason, both blenders had their pros and cons. Of course, these two blenders boast the same capacity. The horsepower differs a little so it wasn’t that much noticeable in the performance.


Vitamix is powerful. Wolf blender is a badass when it comes to crushing nuts and grains. Therefore, it was hard deciding which of the two blenders won when tried with grains and nuts. Of course, we were keen to check the texture of the end product. The Vitamix blender offered a more uniform texture. However, Wolf blender also tried. On this feature, we scored a draw.



After going through our in-depth comparison of Vitamix blender vs Wolf gourmet blender, you now have a clear image of the two brands. Which is the best? You’d be forgiven if you are still standing on the fence. However, we have to put the debate to rest. We have to unleash the scores.

Looking at our scorecards, we admit that both brands are amazing. But there has to be a winner. And yes, the Vitamix brand carries the day on different parameters. The Wolf blender has its major selling points. At the same time, the Vitamix blender also has its major selling points.

However, it all boils down to the features that appeal to the buyer. If you value noiseless operations, the Wolf blender carries the day. However, if you don’t like cleaning, the Vitamix would the perfect option. In terms of performances, the two brands proved quite impressive.

When tested with different products, they both offered perfect results. But we go with the Vitamix for the sake of this battle.



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